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  1. I am not repeating any rumors or here say but I think Kidsville will be next to be updated and have a makeover. Like what was said before there are rides there as old as I am and I am now 39. Heck next time I am back home see if Mom still has some Pics of me riding those jeeps and such. I did notice the other week the kids swings where gone . Just hope it isn't just a signs and paint job deal and here you go folks.
  2. I think the race will not make much difference since it is calling for rain Saturday. Can not remember if it is a night race or not.
  3. Going on may 5th....hope to get a night ride in on windseeker this time. Heck yea that be wild to see it in action at night. I work every other weekend so I try to get go when I can.
  4. Not being noisy but who all planing a trip to KD this weekend?? Where planning Saturday or Sunday .
  5. Sounds like some people are afraid to wait one more train because someone paid $50 or $55 to get on a ride quicker.
  6. Was at work earlier thinking of that same thing. As I said before if someone wants to pay $55 for a fast lane then so be it. In my own opinion a way for a passer by that is on there way to there vacation to get a good amount of rides in on one day instead of making a 2 day event out of it.
  7. Just looked on KD's and BGW sites they closed early today. I am guessing due to heavy rains and low attendance. I hope next weekend is better going to KD Sunday.
  8. I think there looking out for the patron now more than the bottom line. I just looked at the pricing online for the fast lane and it drops $5 for every fast lane you buy. So if you buy lets say 4 online it is only $35 per person . Not a bad deal at all. As far as the Swings being added in my opinion it is to add to the fast lane list to make it more appealing to all ages or families. Just my thoughts.....
  9. When we went on opening weekend backlot only had white train running with red on the storage track while blue was nowhere to be seen,I guess it's early in the season so they're still trying to get rides up to capacity but backlot has been having rollbacks lately. As of last Saturday the 14th red was not on the storage and on another park site some one said they saw parts of blue laying under the ride. I didn't see it anywhere but will say this Backlot is a fun coaster and I hope they can get all 3 trains running this summer.
  10. One of these days I am going to ride drop tower after I conquered my fear of heights! I thought it rotated when it first opened. Hmmmmm interesting .....
  11. Since my first ride on volcano in 8/1998 I remember 3 trains. I just hope it well that the changes will be to the better not worse...
  12. Good deal glad there thinking of us the patrons and how to make a one of a kind coaster run better.
  13. SO JEALOUS. My visit on Saturday 4/7 I rode it 9 times in a row with walk-ons at first, but then the line got up to about a 5 train wait, so I decided to go get a ride on Windseeker before the crowds really started to come in (the park eventually got packed like the previous day). Still, 10 rides over 2 days on Intimidator 305 is a great way to kick off my 2012 coaster season! I am jealous of both you I tried the test seat and no green light for me..
  14. Should have went yesterday too made a double weekend out of it.......
  15. Thank you sir. There is only 2 trains running and # 3 is no where to be seen then. Just like Backlot only had one train running which was white train red and blue no were to be seen.
  16. I went Monday then Saturday last and not sure if Dominator has 2 or 3 trains but only saw 2 trains on each day. Now there was something covered up on the outside rail in the train house that I saw.....
  17. Wanted to ask you how the ticket deal was up there? My girlfriend is origanally from Wildwood NJ and she asked me if I would take her up there. Told her there is a catch I get to go to SFGA ...
  18. Did they add a fastlane line to anaconda? it sure looks like some of the anaconda pics were taken from a different angle/location since the main queue is visible in a couple of them. I didn't see any Fast Lane signs near Anaconda on my last 2 visits. As far as those pics believe they were either shot in the Que line or at the outdoor eating area right beside the exit for Anaconda . I know I said this before if someone wants to pay $55 to get the fast lane then so be it . I believe there doing this for those just passing thru for a day or on there only trip of the year. I have season passes so I don't see me paying for it unless I go by myself for a day with no kiddos and Girlfriend ...
  19. Got board so thought I post this Video of The Crypt I shot with my Cell Phone..... http://youtu.be/c-UT60QvdRQ
  20. Great pics Coaster_Fanatic and as far as phones and pics that is all I been using. Dominator from right outside gates
  21. It has been atleast 4 years since I been down to the park . I am amazed as to what Ceder Fair is doing with the park. I am with you on the 1 train on Backlot but I am also curious on where they have the storage track at on that coaster??? Dominator had alittle Vibration near the end but not bad as people had told me. All together I think I am not going to regret buying 4 season passes.....
  22. Went to KD today and fast pass was really not a big issue from all the rides we rode. I guess if you want to pay the hefty $55 for one person a day It would be a good thing. By the way things ran smoother today than my Monday trip. Backlot running only the white train so line was slow but bearable. As far as everything else most line were less than 10 minutes or less. And I loved Dominator and thanks to you guy's and Gal's for the info on 4th and 5th row seats. As far as 305 no go need to lose some of my tool shed before I can fit in it...
  23. I was there Monday as well and lines fairly short with exceptions of rides running 1 train. Since weather is going to be in the mid 60's should be a mild attendance day. Me the girlfriend, her son, and his best friend going up Saturday.
  24. I agree they do need to update and redo the kids area. There are flat rides there still from when I was a little Bull.
  25. Yea it has been unusually Cool for this time of year. I am use to the cooler side of Spring being from the Shenandoah Valley area. Looks like saturday or Sunday should shape up to be nice 70's and possible 80's.......
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