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  1. The clue is right there! "Wonder what's next?" I'm going with Wonder Woman!
  2. My brother and his friends got reservation for one time and now it's sold out. When making a reservation for a certain time, are they making people wait until that timepoint or just letting people enter? So if I get one for a later time, can I just walk in with the group?
  3. So wait, was that you that drove 9hrs to ride?! If so then I was the one in the FastLane that let you go ahead of me! That front row ride was my last also! It was an awesome day!! Yep, that was me! Small world haha. Didn't have time to explain it all, but after visiting KI when they were only open until 7 and CP when half the coasters were closed back in July, I made another trip out here from Delaware (the state, since you have to mention this in Ohio where there's a town called Delaware) solely for the purpose of getting night rides at KI and a chance at Dragster at CP. Thank you again, so much. Not enough words to express my gratitude here. Had I known you were on here I would've invited you back to my hotel for a tasty adult beverage (since Ohio has gone stupid with their COVID restrictions for bars). Yeah, it was an awesome day. My complete report is forthcoming. Man it was my pleasure!! No thanks needed!!! I was happy to do it! That was out 4th ride on it but we weren't ready to go so waiting another train was no problem at all!!! Also the crew was awesome and we were talking during the fireworks. Man CP was still trash when we went that Wednesday. Dragster broke down for 1 1/2hrs at 5:30p so we missed getting on Millie, Val, Rap, and Gate!!! It sucks because this was my brother's first time and CP showed him a bad time. I hyped it up because when I went in 2018 it was the best experience I've had. KI was still awesome as it was that trip. Man you weren't lying about Ohio's bar scene!! We tried to find a place after CP and all shut down at 10:30!
  4. So wait, was that you that drove 9hrs to ride?! If so then I was the one in the FastLane that let you go ahead of me! That front row ride was my last also! It was an awesome day!!
  5. Me and my brother are also here from northern California also!! We will be there Friday. Still on the fence about FastLane but we might get it anyways. We are at CP for today then Kennywood Thursday. Maybe we will run into ya... You'll know it's me... I have my California gear on!!
  6. Me and 2 friends are about to do a CP/KI/KW trip next week. We booked the trip back back in April with the hopes that August was far enough in advance that the virus might have died down but then everyone messed it up during the holidays!! It's ok because we will make the best of it since this might be the last time in a while I will be able to travel for coasters! All 3 parks will be on weekdays, and from what I can tell based on other TRs, we will have the parks to ourselves!! I get that this isn't the best activity to be attending, buuuuut.... I know I can practice all things needed to protect myself as best as possible! I don't like people near me ANYways so that wont be a problem! lol Also I feel like I'm helping the theme parks survive by spending money there! Although tickets for CP and KI are like $20 cheaper than when I went in 2018! So, win win for everyone!
  7. I think the way to look at it is type of train wise. So I would say it was an AWESOME standup and now it's just an OK floorless. My homepark is SFDK and Medusa is a really good floorless but thinking of it the way boldikus mentioned, that's because it IS the top-tier of that park. There are plenty other floorless coasters with similar layouts that just made the Rougarou transformation lack any attraction! The last stand-up that's over 100ft now is Riddlers at SFMM which means you gave up that stat to your competition. I really think they should have just kept it a stand-up because becoming a floorless, in the end, didn't help its popularity.
  8. Ok ok... Back to regularly scheduled programming, if that's ok?! Does anyone have any info on Steel Curtain's opening? I have a trip planned for Aug. 6th. Hoping for a opening by then.
  9. Does anyone know if the available reservation spots are for everyone or only for passholders and they will have a new set of spots for ticket holders? The latter makes more sense because I would be bummed out if they sell out of the opening time slot before ticket holders get the chance to reserve. Im asking because I am thinking about just getting the season pass so i can grab that first spot! Also, can I process a Season Pass at Cedar Point if I bought it for CGA?
  10. Ok so what is it with GhostRider being closed on weekdays in May?!?!?! I wanted to go in the middle of the week to beat the crowds! Is this rehab time?!
  11. My first, and only ride on it was horrible!! It was uncomfortable and when we were in the brakes just outside of the station, the car wouldn't upright itself to advance. Luckily my legs were long enough and I was able to push off of a ledge to my left and rock the car until it was level enough! No joke, I "singlefootedly" uprighted the car myself! Sayonara to a coaster that will NOT be missed!!
  12. Man that train is SQUEALING like crazy still! I'm sure once that train breaks in, its gonna FLY through the course!!! Might have to make my next trip out to Japan!!
  13. Wow!! I am glad that the one and only time I visited KD, I was able to ride!!! I was planning a trip there for the summer and hoping it would be open, but I guess not! Sucks more that, since it was down so much, they couldn't give it a Season Finale. CIP(Coast In Peace) Volcano!
  14. Huh. All of the B&Ms at Cedar Point have big boy seats with two seat belts. I ended up sitting in the one for Raptor and I saw them on ValRavn and Rougarou also. This was recently about 3 weeks ago. Not sure what you saw but maybe you just missed those seats somehow? I don't even I've ever seen a B&M Big Boy seat that didn't have the two buckles, actually. And the seat I was in for Raptor had a significantly longer seat belt. Damn, maybe I was wrong... I swear I saw them just having one red belt. My bad! lol
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