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  1. I see some people just don't understand why this video and pictures are just not appropriate.


    The magical image of going to a Disney park, where your dreams come true, are being spat upon. This company tries so hard to wisk you away from everyday life and enter into their world.


    This video shows how there are still people who can bring down the image that Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth. People try to escape the sick and twisted world, instead, they might now think even worse.


    Imagine if you thought that every Disney Character was like those in the video, you'd be insulting me personally, and I thats not fair to me. So why is this video fair to Disney's reputation?


    The actions should haven't have occurred, nor should they have been documented. These cast members know that they should not be taking photos or videos backstage without a Manager's permission.


    If you don't understand Robb's point of view, then there is no really easier way to explain it. God has been around forever. Some guy makes a video of God screwing Jesus. God would not be happy. See, same deal.

  2. Now having watched the video, I'm changing my reply.


    They did go a bit far with what they did. Goofy is definitely not the horny. Sure, he doesn't have wife because she died, but still. That kinda of action definitely should NOT be video taped, thats for sure.


    While it may be comical to some, hopefully after this video, some of these CMs do get in some form of trouble. It'll take a while to explain that one.

  3. On Monday, the 2nd, I got to attend my first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Being on the College Program, we can get some pretty sexy discount on tickets on select nights, so I had to definitely take advantage. Since we work at Disney and can ride the rides anytime, we were more interested in meeting some rare characters, the parade, and shows. Of course, we stocked up on CANDY!


    Our gang went for my friend’s 19th birthday! Our costume plan: The Peanuts. We had Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Sally, Schroeder, and Snoopy.


    We got into the park a tad later than planned. We slopped around for a bit in Town Square and secured a spot for the Boo to You Parade, right at the end of parade route.


    I got the chance to see the parade for Cast Previews, which was fantastic. I LOVE the parade music, it’s so great. Our whole group was singing and dancing. We had some friends on the Treat Squad at the end, so they loaded us up on candy, to start off our evening.


    We ventured to find a pumpkin patch so we could trash our “Welcome Great Pumpkin” sign, but couldn’t find one. We trick-or-treated a bit and wanted to score a picture with Tarzan. We got a picture with Baloo. We then got in line for Jane and Terk but decided to ditch it. We didn’t want to miss Hallowishes! Lucy stole my blanket quite a few times, so I had to chase her around, screaming at her that I was going to tell Mother. It was grand. Sally kept calling me her sweet babboo, but I am NOT her sweet babboo! Ugh.


    Hallowishes was great. I’m not a huge fan of Disney Mania remixes of Disney songs, but the show was well put together. They were pretty amazing, especially when I see Wishes all the time! Spoiled I guess. The ended was fantastic.


    Afterwards, we headed back to Toontown to meet some of the Disney Princess and their Princes. Luckily, I had a friend working as an attendant, so she got us through the back. We got separate “couple” pictures with Cinderella and Prince Charming. In one with Snoopy and Schroeder, Prince Charming held a “uhh…woof?” thought bubble. It was quite funny. We then did a group photo with Prince Phillip and Aurora. It was quite cute. The last tent, where another Princess usually stands was empty, so we took it over. We got group photos with our thought bubbles. It was grand.


    After we left that, we wanted to see the parade yet again, so we ran for Liberty Square to watch. It was just as fantastic as the first, and we got a buttload of candy yet again.


    After parade, we wanted to see if Abu was out with Aladdin and Jasmine. He was, but unfortunately, he was about to go in and not return, so we didn’t bother trying to wait in line. I did get a picture in front of a giant inflatable Timon and Pumbaa. Pumbaa has always been one of my favorite characters. I love him!


    Next up, Villain’s Mix-n-Mingle was about to begin at the Castle Stage. The show was enjoyable, nothing AMAZING though. I was there to get some pictures with some of them after the show. I scored a picture with the sexy Maleficent and Frollo (Hunchback).


