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  1. I think that's actually the problem One doesn't fit the theme much at all... the other fits it almost too much. And they clash. I have to agree with Elissa, these trains just don't fit a wooden coaster. It's one thing to say the general theme doesn't fit... and then to surround the coaster with futuristic/apocalyptic theming, but the trains are different. They go on the coaster, so they're gonna clash more... look even more out of place. These trains are faily clunky/mechanical/futuristic looking. The coaster is a gorgeous, classic looking wooden roller coaster. It just doesn't fit. Plus, the GCI Flyer trains were kinda old-school classy looking train styles. So the theme specifically doesn's seem to fit with these trains. The coaster itself is beautiful. I could at pictures of it day after day. The curves and all that lattice work just look amazing. The Terminator sign at the entrance looks incredible as well. But the trains just don't look good. Don't look like they belong on a wooden coaster.
  2. I think the last few posts have covered it. The trench is a nice touch, and the larger loop was a good move. The custom supports for the zero-G roll are nice, but a few of them could probably be cut. Right now, the supports look good... just too plentiful. And I'd work in some trees. I like the use of the shrubs, but some trees (in various sizes and shapes) would improve the look of the landscape. The station looks really good. Overall, Batman has definitely improved! Also wanted to say (better late than never) that I love The Hulk Coaster. The 'improvised' Pretzel loop into a trench looks great. Seems like a fun layout, and I love the station, with the giant Hulk statue situated right between the entrance & exit. Nice work, Stoksy!
  3. Love the Flyer. I'm not crazy about the red supports (I think I would have preferred a more muted shade, like maroon), but the layout seems fun and highly realistic. The landscaping is absolutely top notch. It looks fantastic. I'd say its easily one of the best Flyer's I've seen on these forums (RCT2 or 3) Overall, the entire park looks spectacular. Looking forward to future updates!
  4. Yeah, but just imagine if they offered "5 dollar beer! Get your 5 dollar beer here!" You, thinking that's much better than the $7-8 they usually go for, wave down the vendor and hold up a 5 dollar bill. He pulls out a cold one, turns and says "and that will be 3 extra bucks for the convenience of me handing it to you." Something tells me a lot more customers would be unhappy about that than they would just an 8 dollar beer.
  5. I think where people who are turned off by this practice are claiming the deception lies is right up front. If I go to SFOG website and click to get tickets, it pops up... "Buy your tickets online and everyone pays the kids price of $29.99. Plus, you can print your tickets at home and go straight to the gate. " So a potential customer could be thinking 'cool... 30 bucks for a ticket I can have ready to go when I head to the park'. Only at the very end do they throw in the fact that its going to cost you to get your ticket. Specifically, when I get to that step, it lists the following options. Nothing more, nothing less. Shipping Method $5 Print-n-Go $10 UPS Ground $5 First Class Mail $15 UPS Expedited Meaning my "$29.99" ticket is going to cost a minimum of $34.99. If the original advertisement at the first step of the process didn't say what it says... there would be no grounds for complaints of deception. "Buy your tickets online and everyone pays the kids price of $29.99. "... doesn't mention the extra charge, but doesn't promise you can go straight to the gate, either. So its somewhat fair grounds. "Buy your tickets online and everyone pays the kids price of $29.99. Plus, for just an additional 5 bucks you can print your tickets at home and go straight to the gate. "... that's fair... up-front. Honest. But just tacking on the "you can go straight to the gate!" after the 29.99 price can be seen as deceiving. For me personally, I'm fine with the charge, I just think its stupid from a business standpoint. As was mentioned earlier, the purpose of special deals (be they Coke cans, AAA discounts, online purchasing) is to get new customers who won't pay full-price to come to the park. The purpose of discounts is not to save the guy who's going to come no matter what (full price and all) a few extra bucks. It's to target new customers. It's to bring in people who wouldn't come at the regular price. So doing anything that could be seen as deceptive is counter productive for business. If I'm trying to get Joe Schmoe, who has never visited a Six Flags park and never will at full price, to come to my park by advertising that he can skip the wait at the ticket booth and get in for the cheap price of $29.99... and then add on that $5 fee at the end... and Joe Schmoe clicks that little 'x' in the corner of the screen, then I've lost a new customer. I've lost the 30 bucks I coulda made on the ticket, plus whatever Joe would have spent in the park, plus an experience that would leave him wanting to come back. It's not about money, not even really about what's "fair". Its about the smartest business move possible. And anything that turns customers off (whether the customer's view is 100% accurate or not) is a questionable business move. It's the same thing with the aviation industry. Airlines start announcing a sudden $20 charge per piece of checked luggage and people were livid. Why not just jack up ticket prices 20 bucks or so? You add 20 bucks to ticket prices, and 90% of customers won't even realize tickets have gone up. And even the 10% who do realize it... likely aren't going to be too upset. It's called inflation. The price of everything goes up over time. But announce a charge for something that's always been free... and people go nuts... some choose not to fly anymore. Sometimes it just makes more business sense to include all fees up-front. If a customer feels like he/she's being deceived half-way through the process, they're more likely to turn away from the product.
