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  1. Im agine that all of the ride manufacturers out there made a car. Which manufacturer would work on what part of the car? What the heck, if you want, maybe add manufacturers that are out of buisness. Then once your done, name the car. I'd like to call mine " The Carnival"
  2. That would be soooo super cool if on the top of supermans tower, there were holding breaks. youd be siiting there, straight up looking behind you like "HOLY CRAP were high, then it could randomly drop at any time... a higher tower would be cool too. ... in my dreams...
  3. Okay. You went to Magic Mountain, not that Superman has been closed for weeks... .... sorry. what i said was missleading. went 2 months ago. but you know, it sounds more in it to say i went Yesterday
  4. I went last month. Tatsu is amazing in the back. I rode everything thanks to Q-bot! deja vu was awsome, and batman the ride is AWFUL in the back. Superman was running great. Total adrenalin rush. didn't even bother riding it because i hate that ride. All in all, good trip. I hate viper because im so short . They need new restraints. Revolution was doing really good too. Scream= awsome, goliath's drop seemed forcless but it was still amazing, terminator was fun, collosus is soooo fun! Riddler was good. Ninja is always forceful, and Log jammer... WET! Great trip. Photo's coming soon... no lines without qbot was still good. so go on a wednsday.
  5. ^^ I like scream! Its one of my favorite rides. Its forceful, and its intense! And i LOVE Collosus, but el torro would be good too. Lets trade Superman with an intamin rocket!
  6. Haha awsome. I always wondered why they had 2 of the same type of ride. But hey, im not complaining!
  7. supposedly the new man in charge of SFI is mixing things up and changing plans for 2011. Its killing me to know if there still doing the Big 2011 Project.
  8. haha good trip report. that did look like it swung higher and faster.
  9. Mine have to be 1.Goliath 2.Revolution 3.Ninja 4.Collosus 5.Deja Vu 6.Scream 7.Ridllers revenge 8.Tatsu... FORGET MY LIST I LOVE ALL SIXFLAGS COASTERS!!!!
  10. How come you can only pick 5 pictures, and how do you put ccaptions on. OR can you only do that when posting on a forum?
  11. I for one LOVE collosus. Probably because it was my first wooden rollercoaster and i have many memories on it. The drops give me that stomach feeling. The ride packs a punch for an oldie. Half of me says it would be awsome to see it improved to be more thrilling and crazy, but half of me says i wouldn't like it.
  12. i Like the workers at ninja who say welcome to ninja HIYA! But I also like it when you repeat it then they repeat it over and over again, and then the coaster pulls into the station and your still arguing HIYA until you leav the ride. Once when that happened, i rode it again and he remembered me. . But My favorite time was at Knotts Berry Farmand i asked if i could talk through the worker who checks restraint's microphone that talks through the whole station. He let me. I gave a shout out to y friend.... who was sitting right next to me.
  13. Mine was "The Revolution" at SFMM. Its funny because i remember watching a show called 30 rollercoasters in 24 hours. where a group tried to break the world record, and when i watched it at 7 years old, The revolution came on and i promised myself i would NEVER ride it. I think it also might've been my First real coaster.
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