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  1. Purple says to me Joker, I have a feeling this is what the new theme will be. I just dont think Lex Luther fits.
  2. I tried to go there in 2007, everything I read said the park was fully open. When we got there the park was open but the rides were shut, they said this was a last second thing. I did email them to complain but just got back a rude email. If this happened to other people its no wonder why people did not bother to go. I still think they could have got people to visit had they made more effort, after all people do drive to BGA from Orlando. I do not think it will work as a water park either, Disney have 2 Sea World has 1 and BGA has 1 so why would people want to travel to Cypress Gardens for one when they did not go there when there were rides?
  3. I really hate that part on Air, it always makes me feel sick as it feels like your insides are trying to come out your mouth. Thats my worst section on any coaster I have ever been on
  4. Kraken was filled with sand as well so I guess then this will be the same. Cheers for your reply.
  5. This might seem like a stupid question, but does anyone know if this is a near enough silent coaster like Kraken? I have to be honest I feel the lack of sound does affect the ride experience.
  6. Have you ever been to Thorpe Park, Chessington or Alton Towers? We you will know that you would not really want Merlin running the parks in the USA. Thorpe Park is known for one thing and thats break downs. Blackstone can not buy the parks but Merlin can, they operate as a different companies. Merlin bought the Tosuards Group and the leased the land Alton and Chessington are on to Blackstone. Merlin is owned by Blackstone but as I said they do operate as 2 difference companies, hence Blackstone do not own Alton Towers Merlin Entertainment do.
  7. I just read another artical about the takeover and we should know by November 11th if the reports are true. Its between Merlin and the Dubai Group who signed a deal for 4 parks last year. Disney have no longer been metioned. http://www.vagazette.com/news/local/va-news3_110508nov05,0,5534760.story
  8. I do not want to spam the topic or anything like that so I am not sure if we can talk about the buyout here. I will post this anyway and if its wrong please remove it. Disney would buy the parks for one reason, and that is to stop Merlin. Disney would probably not even change the parks but as I said if they buy them it stops someone else getting in to the Orlando market. I might be talking rubbish but thats the only logic I can see. They have Disney World why want a park out of this area. I don't think Disney have the money though, might be wrong. I also don't think Disney will buy the parks they simply do not need them or the extra expense.
  9. If the buyout ever gets completed. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/investing- ... topstories InBev struggles to hold Bud deal together Last updated at 8:04 AM on 4th November 2008 Stella Artois owner InBev may be struggling to hold its £32.8bn Anheuser-Busch takeover together - but it has already started a £4bn auction of bits of the American brewer that it doesn't want. Hard to swallow: InBev is struggling to close the Anheuser- Busch deal Chief among assets under the hammer is Orlando's Sea-World and eight other theme parks still owned by AB and said to be worth £1.7bn. Cash-strapped InBev has received approaches from opportunist would-be buyers only too aware the short-term funding problems faced by the the drinks giant following the collapse of its £5.5bn rights issue last month. If the deal to create the world's largest brewer completes as planned in eight weeks, then InBev will be saddled with £32.5bn of debts. A source said this is why it is focused on selling assets even before it owns some of them. The theme parks are part of AB's portfolio, but InBev wants to line up a buyer ready for a quick sale. It is also ready to sell a raft of central European beer brands including Staropramen, as well as a tin can making business and its South Korean brewing arm. 'It has had interest for the theme park business, and the packaging operations, and might announce something before the close of the deal,' said the source. The AB entertainment division includes three SeaWorld parks, Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay and Orlando's Aquatica. Analysts say Blackstone, which owns a stake in Thorpe Park owner Merlin, would be an obvious would-be buyer, along with Disney, and stateowned Dubai World. A spokesman for InBev confirmed the company is contemplating disposals of certain assets but could not comment at this stage. Alex Oldroyd, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, said some sales would give InBev breathing space on its debts. 'Some early disposals would calm the market and bring down the risk,' he said.
  10. I remember going on the one at Clacton From what I have read Alton will not be selling the coaster as its got to much history. There are some stories that parts of it will be used in a display in memory of it. As you say though until there is proof all we know is its being taken down, the rest is just stories and what not. I am sure if Alton got a good offer we would probably see the coaster built some where else.
  11. I think for people my sort of age 34 the Corkscrew was the 1st full circuit inverting coaster we could do, this is why its sort of special to some of us. It was a reason to go to Alton Towers and every time I go there I make a point of riding it. But yes its had its day and something newer will be built in its place and they can finally get rid of Ugland which I totally hate.
  12. I remember it being one of my 1st coasters and in a way I am sorry to see it go. I did not find it rough last time I went, I have been on a lot worse. I am looking forward to the 9th hope it gets a good send off.
  13. I have never posted here before so I hope I have got it right. Its been anounced today that the Corkscrew at Alton Towers is to be removed at the end of the year. http://www.altontowers.com/pages/theme-park/thrills/goodbye-to-the-corkscrew
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