  6. Many thanks, Ghost. I actually had the Busch Gardens inverts in mind when building this one. I'm a particularly big fan of Montu (hence River Hawk's colors). Any other thoughts, guys? Feedback on Rivertown and River Hawk would be much appreciated. Also... can't make up my mind what I should add next. A Schwarzkopf over the lake, or a GCI back in the woods across from River Hawk. What do you guys think?
  7. Hey guys, Got my first rides on River Hawk today! Another incredible invert from B&M. River Hawk is situated on the hillside that runs along Kings River, and twice swoops over the river during the course of the ride. Its a fantastic ride, and the view from the front seat is top notch! The ride layout includes a station fly-through, two dives over the river, and 5 inversions (a loop, cobra roll, and 2 in-line twists). Talk has already started about new additions for the park. An observation tower is expected to arrive next year, and there are already rumors flying about a new coaster in the next couple of years ranging from an old Schwarzkopf that would be built on the lake... to a GCI built back in the woods, on the other side of the river, across from River Hawk. I'll keep you guys updated! On with the pics The station building is pretty huge and elaborate. The ride starts by dropping out of the station and turning to the right, diving under the queue. Swooping down the first drop, heading towards a giant loop. After the loop, the train flies through the station building! Heading into, and coming out of, the Cobra Roll, the coaster soars over the river. The first of two zero-G rolls. This element is fantastic. Fairly secluded from the rest of the ride, it shoots up from underground, rolling the traing just a few feet off the ground, then turns and dives down the hillside, heading back underground. An aerial shot of River Hawk's layout.
  8. Thought I'd add my thoughts/review of Diamondback, having had the opportunity to ride it 4 times tonight, never once waiting for longer than 20 minutes. My four rides all came on the right side of the train, in rows 12,16,1,2 (in that order). The Trains The trains are fantastic. The v-shape elevated seating arrangement really does offer up a nice view regardless of seat, keeping a nice open space in front of you. The seats are comfortable, and the lack of a seatbelt really allows for airtime and a bit of an "unprotected' feel. There's literally nothing around you (especially if you ride in the even numbered rows with the spaced out seats). It's easily the most open coaster train I've ever been on. Blow's Intamin hyper trains outta the water. The look of the trains is equally fantastic. The detailing of the trains to make them look like snakes is an awesome touch. The fangs, especially are great. Probably the only trains that are better looking/themed are the Dueling Dragon trains at IOA. Rides in the Back The back of the train was a lot of fun. The first drop is just stunning. Though its 80 feet shorter than MF, it doesn't feel like it. You just seem to drop forever, and the speed is top notch. From the back (much like on Vortex) you get yanked over the top. This is due in large part to how fast the lift is. It's a chain lift, but it might as well be a cable lift. You fly up the hill at a pretty impressive ascent angle. From the back, your butt is off the seat the entire 22 stories you plummet. Speaking of which, rocketing down over the midway is quite the sight... really adds to the drop, barreling down towards the crowd. That element, coupled with the incredibly open seating and lack of seatbelt, made this my favorite first drop on a coaster. The rest of the ride from the back is pretty much non-stop floater air. Your practically never in your seat. As you start to crest each hill, you lift up, and you're not back down until you've started up the next hill. The hammerhead turn is more fun from the back in my opinion, as you feel the overbank more. Fifth hill trim doesn't do much, and the following helix is great. Good forces, lotta fun. Into the MCBR and