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  1. I live in Tulsa and I am happy to see Jason finally getting the word out that Bells is coming back. What happen to them at the fair grounds was unfair in my opinion and took away a great place and history from Tulsa. The Zingo still sits in storage just waiting for the day it's able to be put back together and I hope he is successful in his attempt to get the funds needed. I put my money in towards it.
  2. The idea of having two ride experiences is a great idea in my opinion and I hope to see more rides take this approach. Last year at WDW I was able to ride Mission Space with my wife who had neck surgery years ago and would not have been able to ride it without the option for a less intense ride.
  3. A big thank you to Robb & Elissa for another great TPR EVENT! My fiance, her son and I all had a wonderful time, this was their first TPR event and my second and I have to say Robb & Elissa put on awesome events and we look forward to attending many more in the future. Another big thank you needs to go to SIX FLAGS over Texas! Even though we broke Shock Wave during night ERT they were able to clear the Texas Giant queue quickly and still gave us a full hour of ERT! As for the New Texas Giant, it's definitely in my top five coasters and to me it's an all new experience it's not wood but not traditional steel. It rides completely and insanely different then either wood or steel so I will call it a hybrid for now. If any of you get the chance you definitely need to ride it. Again thank you Robb, Elissa & SIX FLAGS over Texas!
  4. Tickets ordered and looking forward to this TPR event! This will be the first TPR event for my girlfriend and her son so it should be interesting.
  5. Hey Rob any chance we will ever get Silver Dollar City to join the list of TPR Club discounts?
  6. It's great to see Pete again from Dollywood. He is a great guy, great host and just made our day at Dollywood this year fantastic with the impromptu tour of Mystery Mine during the Deep South Tour.
  7. Thank you cosmic hearse for those videos. Totally changes Space Mountain and the sound is very loud. Great job Disneyland
  8. Wow, just saw these pictures today. I was there just few months ago on the TPR trip. We got allot of rain here in Tulsa, OK yesterday and had some flooding, but nothing like that.
  9. What a day that was, the "See how high you can launch a wheel" Space Shot. The back re-alignment Rampage, that first ride on the second train will always be remembered as the scariest, most brutally awesome ride ever. Yes it was hot but with so many good friends it was impossible not to have a wild fun time. I look forward to see everyone again next year.
  10. Our raft seemed to be over inflated when we rode it. It's scary to think it's happen 2 other times before this.
  11. Once again I can not thank Robb and Elissa enough. Lake Winnie was allot of fun. The chutes ride was .... well lets just say it was an experience and leave it at that.
  12. The Zipline was a blast. I was on the second group to go up but no one brought there camera with them so all we have is the pictures we purchased. Eli was not the only "Man Down" on the zipline. The last platform you zip to is very steep and I had to "slide into home" to make that one. If your over 6' tall (I'm 6'4") be prepaired for difficult landings.
  13. I just made it home after a 13hr drive! Stupid road construction. First, Rob & Elissa Thank You so much for a wonderful time! Being a TPR virgin all around I have to say that was the best time I've had in a long time. Second, sorry for not getting to say goodbye to everyone last night. I left SFOG early so I could get some sleep before the drive home. I look forward to meeting everyone again and thanks for the great memories. I hope everyone who continued on the trip are having a great time in Texas and not burning up. *Snacky snack snack will forever be burned into my head*
  14. I've been in the I.T. world for so long now (15 years) I know not to expect to much from Dell. Normal users however don't and get taken by Dell all the time.
  15. As some have posted you need a dual core pc to run HD video. Anyone who has bought a pc in the last 1yr to 1 1/2yr should not have too much trouble. However some Dell pc's that were sold when Vista first came out only came with 512mb of ram, which is the minimum requirement for Vista. Those pc's would have a hard time playing HD videos even though they have dual core CPU's and high speed internet.
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