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  1. NTAG is the confusing acronym that TPR came up with for New Texas Giant. I'm aware of the many "over weight" accidents (for lack of a better term) but I feel like I'm missing something (maybe these came out in the previous accidents that I didn't as closely follow?). If the restraint locks/shows a green light/etc how would I operator know that the guest is too large to ride? Does the extra pressure up against the restraint cause the failure? I'll admit I've see all the time when one or two operators have to push the restraint to close around a larger guest but does that translate into extra force on the restraint? Or as others mentions is it, for lack of better wording - their body shape and the way the restraint comes down around it? Maybe the answer isn't known - I'm just curious and thinking out loud. Again, I am NOT speculating on THIS accident, but I do want to comment on your note on body shape. I am 5'8" and 210 lbs. I am fat, but not super huge (Rob and other TPR members have seen me ride NTG). I am not near large enough for it to be a problem for the restraint light to come on when I ride New Texas Giant or Iron Rattler, in fact the light comes on way before the restraint gets to my gut. That being said, once the restraint hits my gut it stops there unless the ride op or I add more force. My shape allows me to have some great ejector airtime rides on both of the coasters, I never feel insecure to the point where I feel like I could squeeze out, but I do think I get a bit more out of my seat than less fat riders whose restrains go down and press hard on their legs/thighs. (again, my gut stops the restraint before my thighs). If I were the same shape and much larger, I could possibly see the effect being even greater. P.S. I've only been refused ride on one ride, Revolution at Galveston Pleasure Pier, because they couldn't get the light to come on. Others that were MUCH fatter than me were able to ride, but their shape was different and they were able to get the light on easily.
  2. Meh, if I recall seatbelts are usually added primarily as a means of detecting if the lapbar is down far enough. Them being a backup restraint is just an added benefit. The Gerslauer trains on NTAG used electronic sensors and an indicator light to let operators know if the lapbar was safely down enough. ^^^^ The lights turn on to indicate that the lapbars are locked, but they do not indicate if they are properly down all the way. I am not speculating that this was the case here, but just clarifying the light sensors.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ No seat belts. Anyone know if Iron Rattler is still operating?
  4. Rather than speculate on the cause and events that lead to this happening, I would just like to wish peace and quick resolve to the park employees, family and friends of the victim and those who were there to witness the event.
  5. Sorry about that, didn't see the sub headline on the thread here.
  6. Sadly, a women has been killed on the new Texas Giant. http://thescoopblog.dallasnews.com/2013/07/arlington-police-fire-working-a-fatal-incident-at-six-flags-over-texas.html/
  7. Chaos was definitely used and was supposed to be fully refurbished but wasn't, they replaced it with Wipeout after hurricane Ike. I'm fairly certain Wipeout and the carousel are also used.
  8. I'm a sucker for the Proslide octopus racer's, or double down racers in general. Nice airtime on both drops. Getting Some Air at SplashTown Octupus Racer Fat racer (airtime!) vs. Not fat racer (not so much)
  9. When did you ride it, it has gone through SOOO many winter maintenance sessions/minor profile changes since it was built causing the ride experience to change quite dramatically about 4 times now. I rode it last week and it was not bad at all. The first year had that nasty jolt in the back seat that you talked about, which was tamed quite a bit in the next year and has been eliminated since then. It has been riding pretty well ever since last years winter maintenance, and even better since this years pre-sping break maintenance. It is at least 50% less rough than it was during the first year. Very easy ride in the front seat, the back seat is still aggressive but won't hurt you like it once did. I'd go with Bullet for some of the same reasons Texcoaster stated, its at a nice park on the bay where you can get a nice dinner after and re-rides are usually very easy if you hit it at non peak hours. Steel Eel was much more fun than I thought it would be, if they didn't trim it as much it would be a blast on those last hills.
  10. Ah. That makes sense, so I'm not at least going totally insane. The fog / mist is going to be so nice in another few weeks...
  11. Perhaps I have a bad memory, but I think the final tunnel also had a light show on media day. I think i have read that all three tunnels have lights, but I've never experienced such. The light show in the tunnel during ERT was slightly different than the one I remember on media day which featured chaser type light show like the ones in the Mr. Freeze launch. Has anyone ridden with lights on in all three tunnels or am I totally mistaken?
