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  1. OMG. I was supposed to see Spiderman 3 on opening night but somebodyyy decided that he didnt want to go. So now I see it alone, or not at all.

    OMFG! I'm sorry! But I hardly have enough money for a season pass, and i'm not about to ask my parents for money.

  2. Tommy's changes.


    Getting closer...


    Halfway there...


    Ew, its old, ugly, fat Tommy! Lets throw tomatoes and various other vegitables.


    And finally, after a few little eating disorders here and there (and i guess different hair or something), the latest Tommy crawls out of the ground.

  3. The Hills Have Eyes (Uno) :: 1/10

    GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY! That movie sucked serious balls. The horrible acting made me more sick than the pathetically fake gore.


    28 Days Later :: 4/10

    DEFINITELY not what I expected at all. I was expecting a gory, suspenseful, thriller..I get brittish people walking around deserted London with an occasional (and i mean OCCASIONAL) infected person jumping around, and Cillian Murphy naked. That movie couldn't scare a four year old.

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