then out. In the back, there's a nice burst of air here. The following two small hills are fun and provide nice floater air as well. Last helix isn't as forceful or enjoyable as the first, but its proximety to the midway helps it out some. Splashdown area looks amazing, and in the back seat... you'll get wet. I know there's been a lot of talk about the fact that DB's splashdown is "pointless cuz it doesn't get anyone wet." Sit in the last row, you'll think otherwise. Rides in the Front The back is great, but the front is even better. Rows 1 or 2 (they're virtually the same experience due to the V shaped seating) are absolutely incredible. The first drop is entirely different, and while you're only out of your seat for a fraction of the time as in the back... looking down as you crest the hill and start to pick up speed is just wild. With the open cars and nothing in front of you, you just fall forward, folding over your restraint, looking down 200+ feet. Though its only 74 degrees, the drop looks vertical when you're hanging over the edge. It just curves until it disappears. The second hill is a nice surprise on this coaster... even more so in the front. You crest the hill with such speed that you get borderline ejector air. The speed you pick up at the base of the second drop feels is excellent. You're doing just over 80mph (which is fast enough in itself) but because the drop hugs the ground and rockets between two supports... it just further enhances the perception of speed. Simply phenomenal section of the ride. The third hill and hammerhead are great as well, though the hammerhead doesn't seem as banked from the front. But the fifth hill... the fifth hill is it. I know a lot of talk on these forums puts Intamin hypers above B&M often with people breaking it down to a simple case of Intamin ejector air Vs B&M floater. Welcome to B&M ejector air. Two rides in the front car, and both times, I was hurled from my seat going over the 5th hill, slammed upward into the clamshell restraint, then plastered back down from the forces. The back might more of a forceful floater, but from the front seat, the 5th hill gave definite shove-you-outta-your-seat ejector air. Incredible. First helix is equally great up front. Drop out of the MCBR isn't as good, but the air over the two small hills is solid, and in the front seat, there's a nice burst of air coming outta the final helix, heading into the splashdown. And to top it off, from the front seat, you get a last hit of air-time heading into the brakes. When you can catch definite air as you hit the brakes... you've got a winner. Night Rides Kings Island is famous for The Beast and the great night rides it provides. Even coaster enthusiasts who don't rate the Beast so highly tend to agree that a night ride on it is a can't miss. Well, there might be a better night ride in the park now. Only the splashdown is lit-up. And once you clear the first drop and move away from the midway and into the woods, the ride is virtually pitch black. Sky rocketing up 160 feet and plummeting down 190 in total darkness = amazing. Overall I'd give the ride about a 9.8 or 9.9 outta ten, docking just a couple tenths because the last helix just doesn't live up to the rest of the ride. Still, this thing has it all. Amazing, open trains. A steep fast lift hill. Incredible first drop over the midway. Then disappears in the woods all by itself. Massive amounts of air-time (endlessly outta your seat in the back with constant floater air. An excellent combination of floater, forceful floater, and ejector air at the front of the train), a great first helix, and an awesome splashdown element that sets it apart from virtually every other coaster out there. Definitely the best ride in the park. Easily the best ride in Ohio (sorry Maverick). Jumps to #1 on my list easily. The second and fifth hills are the gems, especially from the front. I still can't get over the air cresting the fifth hill. Even with the trim... I was just thrown out of my seat. Absolutely amazing ride. 22 million very well spent.
