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  1. To be honest, I couldn't care less. The only reason he's still on is that 10 year old girls have a boner for him, and everyone else only keeps him on to sabotoge the show. It sorta sucks that he's gonna take away an opprotunity for the people who desserve it, but whatever, its just a singing contest.

  2. You need fences around all the paths. That would make it more realistic, and put more effort into your paths rather than just making them to get from ride to ride. Add more detail to the buildings too, instead of just having a box in the middle of nowhere with track sticking out of its butt. Probably s'more good ideas would be paths close to a coaster track (with a fence, duh), and a few food stands and restaurants. I'm really not one to criticize, but whatever, just trying to help.

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