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  1. What the heck are you PUNKS doing in my neck of the woods without giving ME prior notice?? I will SPANK you for this because I LOVE TPR and cannot stand the fact I missed a chance to get my share of YOU!!! If I will ever find an Octoberfest review on this site to my surprise, I will KILL you all! Please let me be part of your realm next time! I know you need some good people out there!
  2. Thanks for the update! This is an awesome ride! Because it is whacky AND everyone loves it. The perfect crisis coaster! The world needs definitely more rides like this - small but unique. I always liked S&S since Dodonpa and all those weird coasters they dared to build (like that Squirrel coaster) no matter what their reputation among us experts might be. There´still so much whackyness to be explored in ride creations.... ->kwa
  3. The last time I tried Ikea food is five years ago, I never dared since then. So why care compare? How would you like a food company trying to make your furniture? Next time you come to Germany, I shall give you the bbq of your life! (Sorry for all the OT but I just don´t care to PN....)
  4. This is yet another cool report! I´m bummed I can´t be with you, but the next time TPR comes to Germany, I will be, and it´s gonna be RAD! What would the world be without TPR? Just a bunch of coaster nerds... Next time we meet, we have to take a drink together! see you in coaster heaven! -kwa
  5. This thread has been anabiotic for a month or so. I reckon noone cares to put in anything on topic anymore. This includes me very much. So I decide to dedicate it to general philosophy. How about death? It is the best teacher you can find out there, because of teaching about the futility of talk and hollowness of words. But that´s just the least concept hence it can be rather easily understood once you care to think about it twice. Anyway, nothing beats first hand experience. Then, how are chances to pack this experience into a ride - hey, that´s what we´re all about, right? (I wouldn´t mind if someone threw this into the OT section, though....) yours - kwa
  6. ROFL - this is kinky on so many levels! No restraints - you're locked in a dog cage! PS_ This remind of a recent Tarantino movie.... How bout a real kinky park? Too bad TPR is supposed to be PG rated something (Except mastermind Robb A.) So, to be frank, I´d dream of a large kinda hot dog shaped coaster which would be launched into a waterfall right beind a () shaped pink hairy rubber curtain or so.... just think innocent Jitz . the ride
  7. Maybe in the near future, when being sued for a million dollars won´t hurt anymore That would be cool. Not for those with weak knees, though. Again, I smell the dreaded crotch-support. But I´d give it a try !
  8. This thread keeps getting ever better. These rides would be perfect for a "Jackass" Theme park. The luge coaster however might have a chance in the US. That would be a ride I´d like to see, too. But even more I´d like to see people messing up their cars on that other thing. There should be a drive-in restaurant right before the first drop. The slingshot ride - probably only the Freak Brothers and Steve-O would ride such a thing, but I could imagine a few variations which are "safer"
  9. I can´t believe Robb said that - he must be so jaded But I would absolutely design such a thing just for him. Like a stand-up Deja Vu, but three times taller and all in wood, is that it? Is there that much wood on the planet? Many people seem to like those all-in-one concepts, judging by what is being posted here. I´d go with an inverted woodie first (they should have done that at SFMM, then it would at least deserve the name of the Terminator!) and see how long it would last.
  10. They told me mine was the best--but maybe they just told everyone that. I've also been toying with the idea of putting a free-spinning bench-style Ferris wheel car on a coaster track. (This could be done with the cars off to the side, ala X--or simply by suspending the car between two side tracks.) The idea is that (almost) no matter what the track is doing, the riders remains facing forward with their butts pointed at the ground. Picture a first generation Intamin freefall--except when you get to the bottom of the drop, you're still facing forward. I don't think it would be particularly tough to engineer, but a lot could be done with it--including backwards sections (without need of transfer tracks) and loops (thanks to centrifugal force). Here's a really bad drawing to illustrate: I imagine it would be a bit difficult to get all the cars in to spin the desired way along a given track. Therfore the track layout might appear rather "unspectactular" if you know what I mean . The idea, nonetheless, is cool. I would favor the bench between the rail track, not sideways like X. This would allow for a new look and a smaller structure. On the other hand each seat would have an excentric counterweight of significant size, which would put additional stress on the whole thing. And also some kind of damping element to keep things under control. I figure, they might have had this concept in mind, before they found out it would be easier to build X the way it is now No doubt if you ride in the first row. But the rather poor sight on the other seats might pretty much kill the flying feeling you get on a normal hyper like EGF. Next, inverted trains are heavier and have poor air drag and so on. So in general they are not very effective, and effectiveness is what you need if you want to build a hyper in order to get the most out of what little money you have to spend. PS: Not to mention the usual restraint system on inverted trains, which is not airtime friendly. You would want to have something new there, too. Although I like the idea of interactive rides like that, there is a problem. Imagine a normal ride where everybody will be happy when they roll back into station. Now add some "democratic" elements like you mentioned. The more choice you give, the mor riders wouldn´t get the ride they voted for and therefore might become bored of the ride. This concept would have to be impelemented carefully to give the whole thing a kind of "team feeling" instead of "ego trip". Not a simple democratic voting machine, but something clever, funny and surprising. Can´t tell what that would be, anyway. Funny idea. Reminds me of the stuff I used to draw when I was a teenager. Most of those drawings and ideas are gone now, and that´s a bummer because I might have some of my best ideas back then. So basically, everybody who is in line for this "Splash Tower" would be totally soaked just before he gets on the ride. I imagine a pretty huge impact! Some cough medicine company could have their logo exclusively on the tower shaft, to make things clear. Sorry for the pun, but I myself would get a cold for sure on such a thing. The idea is cool, anyway. Maybe it should be done with heated spa water doped with Aspirin
  11. Yeah, I would also prefer something really new about all the old stuff that just gets ever bigger but basically stays the same thing. How did your boss like your ideas?
