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  1. Most be a good park to reach full. Good thing the park told people unnlike Disney World.
  2. My 2011 list: -Darien Lake -Martin's Fantasy Island -Canada's Wonderland
  3. I heard that they are also going to move ranger to a different section of the park. Darien Lake saids that all the plans are not finalized and an adnoucement sould be made in March, according to DL Facebook post. Also, heard that there is going to be No show to replace what was where the sea lions were. Now, I want to know where they plan on placing theses new rides and what ride(s) they are removing, if any?
  4. My Local Parks are Darien Lake and Martins Fantasy Island. But I live closer to Darien Lake.
  5. I remember reading in one of the press release that PARC bought Myrtle Waves from CNL. and heres a PREE RELEASE for Darien Lake http://thedailynewsonline.com/news/article_32864006-f831-11df-9c4c-001cc4c002e0.html
  6. Hi I'm Ryan and I'm from Buffalo,NY. My home park is Darien Lake Theme Park. Darien Lake was SOLD in 2007 and was a Six Flags Park. In 2009, I started my own Fan Site called Darien Lake Online. Its at www.darienlakeonline.com
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