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  1. Thanks for the update! They did another test between noon and 2pm. I was not there but talking to some witnesses I have gathered that the train stalled somewhere around the back. They were able to push the train over several small hills and the construction crew clapped when they realized it would make it back to the bay. Currently both trains are back at the bay- They are currently working on the track at the same place that I showed in the pic yesterday. Sorry I dont have more info, Im currently posting from my car computer so Im unable to post pics of the areas mentioned...
  2. BTW, My sister is a big girl, but she really wants to ride this. Any idea what the weight/size limits on these typs of coasters are?
  3. heh. I hope to become one within a year or so. Hah. Someone want to send me to a "Roller Coaster Lingo" faq? Re-profiling means they are changing the actual profile, or can it mean just rebuilding the same part of the track to proper specs?
  4. I didn't mean to be overbearing when I said "tearing out", but they were breaking large pieces of wood off the track with a hammer Thanks for the good information, I agree, these things are engineered with very specific software. I seriously doubt they would actually take out a bank or element when it is likely just a construction issue. In fact, it doesn't make sense, if they actually changed part of the coaster they would have to go back into the computer simulation and recalculate everything else, right? They are probably just redoing the top part of the track, since that is what they were tearing apart. Again, Im not coaster expert, just trying to use a bit of logic.
  5. They were taking hammers and beating off the wood about 30 feet past the first drop. I'm not coaster expert with lingo, etc, so forgive me if my terms are off. Right after it curves right it goes straight, through the area where the passengers will be waiting in line, then the track banks left (still going straight). The part where it banks left is the part they were tearing it off. I can't find it on a picture, but the one attached is closest to where it is at. It was about 5:30pm, most of the workers were leaving, but the ones still there were hammering away chopping pieces of wood off. Sorry for butchering one of your photos Jason. Ill keep an eye on the thread, we should all get numbers, emails, text message etc. so we can get together for a group ride or something. Its been over 10 years since I've ridden a coaster. I really look forward to hitting Cedar Point next year, but this is a start For the other post, a soft opening is when the open the coaster but don't advertise it. It is usually used to get the employees, ticket systems, etc, all in gear for the grand opening which will need to go smooth since it will be jam packed. -Brian Saw track construction in this area on 7-8-07
  6. I just found this thread. I've been going by there almost every day on my way home from work. This has usually been around 5:30ish when the workers are leaving for the day. I've only ever talked to one, he saw me looking at the coaster and actually asked me what I thought so far. He updated me on the status of it (as of last Monday). Today when I went by they had about 20 feet of track being torn out. Now that I have found a thread with some locals, how about we put some kind of system together to notify each other of a soft opening etc? -GG
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