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  1. 911 pictures. Maybe not top notch, but far better than those made a year earlier in NYC. Octoberfest has also been bombed once and I hope will never be again. Have fun anyway A couple of drunk looking people trying to get past the Freefall towers Yes, it really is such a mess. I could have earned thousands by making all the drawings for it, but wasn´t in the business until eight years later. Stairway to Heaven. Russian heaven, so to say. Couldn´t they just stick to wodka as usual ? "Drat, the guy with the camera again" - "Is he from TUV?" - "Hell, I guess so. Quick, lets bolt up those loose track joints!" Only minor changes are about to happen to this one anymore Either Beavis and Butthead got a new show or the creator of these panels should cut down a little on his meth habit. Why are most of those tow trucks green or red? Is there a carny conspiracy? Ferris wheel again. Don´t they realize those footers are totally out of place? It doesn´t look significant, but this is one of the first steps of assemling Olympia Looping. Unloading trains and stations with some strange kind of custom device. Where the Wildwasser log ride is going to be. Features lots of water. Great on a hot day! Logs for a log ride. Did you know they aren´t made out of wood at all? Some bunch of coaster nerds travelling on their own having been rejected by TPR
  2. Here are the pics of September 10. Enjoy yourselves! Elissa friendly wiener hut. Lou friendly smoke hut in the back. Oh no, she prefers Lights... Take your time to look at the tents, they are full of marvelous detail inviting you to eat and drink as much as you can. Now the place is really getting packed. 11 days until opening only. Everybody is frantically busy by now Breakdancing snowman invites you for a spin on the Zugspitzbahn. If I were you, I´d go! Army of zombies overruns trailer park. What movie did they steal that scene from? I know there was one... Now we´re getting serious. A forklift full of the essential Oktoberfest furniture. It looks fun. But it is voodoo! A spinning coaster which used to be there for a couple of times. Gave me headache, too. Alien walking the track of Wild Mouse and dazzling the camera Base of Freefall and yet another Mercedes. Carnies just seem to love those. They better switch to Kia and put their dough into new coasters!!! Massive Freefall tower shaft penetrating innocent little Wild Mouse X-ray shot of Eurostar. All welds seem to be ok Lousy picture of an alike ride. Gives you lots of unpleasant hangtime. Or am I just too old for it? Another short truck with another Hulk clone There isn´t really much missing anymore Eurostar almoshed finished Maybe all those illegal workers? Erection of the ferris wheel. I wonder what their big secret is? Halloween trailer Top Spin arrives on the "short truck"
  3. Shots of September 4. Check them out! Come visit us hicks here! I´d be glad to meet up, hang out and hurl at the cops with you! Norman G´bye for today with lots of temporary wooden erections and one permanent brass one Digital zoom goodness. Like said, it is a plug and play coaster. Therefore mostly hammerwork high in the sky. Eurostar crew @ work. Yes, they wash each and every part before erection. Imo a new paint job would do as well... They feature probably the best roast chicken ("Hendl") you can get there. Might also be wrong, it is always hard to remember precisely... For you beer hall enthusiasts (in the end, who isn´t ?) That´s way better! You might want to stick to Augustiner all day long. Common knowledge among us Munich hicks Besides Lowenbrau, stay clear of this place! The beer is as crappy as the hall looks. Leave it to the Kiwis and Italians and whatever... *YUMMYYUM* The main exit. You will be grateful it is so wide, believe me... Not that boring Audi - check out the background. It is going to be Fischer Vroni´s beer garden. Absolutely the place to be, but also absolutely too small. Great beer and smoked mackerels!!! This also is a classic. A decapitation show. Not with australian tourists but only with some kind of pumpkin and some beetroot juice. Classic, but no must-do. Hi, I am your average Wild Mouse! My gestures can make your camera go ape! tasty lift hill assembly ... yet another truckload of battered coaster parts! And this could be... ? Pentagram gone wrong. Sort of ruined this shot... Leftover pieces of track dumped for ebay Can you see how much it wants to go skyward forever? Some people call it a rough coaster. Should I agree for now? Now I´m happy. It is indeed going to be a roller coaster! Where the station is going to be Some more crane ballet yeah baby! Teufelsrad almost finished. Like said, it is Oktoberfest Jackass. Don´t miss if you can. Eurostar is progressing This is going to be yet another yuppie place, next to the fruitcake champagne tent Anyway, if you´re rich, go and try their food. Should be top notch. Unless you live in NYC, you should come and have a look at her. Next beer garden is close!
