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  1. I've been to SFMM, SFGAm, SFWoA, SFStL, SFA, SFoG, SFGAdv - felt that of the "super" parks (SFMM, SFGAdv & SFGAm) that the best by far was SFGAm, and of the "second-tier" was SFoG (but I still quite liked the other parks, especially SFStL for some reason.) You could argue that SFoG is in the "super" category, but for me it isn't, but its probably was a better day out than SFMM or SFGAdv. I'll be adding SFoT, SFAW and SFFT to this list this summer, I've got high hopes for SFoT, interested in SFFT (that quarry looks cool), and I don't quite know what to expect from AW. Dave "Local park is Alton Towers - thats pretty different to any SF" M. D'oh - forgot I've been to SFKK too! Obviously made a big impression on me!
  2. July = Texas :shock: Other than that it'd be a trip around the new coasters in the UK - especially Alton's interesting looking rocket Rita.
  3. I hit SFoG last year, drove around the ghetto (reading that Fulton Industrial Boulevard name above gave me the shivers...) looking for a cheap motel (and there were plenty of very scary looking cheap motels). After about 15 seconds thought, I drove 2 stops up the freeway to Douglassville and stayed at a very nice Ramada for $50 (coupon out of one of them freebie books). Excellent place, would stay there again, 10 minutes from the park (and not at all ghetto). Valdosta was fine for a freeway-side motel though, the Super8 for a few bucks was OK. As for the parks, SFoG you'd want a full day, WA if its not busy a couple of hours would do it (and dont expect too much from the zoo - a few animals in a field or two is all it is). Dave "that Cheetah was an evil coaster, but it had giraffes next to it, cool!" M.
  4. I live in Sale (on the edge of Manchester , NW UK) - and its about 1 hour from Blackpool and 55 minutes from Alton Towers - not a bad place to be. Dave "Looking forward to Rita!" M.
  5. Drop rides are the only rides that consitantly scare me (a good thing). Been on CP's Power Tower, PKI's Drop Zone, PGA's Drop Zone, PCaro's Drop Zone, PKD's Drop Zone, SFGAM's Giant Drop, Dorney's Detonator, a couple of 1st gens, WLS's Space Probe (RIP) and they all had me in a bit of a panic...... but the one ride to rule them all was the aforementioned Giant Drop at Dreamworld - yikes! Perhaps it didn't help that that was the first big drop ride I went on and it scared me senseless!! Dave.
  6. I just upgraded my aging (but reliable) Canon Powershot A20 (2.1m) for a lovely new shiny small lovely Olympus C70 Zoom (C7000 in the US) - which is a 7.1M 5x optical zoom jobby and smaller than the slightly brick-like Powershot. I thought long and hard about what I wanted from the camera - and it was a pretty big picture (7 meg!) but very important was the optical zoom and the physical size of it - going anything more than 5x zoom, then the camera body got more "SLR-shaped" and less "pocketable"...and that was the clincher, it fits in my pocket and takes top pictures. Only been experimenting with it so far, but it does take a top picture and its got a bag full of options on board - very happy with it. £330 off the TCR (which will mean something if you are in London) - internet prices about the same. Dave.
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