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  1. This isn't a rant, so mutch as it is me whining. I wanna go back to Disneyland so badly. I was there for the first time in so many years a month ago, and I ended up getting food poisoning and throwing up all over Main Street.


    Can you say, Oranges and french fries dont mix well. =]


    Gah, I feel so bad for Ty, he even told me the orange juice would make me worse and I was just like, "Pff, you don't know what you're talking about." Then a few hours later, there was projectile hamburger all over his shoes.

  2. I might go to Vegas to see Michael over Memorial day weekend! YES. =]]]]

    God, I hate you for that.

    There's a new library that finally opened a few blocks away from my house. I'm so glad I don't have to walk 2 miles across town just to return a book. Plus, the second floor between the main stairway and the window is a waaaaay better place to do my homework than having everything sprawled out on my bedroom floor.

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