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  1. You do field trips to amusement parks??? I've grown up in the wrong country - we always went to museums....


    You've just identified one of our education problems. When I grew up, field trips to the amusement park was a reward for getting good grades, now, in many parts, it's just expected.


    You should have a good time at MM, enjoy!


    When I was a little kid, we got trips to amusement parks when we sold a certain amount of overpriced chocolate bars to are families and neighbors. But now a days its the teachers getting tired of school when may and june comes around, so they dump the kids off at the parks with some not so responible teenagers to supervise them, and call it a school day.

  2. I'm planning on visiting the park sometime during the week of June 13th-June 17th (regardless of whether Green Lantern opens or not), but I'm not really sure which of those days would be best. I can choose any day from Monday through Friday and the park looks to have the same operating hours each day, so what do you guys think? How will the crowds be that week and would the middle of the week be less crowded than the beginning or end? I haven't been to the park since last May so I am really looking forward to getting back!


    Those 5 days shouldn't be too bad. The only concern will be if there will be school field trips those days, which are imposible to predict. And crowd levels will be more of a matter of hitting the right rides at the right time, than the entire park being just crowded or empty. But the friday will most likely be the most crowded of the five days.

  3. For May 5th, don't waste your money on a Flashpass. Weekdays in May are usually dead empty unless schools have field trips to the park, which usually happen more toward the end of the month. The main reason the park is only open till 6 PM is because park management doesn't think there will be alot of people in the park. Though crowd levels are very hard to predict, I would expect the majority (if not all) of the rides to be walkons for May 5th.

  4. As I watch the video again it reminds me of the last time I rode Speed the ride in Las Vegas. Granted for Speed they want to get a certain number of paying customers on the ride before they launch it.


    I too would also like to know why SFI doesn't show much love for this park. You can argue that they invest more in Magic Mountain and Great Adventure is because they are located in a bigger populated area and have tougher local competition. But that sounds like SFA too. With it being near DC and Baltimore. And with being a small handful of hours driving distance from Hershey, Kings Dominion, and Busch Gardens.


    In regards to customer service duing this time period. I completely agree with unemployment as high as it is, customer service in any industry should be at its very best right now. It annoys me when I go to the grocery store and the cashier dosen't smile, doesn't say anything friendly, and doesn't thankyou for shopping at the store when I could very easily choose to go to the other store accross the street.

  5. The birds chirping in the background could have very well have been grasshoppers. Well at least there wasn't a line, because if I had to wait through multiple cycles of that (let alone one) I would loose my mind.


    I was thinking about stopping by the park during my trip to Great Adventure and Hershey next month. since I have never been there. But just seeing that video has made me decide not to go. So I'll wait until the park gets some new killer ride. Which probably won't happen anytime soon.

  6. I remember going to one back in I think 2003, because Scream was brand new. And it was by far the busiest I had ever seen the park. It was a long time ago but from what I remember goliath's line was full switchbacks and outside of the letters, batman's was full switchbacks and stretched out into gotham city park. And viper's line was going down the hill beyond X's bridge. And all three of those were only running one train. Those were the only three rides we did in the 4 or 5 hours we were there. And it was late at night and raining. But even though it was one of my least favorite experiences at the park, it was the first time I rode Goliath, Viper, and Batman. So it was somewhat fun.

  7. ^The park has had it like that for the last couple of years. Don't know why they do have it like that. I think it would be easier for the general public to find a ride based on location rather than thrill rating. I had never understood how Goldrusher is considered a moderate thrill wereas Ninja is a thrill seeker in training. And also I think it's weird that they have Superman as a moderate thrill even with its new configuration. But mabey I'm looking too deep into this, and it is afterall just a map.


    There is a few things I noticed on the map. First Green Latern's supports appear to be brown. Second they have the Flash and Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso listed on there. They have the new show for the Magic Moments Theater called "My Generation". Along with appears to be a show for the the Golden Bear theater called "Suggestions". The action theater appears that it will not be used this summer. And finally, I wonder what the heck Rhythm of the Night is. My guess is that it might be a Glow in the Park like parade or some kinda lazer show. Personally I hope that it is firework show, but I don't think that would be very likely.

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