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  1. First, a massive thanks to Robb And Elissa for getting these events and setup. Had a wonderful time at SFMM and KBF this weekend. Overall, both events were great, but the Knott's event really stood out. As someone who's been coming to WCB since 2009, it's clear that Jay Thomas had lots to do with why the event was excellent. It was always great to see the park president and hear first hand about the changes coming to the parks. When Bonnie came in, she has never attended WCB, and I think that they were very dismissive of the event this year. While their were some pluses (like the coupon sh
  2. Yes, the questions are super-simple to find the answers for. It's just to confirm that you rode. Many of our winners did just that - they didn't expect to place at all (just wanted to play 'for the fun of it'). They just got into the groove, and their timing was perfect to place. Also, it's fun to see when a popular attraction goes down in the morning, and the super-planned teams get thrown for a loop when their weeks long plans are ruined.
  3. Also, Chester and Hester's has lots of detail on the backstory inside their former gas-station. You'll find a series of Newspaper Articles (framed on the walls) that explain the origin of Dinoland, including when the bones were first found, when the Dino Institute moved in, and other stuff. I still think the "look, it's suppose to be tacky!" is just a cop-out excuse to theming. They can blend both the tacky-look with actual theming. Great TR by the way!
  4. And while I would get flamed on my own forums for this, but I totally agree. How I tell the attractions that don't suffer from this, are attractions that we always seem to hit every week when we're at the park. It generally boils down to Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and the Mountains (with Splash being the exception), they need to have depth (lots of scenes) or be more fun (such as the coasters) - experiences that fall in the middle are not constant-ride material. While I try to experience as much as I can at WDW, the older film based attractions (Ellens, Older 3D shows, etc.) get boring real
  5. I've seen worse, and the bad part was that sir clinksalot was STILL involved.
  6. I'm going to one up you on that... My first coaster of 2009 was California Screamin': 12:05AM January 1st, 2009.
  7. I finally got my ticket Ordered. Can't wait for my first WCB next week (and my first trip to SFMM in a couple of years)!
  8. Hey All! I'm Monorail Man! I'm Hastin, a 22 year old park freak from Apple Valley, CA (90 miles to SFMM or Disneyland - and like 92 to Knott's). I'm the Technical Admin. over at MiceChat, and Rob posted the info on WCB 2009, so I've been lurking over here, and decided to register (and go to WCB)! This seems like a really fun community, I can't wait to meet everyone! -Hastin
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