  4. Shots from August 27 and September 2. Here you go with another dimension shock. These bottles are not for heating or frying but merely to blow those oceans of beer through that army of polished taps. The supply shown should last one beer hall a weekend or so. That´s the spirit of Octoberfest! Polished taps, wood, ... you should know by now. colors... shapes... optical illusions... This is another Wiesn classic. A must-go. It´s an arena with a spinning disc of polished wood (heh-heh) in the center. Goal is to hold on to the disc foras long as you can, facing various obstacles like swinging medicine balls. Sounds boring? Without all the beer, might even be... The industrial beauty of a plug and play rollercoaster. I´d sooo much love to make one like this again... most likely in vain for now Where´s my monkey wrench? First comes the whole base. Once levelled, they go on from inside out, from bottom to top (of course) and soon no one will be able to tell which way. But they always start with the helix of death part of track. You got enough of this yet? Never again will these pictures be taken, for Eurostar is gone for EVER!!! What an expression *faint* Hmm.. those trailers look interesting, almost as sophisticated as their cargo All those yummy parts on a silver tray.... where´s my tow truck ??? I don´t dare to get any closer. Too hot for me!!! Ah-ha ! Doesn´t this look kinda hardcore? Phone booth pr0n Obnoxious statue smashes scaffold with laurel crown See what happens? Another lonely constipated lion trying to litter yet another fake beer tower. Do yourself a favour and never ever drink Lowenbrau! Eurostar has arrived! Too bad it will no longer... Uh-oh... whats that I spot back there?
  5. Pictures from August 5 and 7. Have fun! Sorry I messed up, please read from bottom up!!! Norman Take a deep breath and look twice. Yesss, these things are really real. They are really SERIOUS about the whole thing. Forget about the fake beer tower now. Holy Grail, anyone? You talkin´to me? Octoberfest means also erection and wood galore. You just have to go there at least once in your life! *drool* ... oh drat, it´s a Lowenbrau again!!!
  6. Hey everyone, so here we go with some of the pics I shot during Octoberfest Erection 2002 First, I have to apologize for the mediocre quality of some of the pictures, but there aren´t any better ones around. Between end of july and end of september I visited the site about 12 times, lugging along one of the expensive crappy digital cameras my former employer used to work with. Back then, I was totally unaware I would be making rollercoasters one day. But lucky so, because theres a lot else worth taking pics of. See for yourselves - jump on the 2002 Octoberfest Erection Train now ! The photos in this post are from July 29 and August 1. Remember that opening day was September 21. Have you ever been there? Can you smell it already??? The Return of the Thing Dubious imagery on the fake beer tower A piece of the blue sky scenery for rainy days. The Japanese won´t realize anyway... And this will be - the CHAMPAGNE tent !!! Oh well, this city is just brimful of yuppies, you know... There are canteens all over the place to cater the workers, but passers-by are also welcome. Almost like 6 weeks of extra Wiesn time *sigh* You are just beginning to grasp the dimensions of this feast ! Sorry, this tower is NOT full of beer. But why? Guess I´ll always wonder... Note all the construction is made of wood, the floor is still gravel but soon will be tiled with even more wood. Process now goes quickly, also because of the permanently installed underground foundations for the hall pillars. Lowenbrau mascot checks out his litter pan. Obvious constipation caused by cheap brew, lemme tell ya Early construction state of the beer halls, 7 weeks prior to opening. But already I fathom the smell of beer and mackerels...