  12. Great day at the park and the weather couldn't have been better! We squeezed out 11 rides on the New Giant and one on Titan during the ERT's. I am sore all over from walking all day and the extreme power walking pace that I used to navigate the New Giant entrance and exit queues after each ride has had me sore in parts I didn't even know soreness was possible! We managed to get two bonus sit on re-rides in at the end as well! The location of morning ERT on TItan and New Giant made it much easier to get many rides in before the park filled up, you normally would have to decided between those two to hit first. After some careful planning and and consideration I decided to use some previous knowledge of the park and skip the flash pass. We rushed over to Mr. Freeze and beat the crowds whom mostly went to Titan and New Giant. We were on within 15 minutes for the front seat. Over to Batman right after that and another front seat ride with less than 15 minute wait. We hit the single rider standby line on Superman and Tony Hawk, and the La Vibora (bobsled), then we went to eat lunch and experienced the second longest line tomes of the day (it took almost 40 minutes to place our order)! After lunch we played some games and I spent way too much money trying to win an iPod or PS3 Slim on the over-sized claw games. We had extra time so got an extra ride on Titan as we rode in the back seat during ERT and wanted a front seat ride. The line moved faster with two trains operating and the ride ops encouraging riders to beat the 60 second countdown clock to load in time, we waited barely over and hour for the front seat even though the queue stretched out almost to the coke machines at the entrance. We headed to the dinner area but still had time and after getting an update from Robb we decided to try log flume #1 before dinner. Even though the entrance sign said no. 2 was closed, they both were in fact open. The line was about 30 minutes and we were done in plenty of time for BBQ dinner. Us usual for this park the serving staff did an excellent job and had plenty of hot food ready for us at all times. Robb had plenty of Trivia, and had the red peice of Iron Horse track connector been available I would have gladly submitted my man boobs to the TPR masses and took home that prize After dinner we headed to mine train which had about a 25 minutes wait, runaway mountain with a 30 minutes wait, and took a ride on the steam engine. We headed to Judge Roy Scream which had an unusually long line earlier in the day and found the line was down to a respectable 20 minutes. We took another ride in on Superman using the single rider standby and went to Shockwave where we bumped into Robb and got another updated on nighttime ERT. The line at Shockwave was halfway down the ramp, not terribly long, but knowing we had ERT and with the information that Giant Night ERT would be delayed a bit we opted to his some flats instead. We went to Red Rocket (Looping Starship), and Superman again. Nightime ERT started with Shockwave and we were in the train when it was about to be dispatched but then faulted. The park did an awesome effort to get it back going but it just wasn't meant to be. We finished out the night with New Giant ERT. What an awesome ride, it was running MUCH faster at night IMO, and from the 6th row back it was performing in the A+ range. I couldn't tell a lot of difference between any rows on the back half of the train. The front was awesome as well, what a great coaster. My goal was to have 50 total rides in on New Giant to match the 50th Anniversary theme for SFOT, I fell eight rides short having come in to the day with 31 rides but that just means I'll have to get get back to the park later in the year to finish up We went to the Waffle House crash after, we were one of the first there and ate rather quickly, I think there were about 17 people or so when we went to get some much needed rest. It was great meeting new friends out there and seeing some old ones as well! Thanks to SFOT, TPR, and everyone who made it a successful day and night. -Brian
  13. Just woke up! About to be on my way to make the 4 hour drive from Houston!
  14. The weather does indeed look to be great, now a high of 75!!! Wow!!! I am curious of how they will handle ERT on NTG. Hopefully they do have all three trains running which is likely since it should be crowded that weekend, like Robb said. Also, in previous Giant ERT events there was never a line and you could sit and ride over and over, of course not many people ERT'ed it due to the roughness and were on other coasters instead. Now I'm sure it will be packed. NTAG has a very long exit cue, I hope we don't have to walk it after every ride, will be nice if they let us exit back into lines. ERT on Titan has been 50/50 on walking the queue after each ride, some years we had to other years we could sit on, but its exit/entrance queue is very short. Regardless of how it works out, its gonna be a blast! I second Chrisdanger advice, wear sunblock if you burn! Drink lots of water, any place that serves drinks will give you free cup of ice water, just ask. -GG P.S. I'm all in for Waffle House... Texas Cheesesteak Sandwich and a Waffle, yum yum!
