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  1. its an issue of expanded perspective, parks suffer and have to ad adds because throughout their run they had a great interest in profit and numbers without working on all the intricate qualities that make them memorable beyond the immediate exploitation of a quick thrill this is true no matter what you are looking for: Quality is. if the ads are like great adventure then i don't mind them, except there was one place near the mine train that had obnoxiously deafening country music by restrooms(any music at that volume is no good!) (el toros music is awesome!)
  2. hey , good for you , how am i supposed to feel free if i do what you tell me? i am expressing my reality, thank you to let me be proper english does not exist, communication is constantly evolving, especially through the internet, Grammar is Fossils and dinosaurs, stubles on the path to smoothness, and an obstacle to jazz, blessed are those who understand and welcome without nitpicks, to feel good by limiting others behavior is done, telling people what to do without due cause will result in the same reciprocally, i am not a grammer deviant, Bless U
  3. Thank you very much ! what are the best seats on Nitro and El Toro ? I am almost certain El Toro is a winner in the very back, for airtime, ejections, great intensity , recommendations on how to navigate the park, and on the flash pass ? how many times do you get to use a flash pass for each ride ? Thanks infinitely!
  4. Thanks, my brain hurts now. you has been riding too many roller coasters with head restraints!
  5. hm, stacking the trains with 2 stations means that you get to spend most of your waiting time in a train, rather than a line, no ? i think they ran both stations and they had 3 trains, and it was nice that way about this fear of sticky fingers habitual rumination has a tendency to rob enhtusiasm and create possible future situations, i would simply go inside and confidently state that your cubbie experiences shall always be pleasant seems small, look at how the mind works by watching what other people talk about all day, and you can begin to see !
  6. tell them to speed it up ! what does running both stations signify ? if its a dual station loading station they aren't always running ? i would say it was but i really can't recall, only that it had a lot of trains, and the dual station meant that the loading was very efficient and fast, its comparable to the usual waiting 15-30 minute goliath waiting times, in fact Goliath was running with about 5 minute waits for a good while, but decided to not do that and change to less trains as soon as we got in line and waited substantially longer this was probably 3 years ago
  7. i went to the park the year Tatsu opened during the summer and X2 had a 2 hour line (or X at the time) however in the middle afternoon Tatsu ran 3 trains and was only 15 minutes and I went on it twice and could've done it 5-10 times at how efficient it was, what is all this talk about Tatsu having long lines?
  8. i like this a lot, what wooden coaster uses a cable lift ? are you speaking of steel intamins now?
  9. this is the weirdest thread about amusement parks ever!
  10. hm, they should enclose the entire queue within some sort of building so you do not have to hear superman! i like goliath's theming by the way!
  11. oh yes , Is scream normally efficient enough that this never happens ?
  12. my posts are supremely legible and often devoid of mechanisms that impede the understanding of streams of information , like jazz while not a metaphysical board the evolution of communication is learning to bend beyond words to a deeper awareness
  13. i much liked the zipper , the first time i went on it was the most extreme airtime and joy ever, the third time i went on one was at a different place and it just was rather boring ! they did not run it both - ways, forwards and backwards, between these 3 was a 2nd ride which was not as good at the first, i am trying to picture where i was at the first / second ridings , i think the first was at a fair that used to come here once a year, and the second at a state fair, and the third at a state fair in san diego
  14. gee, mine was longer i'd like to learn more about this !
  15. yes, this is the greatest steel airtime i have ever had, i rode it in the backseat with no lines, 3-4 times in a row, each time joyful and incredible although the smaller hops at the end are somewhat painful as most small bunny hills are, i also got kicked off of this ride for taking pictures, after i had been on it enough to satisfy me. a definite contrast to MM which lets you walk onto a ride with a camera in your hands, or at least, let me , as a teenager.