  12. That could be pretty cool if done right Although most tube style coasters have gone wrong, I still like their crazy looks.
  13. I´m looking forward to that drawing! But for your second idea, this seems to be similar to a concept I saw in the book about Werner Stengel where he proposed a device with rotating spikes where coaster trains would go up and then be released backwards on a different track section once the spike has rotated. I also wonder if such kind of ride interactivity would make a point at all, but that shouldnt stop one from thinking about it....
  14. This is interesting! I´ve had a similar idea by myself, where people are being strapped into kind of a zorb ball and be sent through a water filled transparent tube system. I wonder if they would need a lot of kleenex in there? But the sight to the spectators should be spectacular... But such ideas can easily wind up in capacity problems, and that is something that park owners really seem to care about. Maybe multiple balls or multi-seated balls could help. Anyway, it would be somethin really new!
  15. While reading this, why do I get an uncomfortable feeling in this very particular area where one would expect such a restraint system to catch on? But I like the idea of an inverted standup. It would probably look much like a flying coaster, maybe with some sort of inflatable restraint sytem around the legs and the upper body
  16. This is also what I really love about some of the older coasters: Random surprise elements. Most of the coasters today are fun to ride but way to conservative in layout, for what reason ever. I´m sure I would like a small but cleverly made ride almost as much as Expedition Geforce for example. Like G´sengte Sau at Tripsdrill which I really love for the racing through the castle and all those crazy drops.
  17. hang on dudes, i just can´t reply or engage at all now... will be back tomorrow
  18. Spinning coasters make me sick too and give me headaches. If Elissa and I put our authority together maybe we could have all the world´s spinning coasters scrapped But I like the idea of allowing people to control the ways of a ride. Shouldnt be too complicated to achieve a teacup coaster.
  19. Flatrides are ABSOLUTELY WELCOME since they offer even more creativity than coasters. Just let the riders survive and take care of capacity
  20. My thoughts relate to a suspended coaster such as Big Bad Wolf. The reason I bring up this idea is that I never even notice the swinging motion on suspended coasters and have wondered what can be down the suspended category more exciting. Could a train similar to the one on EuroMir be built and suspended from a track? I hope that clarifies my question. Ok, I´ve got your idea now... was a bit tired last night... The problem with swinging and spinning rides is that in combination they might put a lot of stress on both riders and the structure, so one would expect a rather expensive, clumsy design. But I like the idea of riding a suspended coaster with spinning cars, maybe even floorless - must be a great out-of-controll feeling. Should be feasible. Park owners would probably hate it - lots of wear and tear, heavy and new technology etc... a bit like X
  21. Dude, those drawings look REALLY COOL Yummy perspectives, great expression, like one was really there. Makes me dream of epic things like a Lord of the Rings coaster (make it three of them). Z-Force is one of the coaster I remember and like most because of its wackyness. You better don´t become a lawyer or doctor I´m looking forward to more of your drawings. How about some flatrides? Now let me comment on your ideas @ 1. Although I love big rides, I don´t believe in such things right now, but they might come back when money, wood and work will be cheap again. So probably never again... Better stick with small, innovative designs like Gerstlauer. Like on your drawings, but maybe smaller. @2. - 4. I like the idea of a recreation. Myself, I would love to see a resurrection of the Lightning Coaster, although it would break peoples backs. Anyway, I´m afraid any clone of an ancient coaster wouldn´t be the real thing anymore due to all the safety modifications and track smoothening and whatnot...