  15. Just got the email! While Shockwave ERT at night is nice, my experience is the ride has been basically walk-on throughout the day so you can probably get your fix in on it at night before the park closes then ride NTG all night Also, I just now reserved a room at the TPR hotel, they are still had rooms at the TPR rate. Can't wait to see everyone there! -GG
  16. Did I miss an email or anything stating what time the event starts? I'm planning to drive up there very early Sat morning, I just need to start planning exactly how early that will need to be? I'm assuming around 8am?
  17. Sounds awesome. I am trying to convince a friend to come with me... what are the wait times usually like during ERT? Going by previous events I have attended that SFOT, the waits during ERT are 1 train to none depending on where you want to sit on Titan, they usually have two trains running. Front and back seats usually have a 1 to 2 train wait at most. I bet they have all three trains on for Giant, so I would expect similar wait times there too. Remember too, these are coaster enthusiasts riding not GP, so we know how to sit down, get restraints down and the ride ops can dispatch trains a lot faster than the gp as well. There is usually no wait for Shockwave during the day except for front and back seats, and then maybe a 1-2 train wait. if there is nobody in line they will let you re-ride thus I've never used my ERT for Shockwave at previous ERT's.
  18. Many many times, Gerstlauer The most informative article for statistics and information from a credible source seems to be at Amuesement Today. There doesn't seem to be a rcdb.com page for New Texas Giant yet.
  19. I looked up a few media videos and news segments: Channel 4 Fox Nighttime (morning) and Daytime rides. Crystal is fun to watch in the daytime ride, its the video link on the right. Fox 4 Rides new Giant WFAA TV's Doug Boehner reviews the NTAG and says one of the best he's ever ridden with several hundred under his belt. WFAA Tv Review WFAA On Ride Segment One of the better ones. The 33 TV Segment 33TV Segment and On Ride Video Star Telegram Article and Video Another Star Telegram Video Both of these have articles if you click on the article link below the video. 103.7fm Audio segment NBC DFW Rider Reaction Segment Brother Van 96.3FM Rides Giant (Live radio with video), was told no loose articles so DUCK TAPED the headphones to his head! 96.3 On Ride Segment -GG
  20. When the ride had an issue during media day and they had to restart the lift they usually cycled all the trains empty afterwards a few times. It may just be SOP. Or perhaps someone hurled and they wanted to dry the train out. Who knows. Glad the fog was working today, they said it probably would be. -GG
  21. GG.... Actually, I think you'd be interested to know that in a typical wooden coaster it takes 3 ft of rise to 100 ft of run with regards to the track for the effects of gravity to make the train move involuntary. Our newly designed flat steel track accomplishes the same movement with only 6 inches of rise to the same 100 ft of run. Hence the drag is significantly reduced in this new system. I believe what you may have felt is extra grease in the bearings. Contrary to some peoples hopes or wishes.... Lol... grease to slow things down is a good thing! Coasters are designed to run within certain specifications as so not to hurt anyone. If this ride, as probably others were allowed to run unrestricted.... well.. we may have seen Robb in his video get completely ejected and land in the theater next door. T Thanks for the AWESOME reply to my question/theorizing, and thanks for being an active member here at TPR! -GG
  22. I can attest that depending on where you sit and the ride you get, you can get anywhere from 8-12 solid moments of air with usually 2-3 of them being very quick floater, without lifting yourself up at all. There were times where the S-turn hill did nothing much of all, and other better rides where I got a bit of lateral and floater. I usually sit with my legs crossed at my ankles to prevent me from having my feet touch the floor at all. -GG
  23. I wonder about how Iron Horse will be used for the future. I'm not sure if RMC and new parks will want to use existing structure much, that structure moves, isn't always where it is supposed to be on the blueprints in the first place, etc. I think future projects may be new coasters entirely, and topper track would be more of what would be used on Rattler/Ghostrider to 'preserve' and old woodie. In addition to the construction issues when renovating an old woodie, Texcoaster made an interesting point yesterday noticing that NTAG is shorter length and taller height, but finished about the same speed as the old TG maybe even a bit slower. The top speeds still haven't even been published (maybe because they are not much more than the old?) The drag, etc, on the new trains/track seems to be much greater, it may not even be possible to refurbish a coaster with iron horse without drastic redesign? -GG
  24. Sales eh? What other leads do you have? Which other parks are going to adapt to Iron Horse? j/k. The ride is great! The 30 rides I had on it yesterday were not enough, can't wait for TPR Bash now! I hope we see the Rattler with more Topper Track next year, maybe the entire thing!?! -GG
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