  7. Hey Jimmy, there´s no survey team of Stengel Engineering, but we get topography data from our customers (i.e. park owners). They may have their own team or hire someone to pick up the data. And there are many (and also troubleful) ways to create CAD plans from data taken with survey gear. Thank God it is not my job I´ve never witnessed nor ever heard of that in my life. Of course restraints are designed in a way that makes failure hardly possible. But if you had to create a 100% fail safe device, you would probably come up with a piece of rock - no moving parts, nothing can break or be misused So any technical device may fail due to a daisy chain of unlikely and misfortunate events not foreseen or taken into account by its designers, including, yes, roller coaster restraints. But such life ensuring devices always carry redundancy and are well over dimensioned, so they will be 99.999999 % safe. But one day, statistics will get us all anyway... Thanks for your appreciation again ! Norman
  8. I´m happy to hear El Toro is up and running again (though I´d be much happier to see it burned to ashes so we could build a new one ). Like I can interpret all those rumors, lightning has struck somewhere top of the ride and made it down to the station including the very brains of El Toro, so the lift cable had to be exchanged. Well, aren´t we all happy Six Flags take all they can to ensure safe operation again? So there´s a lightning rod next to El Toro. As someone said before, lightning is a son of a beach. Since normal roller coasters are not advanced enough to operate radio transmitting sensors, stuff like that could happen again, where the current goes all the way down. SF took all precaution necessary to get the ride back within less than a week, being sure noone will have to mourn or sue anyone. That´s pretty quick, ain´t it? Legal department must have been sweating a little, more so the technicians and buying department, to get all the -possibly- broken parts like lift hill cable and random stuff ready to go. Good work, I´d like to see that on a lot of other coasters too, or have they already paid off? Norman "happy and not so"
  9. So you kids are pickin nose waitin for The Kraut somethin to say, eh? Well--- let me get my sheet together... I got some for you, hold on for some Oktoberfest erection photos, but dont expect too much since it´s from 2002 and digital cameras were /too much too young too fast/ these days (And what the heck is with the server? Robb oughta go and dope the thing somehow. This´s LA dangit ) peece Norman
  10. Who is this Ellen Hof and why is she getting her own coaster? ... Are you serious? Even I don´t have a clue, but that´s definitely not it. Forellenhof means as much as trout farm, so I guess it might be some kind of water ride. Norman
  11. Hi there, please avoid quoting of graphics unless absolutely necessary, as well as deep-quoting into 3 or more posts. Thank you. Coaster concepts in development are about the most confidential things you can find in our business, unless we are talking about rather pointless rumors. For having an advance here can make all the difference. Look at Gerstlauer for example, who IMO managed to introduce the right coaster concept at exactly the right moment (Smaller, cheaper vertical lift coasters at the dusk of a decade of ever record-breaking gigas and hypers). I also believe in varying proven concepts, but as well in a gimmick here and there, like Kirnu or Screamin´ Squirrel. But after all, there´s nothing like a big airtime hill, one of the simplest and oldest coaster elements of all. Same for helices of death. like on G´sengte Sau. About B&M´s plans, I don´t know. Narrow seating allows for sharper turns and tighter elements, lighter trains and structure, less wear and tear, on the other hand capacity is lessened. It may be just another change of philosophy according to the current market situation... Going back and forth with the times like this happens pretty often, so one day 4 abreast seating may come back. Norman
  12. There are many ways to make a certain track element as long as it can be passed within the limits of allowable g-force. The appearance of elements and supports is also influenced by the size and speed of the trains. Two cobra rolls calculated by different engineers will not look the same, although both are correctly designed. Very experienced manufacturers like B&M or Intamin may have their own ideas of how they want their coasters to look and may ask for certain proven shapes. About Motocoaster: Since it is an Intamin, it might have been Stengel worked on it, but this is speculation since I did not work on that project and Stengel does not work on all Intamin coasters. Norman
