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  1. First guess is Conneaut Lake (ha-ha). Second guess is Knobels. Third is Dollywood.
  2. Besides all the CoasterWorld and Rollercoaster! magazines, I also have At The Park and Theme Park Online mags (remember them?). Was thinking of putting at least the latter up for bid on eBay one of these days. (Wonder if there's a market for those.)
  3. Sorry, don't have the time to go through all the posts, but did anyone come out with a coaster or park-themed face mask yet? (If not, I think that would be neat, especially if we'll need to wear them when the parks reopen.)
  4. I'm lucky if I can remember what I ate yesterday, and you expect me to remember what freaking coaster I last rode?!?!?!
  5. Since its in the area of the former log flume, and its apparently going over the lake, could this be a coaster/water ride combo (like Atlantis), or at least a coaster with a "splashdown" effect (like Griffon)?
  6. Do you guys have some kind of visual listing of the trips somewhere, or is that only available in that audio thing? (If so, WHY?! To me its much easier to SEE the list, rather than listening to it . . . )
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