  9. Some interesting (and funny) ideas being thrown about in this topic. One thing that caught my attention, however, was the $40 price tag being defended as "maybe that's how much they have to charge to turn a profit". Maybe... but doubtful. And no successful business adjusts its profit numbers based on admission price. What I'm saying is... the price of a ticket isn't going to be what makes you your income. Its the overall admissions income. And that's based on more than just ticket price. If a park charges $40 for tickets and that price persuades 1000 people to come to the park... 40 x 1000 = $40,000. If a park charges $30 for tickets, and that price persuades 1400 people to come to the park... 30 x 1400 = $42,000. The cheaper price actually gives the park more income based on the larger number of guests it attracts. Add in the fact that all those extra guests in the park means extra money being spent on food/drink/souvenirs... and it quickly adds up. I think when people in this topic laugh at/grow outraged at the $40 standard ticket price, its because they feel that price is too high to attract the number of visitors the park needs. You have to balance ticket price with the number of people willing to buy at that price. And a larger price doesn't translate to to successful business or covering expenses, unless people will pay that price. I think what people in this topic are saying, is that for an area that's not been kind to the amusement park industry, and for a park that got some bad publicity in the last year... $40 is likely too steep to bring in a large crowd. And without the crowds, the park will likely fail. Robb said it best, does the park warrant $200+ for a day out for the family? Cuz with ticket prices that high, add in parking, a gift, and dinner in the park... and there's no way a family of four gets a day at FMP for less than $200. Which is fine, if you're an established park, with good publicity, a built in fanbase etc. But FMP is not that. But lower that ticket price to say $30 for adults, maybe $10 for kids, and now, you can spend a day for probably around $150. This is gonna be much more enticing to people. And right now, that's what the park needs. In my opinion, if they want to steady the ship, FMP needs to entice lots of people who hadn't planned on visiting the park to go ahead and visit. It doesn't need to bankrupt the small crowd who was already planning on coming.
  10. Robb, any estimate on just how wide the bridge is? Kinda hard to tell from the picture exactly what sort of dimensions it has. Following the construction of Diamondback on some of the KI sites, people have been commenting on a similar thing, with what appears to be a fairly narrow entrance to the line for the ride. As for the coaster itself... it's absolutely gorgeous. If it rides half as good as it looks, it'll be a great coaster.
  11. It's true. I love cheeseburgers, but hamburgers are just gross. Simply amazing what one little sliver of American or Chedder or Swiss can do. I would definitely write guest relations demanding extra cheese on my next visit.
  12. Really? He was at least on park grounds, well within property lines, at the official ticket booths, it sounds like. Why does it make no sense? Does the employee melt if he's standing five feet outside the park exit gate instead of five feet inside. Besides, at the end of the day, the original poster said he was at least at the ticket booths and was on park property. It's not like I was saying Six Flags should have stationed someone out on the highway handing away free tickets. No, I don't believe the responsibility should be on the guest. Typically, that's what separates a 'host' from a 'guest'. The service and responsibility falls on the shoulders of the host. I think it's a necessity to have guest relations. We're not talking about the Park should staff dozens of employees who just walk around the park and ask people if they have any complaints that need to be taken care of. This is an entirely different issue. This was a small number of guests who were all inconvenienced by an unplanned, fairly rare occurence. Guests shouldn't have to go out of their way to have that properly taken care of. I know. I spent two summers in a supervisor position myself. No, but in 25 years of going out to eat, I've never been to a restaurant where a waiter/waitress/manager didn't check in at a couple points during the meal and specifically ask "Is everything with the meal ok?" Or... "is your meal satisfactory?" Seriously, what restaurants are you going to where, at the very least, your waiter/waitress doesn't check in every few minutes and make sure everything is done to order and pleases the customer? It's standard operating protocol of the dining industry. And as I mentioned above, the same goes with other industries. When the movie theater's film reel crapped out... I didn't have to go chasing down a manager to complain. It's pretty obvious that when I pay to see a movie and then can't watch the movie cuz the reel is no good... that I'm unhappy and have been inconvenienced. If a manager needs to be told that... the manager needs to be fired. Instead, the movie theater did things correctly. They announced the situation, apologized, and stationed someone, holding open the door out of the building (where everyone would have to pass), handing out free tickets. If a park, closing 8-10 hours earlier than advertised cuz they aren't happy with turnout, doesn't know that the customers they're kicking out of the park after only an hour or so inside the gates are unhappy... that park truly truly needs help, and deserves to be ripped far worse than anyone in this topic has done. Again, you're comparing one apple to a huge basket of