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  1. Trying to post video again, but keep getting message "The extension asf is not allowed." Anyone have a clue what that means or is the file just too large? Thanks.
  2. Thanks! I tried posting a video but it didn't show up. I'll try again.
  3. My aching back, my neck...arrrgh. My thighs & arms are BRUISED! I wished I would've thought to stretch out first before I rode, lol but it was worth every second! I liked the back seats the best though. Second car from rear wasn't too bad either. So anyone else in major pain today??? My hubby got some clips on video. Do I post a single post for each video or can I add multiple vids on one post? Drop view. Me...of course. TPR Riders... Say 'hi' Robb. Robb & his camera. Waiting impatiently...lol. And we're off... Crowd going up. Boardwalk Bullet.
  4. If I have my choice, I'd rather visit theme parks, caves/natural wonders or phenomena; haunted or creepy/unusual places; strange/unusual roadside attractions like carhenge, biggest ball of yarn or biggest cedar bucket, etc. Or visit neat historic places like Eureka Springs as opposed to museums but it depends on the type of museum.
  5. That's what my hubby and I were discussing the other day. Since they took Astroworld away from us, there's really not anything here I can't do elsewhere w/the exception of Moody Gardens or like you say the Galveston area. We go to San Antonio to do things since really that's about the only place to do things or visit fun or interesting places. Unless you go to Marfa to see the 'lights'. Or just keep going & eventually get to San Diego or some place along the coast.
  6. I'd call the zoo, aquarium, children's museum, bayou/preserves, arboretum, etc. sort of touristy if you like educational stuff. I don't know exactly what constitutes being "touristy". Astroworld is gone but there's the water park north of Houston besides Schlitterbahn.
  7. Since we tend to avoid Houston unless it's a "have to" case, where are iT'Z & zuma located? Thanks.
  8. True! Waterpark would probably win out, 'specially since it's in the general vacinity. And WHO wud pass up an indoor water park ANYway??!! I really don't like trying to get downtown anyhow, if we (my hubby & I) ever go anywhere it's the opposit direction.
  9. There's a lot to do, if you're wanting to do the Houston things, there's the zoo, aquarium, children's museum, space center Houston, a couple of Arboretums. In Gaveston there's Moody Gardens & of course as someone mentioned, the new Schlitterbahn which is indoors. Too bad Astroworld is gone, you'd have that to do too. You can look online for the locations. Moody Gardens has 3 sections plus Imax.
  10. Will we be notified immediated after we email you or closer to the date? I've sent you an email yesterday but didn't know when to expect a reply. This is really great, thanks for coming down here!
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