  16. this is an idea, not necessarily good, since a democracy is flawed by the distribution of intelligence and bell curves and various maths, but imagine if a park say, six flags, were to present some options to the public, about a new ride they wish to build, and create an interactive voting experience, and/or devise a system in order to take submissions of general design concepts , but ensuring that the people they reached were knowledgeable in the realm of coasters do any suppose it is conceivable that major amusement parks may take into consideration the opinions of enthusiasts, who have a eye and soul for quality that those in the public do not, although one would think the design companies themselves also have these standards, if not higher, do you think they ever would peruse forums like these, for instant, that magic mountain might look here to see what people are saying about their new ride announcement, and that they might be influenced by what we feel they should do ?
  17. Mmm , Yes let's do it then! this did not occur to me until today but MM seems to be running out of things it can do with itself other than exist and fine tune, unless it removes attractions ! they have nearly one of "everything" as far as BIG roller coasters go , even Tatsu which is lovely could have and should have been a lot longer of a ride with more daring elemental pacing and terrain hugging, why did they want it to be very very tall, and rather short? (and god bless the pretzel loop! ooooh!) in terms of long term novelty and interest : X 2 (?? just call it X ! ) Scream Goliath Riddler (have not been on terminator) these seem to be the most somehow "Unique" or "lasting" rides, not my favorites necessarily , //////\\\\\ how many people that go to MM have never been on any of the rides before ? they will always be snagging up young people that are mind-blown at the wonders of the current coasters, but in terms of having been there, 5-10, more times, some of the rides could clearly have been made more extravagant, even if it mean having a smaller tally of coasters, IMO ? (large train of confused emoticons) i'm thinking i really want to go to the mountain again, to try teriminator, but also i'm thinking "i've been on goliath about 25 times.... its wonderful but is any of this worth the crowds and the summer?) off-season might be where its at. or a flash-pass, i'm being critical because they are a wonderful park and one of the best but they have a tendency to lush after flashieness numbers and tallies and compromise a lot of quality in the process , which does not seem to be so with Terminator based upon the reputations it has brought in.
  18. about the 2010 coaster , forgive this if it disrupts the flow of the current topics and speaking : i am feeling that the park should get another hyper-coaster, one that is focused upon relentless airtime and a quite long length, perhaps a B&M model, replacing superman with a launch ride is appealing insofar as the ride could take great advantage of the terrain of the giant mountain, sweep spiral swirl tunnel in and out of it, and be a long ride of exceptional quality never before seen with the essential simple layouts of xcellerator and the likes, this park seems to be low on potential opportunities for new devleopment of roller coasters ! ? and they seem to be due for a rebound of their quest for numbers, records, and quality, because as the novelty of their gimmicking runs off, they are left with a hunk of rides that could have been so much better if more was invested in length, surprise, and quality of elements and pacing, rather than flash and flare, even looking at goliath which is wonderful, there is only so much you can ride it and not realize "this could be so much longer, better, with so much more within its layout" they could havebuilt a true mega quality hyper coaster the likes of which never seen before (even though Goliath is one of my most cherished rides!) and forgone something like deja vu, or even scream for that matter! or if the desire for Quality slays the beast of commerce they could build another woodie, this one being a very relentless out and back airtime junky type ride ! //\\//\\ is it supposable that with this giant mountain of theirs, they could build a dive machine that has an incredible huge drop, with it starting out atop the hill somewhere near superman ? it could be a record breaker then, and use some of this space to also have a very long and satisfying layout working with terrain,
  19. that is very pessimsitic! the helix is firstly heavenly, i dunno why people would invert that phrase at all, i've blacked out once it is wonderful! (but not passed out) the crest slowness seems to have been happening since, jeeze, maybe even any-time after 2000 , but the helix has been and remains perfectly wonderful
  20. hmm Goliaths third hill has good floating airtime but i think you need the lapbar fairly loose to experience it, and also it seems as though the first drop and the lift hill have been dramatically slowed since its first 2 years , i do not recall it ever coming to the boring pitter patter almost stop at the drop dangle over the drop then go route that so many coasters regreatfully take, as when i first rode it in 2000 i had good air on the first drop anywhere in the middle / back half of the train.
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