  13. Again a whole lot of new questions. So here we go (<- what´s this one good for? ) The technical drawings I do are property of my customers and therefore I cannot provide anything. Here you find some examples of track drawings, which do not look close to what I do, but are all I can show off for now. Well, Stengel does the engineering of the structure (track and supports). It includes engineering the exact shape of the track pipes, desired train speeds, the resulting forces on riders and structure, and dimensioning of the supports and foundations. They do not design trains or other components anymore, just the structure and the according drawings. 1. It depends on the maker, since there are many programs suitable for making rollercoasters, like AutoCad, Inventor, ProE... Sometimes you need a high degree of automation for designing structures and drawings, which goes best with AutoCAD. You might need a completely different approach for designing trains and other mechanical components, like Inventor for example. 2. I do not do any such calculations, but those who do use a mixture of stock and self made software. Don´t ask me for names. 3. About the structure: For not having to do such reviews and changes, engineering has become so important. A properly calculated and crafted coaster rides like it is supposed to. Trial and Error was the word back in the times, when carpenters figured out rollercoasters, when Mr. Stengel and his followers were yet to come. We do not do any such errors any more. That is pretty much the truth. New train designs on the other hand will need quite an amount of experimentation, because there´s no university where you can learn how to build a rollercoaster. 1. I am a native German, I believe. 2. Blueprints for wood and steel columns most of the time. Sometimes a customer asks for a concept or a specific detail, which I also do. 3. Several times I did. 4. Since I have quite some experience in what I do, I usually get a bunch of files to start with, and a few phone calls to make things clear will do it. Meetings do sometimes happen, but are not everyday business. It always feels good, but there´s no such thing like the first time But if you make lots of coasters over the years, there will be only a few favourite ones, like those you would like to have in your backyard. They will always make you feel happy when you see them. The other coasters help to pay your rent and you make them with same accuracy as always, but they are not forever here to remind you, but only in comparison, so I could hardly think of a better job for me. Norman
  14. That's ok with me as I'll be at KD tomorrow. Here's a question for you although it's more of a mechanical/engineering one related to trains rather than structural/track design.How in the heck does the ratcheting restraint system(especially on OTSR's function & what exact components are used in what ways to accomplish that? I don´t know how ratcheting restraints work, since they seem to be outdated by new hydraulic ones since I´ve started making coasters. The restraint is connected to two pistons (redundancy!) each of which can be locked an unlocked by toggling a valve in the hydraulic fluid´s way. Norman
  15. Everyone, I´ll be offline until sunday evening GMT. So don´t worry Norman
  16. I also stood there, gazing at that massive turn, back in 1994 Look at the coasters for yourself. If you got a taste for architecture, you will find out which ones are designed to look especially good. Of course that is hard to tell since ALL costers look good to us, don´t they, even those of which you know they will bash you like Mike Tyson ? Well, most of the supports are designed functionally and if they need to look exciting get a fancy paint job. Like this you get the most for your money. Coasters are attractions by themselves, only a few customers make special efforts to the design of every column. Rather they choose to build a beautifully made woodie like Mammut (here it is cheaper to achieve handsome architectural effects) or bury the whole thing in the ground like Nemesis or place a coaster in such a way that it looks best to passers-by. Norman
  17. It´s like almost every aspect in our business, you can´t give a general answer because every coaster is custom made, even clones of Batman or Rita coasters need to be adjusted and recalculated to some extent. Since my customers have been creating roller coasters for more than five decades, they absolutely know how to get the best results within the given limits and are happy to propose ideas since it helps getting everything done. Sometimes of course, park executives like to make their own decisions, they want to make their coasters pay. And then, if such ideas can be integrated, it gets done. Norman
  18. 1. Coaster, yes, absolutely, used to be since I was a kid, gazing and doodling. Park, hmmm... not that much though I might enjoy two or three visits a year. Can´t quite tell since I never go that much. 2. Expedition Geforce! Also Eurostar (portable inverted coaster) and there are a few coasters I worked on but not got to ride yet, like El Toro. Then I like a couple of flat rides, they more they spin and swing, the better. I also can´t resist droptowers, although they scare me sick. 3. Yes, sometimes I do, but only on such coasters which are located in Germany or are getting assembled on factory premises for testing. I only get to ride at most 10% of the coasters which I help creating Thanks for the appreciation! Norman
