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  1. Wait 12 to 17? i am 11! wtf? robb has there EVER been a 11 year old on theme park review? or am i the first?
  2. i have been banned from coasterforce for some time and i miss it alot... thats why i came to TPR... i got banned for my homophobia (which i don't have anymore) so this i am because of my banning so if i am banned from TPR.... you don't wanna know so just don't ban me i can handle such a sad thing...
  3. No Way! does the UK suck at making coasters?
  4. RCT3 is the game but i don't know how to make a House...
  5. how do you make Indoor coasters i been making a Haunted Hotel (Similar to Thorpes park Asylum) and i thought it be better indoors but i don't how how to make them! can you tell me how?
  6. I would like a Buliding to make indoor coasters.... would that be good?
  7. Hi everyone my name is Scott and i am a 11 year old kid and i Love Alton Towers. my Mum said i could Join this site and yes i do have a Sense of Humor! so you see you around
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