oranges. Is the park going to know that I was personally offended by a curse word that flew out of the mouth of a ride operator? No. I should have to go to guest relations to deal with that issue. That affects just me, and is a small problem that park management wouldn't even be aware of unless made so by a customer. If the entire park shuts down 9 hours earlier and kicks out all the customers who paid to park and get in, after only 1 or 2 hours... should the park know something is wrong? Yes. A million times over. Yes. And I have no problem with Six Flags. Hell, I'm a huge Cedar Fair fan. And that chain gets ripped on pretty consisentantly on this site as well. I don't hate park or like a park because any "industry insider" or "park enthusiast" tells me to. I like what I like... and I'll debate why with someone who disagrees. I don't hate a park, park chain, or coaster just cuz its "cool" to do so. I actually think that's pretty lame. I don't fault the park for my/any customers inaction. I fault the park for their inaction. And again, no problem with Six Flags closing the park early. Just think they should have done a better job of making sure to offer tickets/refunds to those inconvenienced. That's proper customer service. And based on the original poster's story... if they weren't doing that, it was in poor form in my opinion. [/i]
  13. For the sake of those who would travel a great distance only to find the park closed 20 minutes after arriving, I hope emailing guest relations leads to something. But it should never come to that. As a customer that has been inconvienenced, I shouldn't have to go out of my way or chasing an appropriate apology. Again, I have no problem with Six Flags (or any park/park chain for that matter) closing early. And I have no problem with them closing early simply because of low attendance, even as the weather could be clearing up. The park has every right to do that, and it's smart business. But they should have been offering guests tickets as they left the park. They should have been refunding parking as you leave the lot. That sort of thing. The responsibility shouldn't fall on the customer to think "hey, maybe if i go to guest relations, they would probably gimme a free ticket" There should be no probably about it. And there should be no need for the customer to have to assume that and go out of their way to try. Since people continue to insist on comparing this to all other jobs, restaurants, movie theaters etc (as if a restaurant closing at its advertised time b/c people don't really eat dinner later than 10:00PM is the same thing as a park closing 8 hours before its advertised time b/c of attendance)... look at other industries. - When I go to a restaurant, and they screw up my meal... I don't have to go walk back to the kitchen, find the head cook and ask if they'll make me another meal. A manager/waiter/waitress makes trips around the restaurant makins sure everythign is alright and offering up a new meal in the cases where they've screwed up. The responsibility isn't put on the customer who's been inconvienenced. -I've been to movie theaters on a couple of occasions where there have been problems. Once due to a power outage, and once due to trouble with the reel for the particular film my wife and I wanted to see. In both cases, an announcement was made, many apologies were offered, and free tickets to for a movie at anytime/anyday were handed out at the door to everyone who was turned away. Again, no problem with Six Flags closing down the park. Problem is with the park apparently doing little/nothing to offer tickets etc to all who were turned away...unless those people thought it on themselves to take a detour and swing by guest relations and argue their case. And it should never come to that for the customer. The park should be on top of offering everybody tickets/refunds.
  14. I think the issue here isn't whether the park should have closed early or if the gave "mis-information", the problem to me, is in the way it was handled. Six Flags has the right to close their park when they see fit. Be that because of weather, because of an empty park, or because they ran outta cheese and are afraid of a revolt. And it's smart business to close a park that no one is coming to visit. That's thousands and thousands of saved dollars. But it's also smart business to take care of your customers and do what you can to make-up for their inconveniences. The parks should have offered a free ticket to each guest (especially when your closing specifically b/c there's next to no one visiting). The park should have refunded parking. It's not a matter of what Six Flags is allowed to do. They can put fine print all over their ads, tickets, season passes etc... you can write "parking is non-refundable" right on a pass, and that covers your butt; however, it doesn't mean that a company shouldn't go ahead and refund parking for a whopping ten or twenty cars who got just enough time to park, walk through the gates and be turned around. It's good business to close your park when operating for the day is going to cost you lots and lots of money. I don't blame Six Flags for cancelling at all. The weather was bad, and sounded like it was going to at least threaten to be that way all day. But I do think it's in entirely poor form not offer parking refunds, free one-day admission tickets etc. It seems to me that such an offer to the few dozen people who braved the weather and paid hard earned cash to enjoy the park, would have been the best of both worlds. -Save money by closing an empty park. -Save face and reputation (and thus, money from customers down the road) by offering a reasonable 'apology' for the inconvienence in the form a few free tickets/refunds.