  19. 1. Mostly I work with Autocad, not always the latest version. 2. Clear communication, that´s pretty much it. Even more so as I do most of it by phone or email. If communication goes right, there are no problems worth mentioning, sometimes a few i´s need to be dotted though. If communication goes wrong or people don´t do their work as they should, well this can be annoying but is really no day to day problem. 3. My favourite so far was Mammut, because I worked a relatively long time on it, it is located near my home and I got to ride it on opening day, so this one is very special to me 4. Thanks for your appreciation Norman
  20. I can´t give you a better answer than those already posted
  21. Overall, design times are becoming ever shorter. Today, structure designs for an average steel coaster should be finished within three months, a woodie may take twice as long. First thing to do is settle down exactly how the coaster will look like, if the customer is in a hurry or very modest, this will take a few weeks, but may also take several months in difficult environment, it just depends on too many things, since a lot of opinions and people are involved. Only then it makes sense to start with the actual design mentioned above. First you specify the track layout accurately. Then you decide how many columns you need and how strong they need to be. Then you make the drawings for the column and track parts (my work) and send them to the workshops. At the same time other companies involved do their work, like designing the trains, brakes, lift etc. Then everything gets built, which takes about another two months for your average steelie. Simultaneously the coaster is being assembled on site, another two or three months. This is the very rough summary of processes. From scratch to finish about 5 to 6 months. The better the design, the quicker and easier you get it finished. Everyone hates last minute changes Norman
  22. It figures, I have good information and was following the rules of the person who started this thread. but your right it is his thread so I apologise... I go with omnio. Sorry, Robb
  23. Hi Johnny, let me see how much I can tell since these questions don´t belong directly to my work: 1. Usually as many designs as you can get done within a given time. Generally, customers love to have their layout changed weekly until the last possible second. It´s a calculated risk. 2. The executives usually know what kind of coaster they want and have more or less precise and viable ideas about it, some rely more on our experience and know-how, some insist on whacky ideas and need much more persuasin. It is depending on their own insight on the matter. 3. If they say "Look, we want a 10 inversion coaster, no matter what" you check the contract and go like "With pleasure sir!" The same with a customer who wants his coaster to be customized by people like us, who hardly do anything else for their living. 4. Both. Maybe you can read it out of the answers above. It is different for every coaster and customer, there is no general answer. 5. This also depends on the customers, some gather proposals from all over the world, some know they will only want (for instance) an Intamin or B&M. If bid work has to be done, it will be done, though nobody loves to go through all the hassle with it. But once things are settled, which can take years, the work gets done quickly and to the command of the customer (see 1.) 6. Drawing the columns for a middle size coaster (like Gerstlauer´s) takes about a couple of weeks. At the same time trains, misc. components, foundations, station etc. are designed, which also takes about the same amount of time. So everything should be done within at most two months. Don´t ask me how many hours, since I don´t know how many people are involved in other companies. 7. see 1. etc. 8. Some parks hire renowned TP designers, some want it painted the color of the chief´s undies, some chiefs ask their wives, and some seem not to care at all and are happy if the damn thing just won´t rust. At least, nobody asks me for colors - never 9. I don´t do track design, just drawings. So I use standard CAD software. But those who do use quite a lot of custom made or selfmade software to lay out the coaster. I dno´t know how these work exactly. This includes very much know how, so every company is on its own, concerning such software. 10. Pardon me? Norman (needs a drink)
  24. Ooops... some kind of Confidential Matter Alarm! But you might want to check out my homepage for some examples. Norman
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