    We wanted to run back to Toontown to get a picture with Mickey Mouse before we left, plus get some more candy. We were the last ones in line for Mickey, so we got some hot photos. We ran into the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter just lounging around outside, so we had some fun with them as well. We followed some final treat trails to load up on candy, which we all left with full bags! Go us!


    Before leaving the park, we took some Photopass pictures. Finally, we did a classic Peanuts Dance Break at the front of the park. It was grand. Some girl wanted a group photo of us, so we happily posed.


    Overall, I had an absolute BLAST at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! I should be going again next Thursday with a friend and maybe at the end of the month. There is still so much more to do. I want a picture with Abu, Tarzan, and Jane for sure! And just some general Halloween party pictures, without characters. Ha.


    Thanks for Reading!

    - Jeremy


    The gang's final dance break before leaving the park!


    Linus and Lucy holding our imaginary Merry Unbirthday buttons!


    The only way to please the Queen is a kiss upon the hand. Otherwise, OFF WITH YOU HEAD.


    Linus posing with Mickey!


    Charlie Brown with Farmer Mickey


    Linus needs that security blanket when dealing with Frollo.


    Linus doing an evil pose with Maleficent!


    Maleficent making fire in Villain's Mix-n-Mingle!


    Linus infront of Timon and Pumbaa!


    One scene comic.


    The gang with Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora.


    Linus and Lucy with Prince Charming and Cinderella.


    The Waltzing Dead!


    Jack Sparrow atop the Pirates float.


    Little Christopher Robin leads the Winnie the Pooh unit!


    Happy Halloween with Minnie and Daisy!


    The Opening Unit with Aladdin, Alice, Mad Hatter, and the Tweedles!




    The parade takes too long, we got disgruntled.


    Welcoming the Great Pumpkin...or parade.


    Lucy and Linus fighting over Linus' blanket!


    The entire Peanuts Gang waiting for the parade! Left to Right: Schroeder, Snoopy, Sally, Charlie, Linus (me), and Lucy!


    Inflatable Mickey Pumpkins greeted us through the Parking Gate

  4. I went to Universal/IOA last Wednesday, and discovered Sept crowds, which was amazing. There was about a 15 minute wait for the Mummy, but that was the worse of it. Everything at both parks was a just a walk-on. I even got a screen-less ride of Spiderman, which was interesting. Everything still moved and heard the audio, just didn't see anything.


    What is with Back to the Future closing? Do they put something in for HHN or is it just going away in general? I didn't hear anything about that!

  5. I love the photos! I definitely need to get to Hershey park, sometime!


    When I was really young, I went to Hershey park and I remember riding that rapids ride. Our entire family got soaked because of that waterfall that guaranteed you got soaked. Evil contraption.


    I also remember loving the Whip. I rode it like 10 times because it was the only ride I could ride. Is it still there?


    With all that Reese, I have just wet myself alittle.

  6. Does Stand-Up comedy count? If so, then Lisa Lampanelli was at Hard Rock Live in Citywalk (FL) tonight. It was freaking HILARIOUS. I love her. So mean, so racist, so brilliant.


    Plus I got a picture with her!


    As for a music concert, last I saw was Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken. I don't even remember when that was!


    Lisa Lampanelli and I

  7. Its not exactly line jumping, but just reserving your position in line. I always believe line jumping more when kids pretend their family is ahead of you, but not really. Disney doesn't mind when you have to leave to pee, then come back in line after, as long as someone has your spot.


    As for the disability pass, ask greeters at the front of the attractions what to do. I don't know if its the same for DL as WDW, but we have the Guest Assistance Card. You go and talk to Guest Relations. While there, you cna discuss the person's need for the pass. Based upon your conversation, they will issue you a card with a certain stamp upon it. Sometimes it'll just say use Wheelchair entrance. Others will let you use the Fastpass line. Or just bypass the line completely. Depends on each individual person. This allows 6 people total to use the pass.

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