  15. This is just the best name/idea/concept ever for a park! The possibilities are endless! Especially now that they haven't backed themselves into a corner with that evil, vile, amusement killing rock music! It's every type of music now. Can't you all see how much better that is than just rock n'roll?! The advertising for this practically takes care of itself.
  16. Ghost - Thanks for the kind words Stoksy - Thanks. The pirate ship (as you'll see below) is just built partly on land/partly over a small lake. This gives it an 'elevated' appearance, and then i added wooden fence around the frame to hide the rather ugly in-game supports that show up under the ship when its not on flat land. netdvn - Yeah, 2008 was the first year a Mega-Lite appeared (I believe Piraten was the first to open). I'm trying to keep things fairly realistic, but I felt a 2007 debut of the "first" mega-lite wasn't stretching it too much, since the real things popped up just a year later. triggernel - bingo! On to the new update. Feedback welcomed and appreciated! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Got some shots of the brand new 'Rivertown' area that debuted here on opening day, April 18th, 2009! The whole area looks fantastic, and River Hawk was testing today. It's expected to open in early May! Here are some pics... After passing a couple info kiosks and a restroom, you'll look dead-ahead at "ShipWreck", a family oriented swinging ship ride over a small pond. For those seeking a little more in the way of thrills, there's Timber Tower. You'll launch upwards 14 stories, before barreling back down to earth! Rivertown Inn is an excellent restaurant. Coupled with The Smokehouse and Anthony's, Kings Lake has quite a collection of places to dine. The building on the left side of this shot houses a gift shop, and First-Aid room amongst other things. It really fits the 'pioneer days' feel to Rivertown. On the right you can see the entrance to the new coaster! An overview of the new area. And last but not least, Mr. Cunningham and the KL Public Relations department sent me a sneak peak at River Hawk, the park's new B&M invert! The coaster is actually built on/in/and around the hillside, and swoops down over the river as it whips its way through 5 inversions! Promotional image of River Hawk twisting through a uniquely located zero-G roll!
  17. Of course they still exist. Do you have any idea how valuable scrap metal can be? It'd be a complete waste of money to order new metal and have it shaped. Cedar Fair (like most large companies) has debt to pay. Why not sell off scrap track/supports to other companies who can put them to good use. 'Tune Up' is a fantastic name... especially since you'll literally be going up
  18. Of course it's possible. It's metal. It's malleable. It can be cut down, welded and extended. Obviously the vertical, rising heartline roll is a new element, so regardless of who's track is used, its going to take some modifying. I have to admit... I'm surprised they're doing this. I know the plans originally called for the heartline twist in the lift and the twist at the top of the non-inverting loop, but I thought they had cancelled the roll for the lift. Originally, when Limp Bizkit was supposed to be partnered with HRRR, they were going to call one new element "Rollin (Urban Assault Vehicle) and one "Rollin (Air Raid Vehicle). But when Universal decided Limp Bizkit wasn't current enough to warrant the 20 million Fred Durst wanted to 'Sponsor dat mutha'... I thought they dumped the idea or the vertical twisting LIM lift. Really happy to see they've brought it back. And I think Rain Dance is a good name for the element.
  19. Stoksy - Thanks for the kind words. They're greatly appreciated. TLM - You should see some of those suggestions take form in the next update or two. triggernel - thanks for the feedback. Was going for realism over creativity with this particular coaster, and though it doesn't follow the traditional mega-lite layout precisely, I kept the trademark first turn etc, to keep it close to the real thing. on to the new stuff... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ For 2008, the park added Enterprise to the line-up, placing it right in front of Mega Flare's first drop! They also added a couple small food/drink huts, a restroom, and a game corner. But the best news is that the park has announced a whole new section of the park set to debut in 2009! Mr. Cunningham sent me the following email: Mr. Cunningham also included these two pieces of art. A little teaser to hold us over! An artist rendering of a classic swinging ship ride over a small pond in the center of Rivertown. The logo for the new coaster!