  22. I also hope members take this serious, thank you for emphasing this, maybe it will help Speculations are welcome, since they are always better than a dead thread. I don´t care for too much moderation, just speak up what ever is on your minds. Well, your idea might be possible. Do you actually mean a suspended coaster or an inverted one (which is basically the same as X (SFMM)) and how do you figure the cars to spin around? Like on X with the cars sideways of the track? Please help me to get your idea right --kwa
  23. To all Brothers, Sisters, Folks, fellow nuts, and whatever random people... This is the world´s leading forum of roller coaster (and ride) enthusiasts who still have got a live. That is why I`ve got a special question to all of this wild bunch, this huge brain pool. Each one of you who feels up to it. As you may have noticed, the time of ever bigger and ever more expensive roller coasters has long since passed. Manufacturers of relatively small but smart devices are to deliver the next generation of amusement rides. But I still believe they are way to conservative and basically stick to old ideas. Think of something really new that is as well as low as it gets in resource demands. Excavate those long buried crazy ideas of yours what could be built if someone only had the guts to do it. I really want your best, deepest, craziest, most secret ideas because I´m trying to get a picture of what people expect to happen next on the amusement ride market. The background is, I´ve been freelancing for a leading roller coaster enterprise for quite some years and now try to find new ideas to help grade the future path of our favourite hobby. So please help and give me your ideas - this might prove to be democratic since I am planning to give feedback on your ideas and explain the pros and cons. Oh yeah, by the way, if any one of you ever plans for coming to Skyline Park, or getting totally immersed into the Oktoberfest feeling, or anything else in southern Germany, let me know, because Skyline Park is only 10 miles away from my home and I would gladly welcome and cater any foreign traveller from the TPR bunch (as long as they look good) So go torture your keyboard NOW...
  24. September 17. Only four days until "O´zapft is!". Prepare your tankards! Here we go with the last couple of photos. Thanks for taking a look! Norman From the big statue´s point of view. Her name is Bavaria, by the way. So now you know it all! Everbody must hail to the great scream machine! 4.000 gallons of liquid headache waiting to poison unsuspecting tourists Yes, it is all hand crafted by diligent little bavarians. Just like all the upcoming yanks and japs would expect Everything is almost done. The place is full of delivery vehicles and pedestrians stumbling around. There´s a count down in the air! Catsup envelope opener has arrived. Be prepared for opening day! It is Frisbee! One of my favourites! (if it just were three times as big...) You can´t go to Munich and miss out on Weisswurst and Weissbier !!! A small flyer. There are lots of kiddy suitable rides around, too. Former Star World, now known as Hollenblitz. Had the most obnoxious theme music of all rides here. All the poor op´s must have gone insane by their first day on the ride Handycapped octopus about to gorge Wild Mouse. Good boy! Freefall still stuck in the air Fliegender Teppich. Fun to ride and a feast to the eye. Probably the funniest looking ride on the place Megalomaniac clown thinking he´s offering Eurostar to the people You better keep your hands inside the train when passing the backside parts of the coaster. Seriously! But it is posted in the station anyway Station entrance oozing with color Olympia Looping going for a test spin. Today, they tested all the safety devices and brakes. An emergency braking on the upper levels always gives the whole structure a good shaking. How to erect an Octoberfest ride? Four man handle the tape measure, two watch every move they do so nothing goes wrong, one dashes off quickly to get more beer so nothing goes wrong A messy shot of Schwarzkopf´s masterpiece. Or, one of many I like the paint scheme, though if it was mine would paint all the orange track white and dump all the trains because of the OTSR
  25. Here we go with September 16 (<- every time I use this one I got a notion of ridiculing myself. But I can´t hep it. Is it really about the mouse or is it something else?) Norman Mushroom credit! Once again all the smells and sounds come up in my mind Should they really queue up there? For all the Egypt freaks. It is rumored to be full of quicksand and scorpions. Freefall up and testing. Still slightly askew, but who cares? The Sensorium. Probably the biggest ripoff on the whole place. 95% of the budget must have gone into the cladding. Inside, a couple of benches to watch random laser beams, breathe artificial fog and listen to way overamplified sound effects. Totally pointless and boring. Not even really dark inside. The Toboggan. Great to watch drunk people trying to get on and stay on the conveyor belt. A total classic and must-do. Topped of by a slide. Looks a little unsafe and ancient and just is. "Hey! Look at me! I´m scary!!" Poor monster - he´s just out of competition Nigthfly going for a test spin Can you belive it? They put up the whole thing within 5 days! I totally missed it! Couple of aliens spreading really bad vibes over a poor little dark ride and yet another red carnie truck "How do you like my armpit?" - "Go ask the lion!"
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