  20. The scenerey and landscaping looks absolute top notch. The theme is brilliant and the pathways and vegetation seem to fit perfectly. On the teaser, the custom supporst look fantastic. They really do add to the atmosphere of the game, and I'm in envy of how natural you make them look. The cobra roll diving under the bridge/walkway looks excellent. In fact the only thing I'm not blown away by is the color of the track for this new coaster. The yellowish/brown just isn't my thing. All in all, this park is looking great, and worthy of the Busch Gardens namesake.
  21. I believe what he means by the fusion between the two is the track layout. There are only a very small handful of mega-lites (3?) in existence and they feature, as far as I know, very similar layouts. For example, Piraten and Kawasemi both drop, turn 270 degrees to the right, rise up under the lift for the second twisting hill, then go straight into the third (and more traditional) hill. This coaster features the basic 'mega-lite' track layout, but at the much larger dimensions of a hyper coaster. And it looks pretty good so far
  22. I was told the Native American burial grounds felt the ride was too noisy and was disruptive and have filed an injunction. The park may need to think about scrapping the whole music aspect to the ride, adding sound shields, and renaming the coaster Hollywood Rip, Ride, Shush it.
  23. Two updates in one week? The earth may have stopped spinning After a fairly uneventful update earlier this week, time to unveil the goods. I'm nearing completion on the next major coaster, which should be showing up in the coming weeks. It's located on some very hilly, heavily wooded terrain, so its been a tricky project. But on to the Intamin goodness! Feedback welcome and appreciated. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The 2007 season has rolled around and that means one thing... Mega Flare! Made a trip to the park today with camera in hand. The entrance area was pretty cool looking, and the line was looong all day. Not surprising for a great new coaster. Also, as an unannounced perk... the park added classic bumper cars! The first drop and a fast-paced turnaround at the base of the first hill. This ride was LOADED with air-time! Had some great twisting, turning drops as well. The overall layout. A lot of air, dives, turns and thrills in a compact space. Kings Lake did a good job of preserving the trees in the area as well. Overall, it was a great day at the park, and Mega Flare seems to be a huge hit! This new 'mega-lite' classification seems to be a winner! Great job on the teamwork by Kings Lake and Intamin.
  24. Given the fact that the second drop is nearly 200ft and where the ride will reach its top speed over just over 80mph... I don't think its a strange place to put the on-ride photo at all. I've heard a lot of people talking that the second drop through to the third hill could be a surprisingly intense/awesome segment of the coaster, given the track structure and the extreme speeds obtained at the base of the second drop.
  25. Jumping forward to the 2006 season... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The 2006 season has been rolling along in busy fashion. The park has been packed as Mammoth continues to be a smash hit, Funland has brought more families to the park grounds on a daily basis, and Hurricane and King Coaster are still providing thrills to all. The new Italian restaurant and the brand new arcade in American have both been big hits, but some feel that the arcade doesn't fit with the 'vintage' feel of Americana. Times change, though, and people seem pleased with the small additions for the 2006 season. The new 'Rcade' Anthony's has been a favorite with the crowds. Great four cheese pizza and awesome Chicken Parm... ...plus a great view of the lake for anyone patient enough to wait for a table on the patio. But the biggest buzz at the park today was for the official announcement of Kings Lake's 6th coaster, set to debut in April of 2007! ... ... Kings Lake announces Mega Flare August 1st, 2006 For the 2007 season, Kings Lake will debut the park's 6th roller coaster, Mega Flare, an intriguing, perhaps deceptive, ride that is sure to pack tons of thrills. "Mega Flare is impressive." Don Cunningham said at the media event. "This coaster, while smaller in stature, will pack the same punch of 2005's Mammoth." Mega Flare is a new type of coaster being built by Intamin AG, maker of world famous rides, including Cedar point favorites such as Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force. This coaster, referred to as a 'mega-lite' is a small version of the popular hyper coasters. Standing just 110 feet in height, Mega Flare won't be nearly as intimidating to the average park guest, but those who ride will be in for a treat. "Tons of fun. Lots of fast turns, and fantastic air-time. You don't need monstrous height and speed to thrill riders from start to finish." Don said with a grin. "This ride will prove that." Mega Flare is set to debut when the park opens for operation in April of 2007. Red track has already been spotted on site. The Logo
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