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  1. I'm not going to lie, I had a mini-orgasm when I saw the picture of Boulderdash. It remains as my favorite coaster of all time. Its been WAY too long since I've ridden it and I've yet to find something to top it. Then again, I haven't been to many new parks or rides since I've been there.


    Great Photo TR. SFNE was easily my favorite SF Chain park that I ever visited. There was themeing and overall, everything just looked nice. I'm glad to see it looks pretty decent still!

  2. Sorry, I hate to bring this topic back alive, but alas I feel like it!


    So, when I orginally answered the poll, I voted Straight. Well, I think, at the time, I was denying myself my true feelings, and my vote should go towards Gay.


    I recently came out to one of my roommates in October after I kissed my first boy. The guy I kissed thought I was gay but really he helped me discover myself. I always did catch myself looking at cute boys more often then girls.


    Since then, if people ask my orientation, I tell them gay. I work at Disney and the department I work in is very gay friendly, so to speak.


    I haven't told my parents or all of my friends yet. I don't list any orientation on myspace because my brother and sister both have it and if it read Gay, they would tell my mom I'm sure. On Facebook, since all my friends don't know, at least the ones I want to tell myself, I rather not have them find out on a website.


    So, holler at ya guys. Haha, Jay Kay!

  3. Thrillriderseeker, if you want to extend your College Program for an entire year, there will be a chance for you to sign up to do it towards the end of your CP. You can also audition for Entertainment then if you should be interested.


    I'm happy still being here. It took about two months for me to go from Seasonal at the end of my CP to part-time. In my department, they aren't looking for too many people currently so its getting difficult to get work. There are a lot of full and part timers on hold still waiting I heard.

  4. I did the internship TWICE and I've now transferred schools to stay down here. Do I love it? Sure DO! I wouldn't give up my Disney experience for the world. The people I met were fantastic. My jobs have been a joy and unique to anywhere else in the world.


    Even if you do get some horrid job, the people is what makes the job, not the attraction itself. You could end up with the coolest job but work with the worse people ever. The people you meet at the Housing will be amazing as well.


    Do it.

  5. Your camera is amazing. Those animal shots from Busch Gardens looks so sharp and clear!


    Fantastic photos! Looks like you had a nice whirlwind of the FL parks. I thought Cypress Gardens wasn't too bad. There wasn't much to keep my attention but I really did enjoy all their gardens. I went during a hot day and found myself a bench in the middle of the gardens by the lake and enjoyed the breeze and just cooled down while enjoying nature. I absolutely loved it!

  6. Coasterfreak, I'm planning on attending the main campus of UCF next semester, as long as I get in. I'm transferring from a Community College here in Florida. I've gotten in before so I'm not doubting my abilities.


    I'll probably take some Amusement Park classes depending on what they offer because my ideal job is PR/Marketing at an Amusement Park!

  7. I finally got the chance to play the Wii when I visited some of my friends at my old college. My friend was quite distressed that I hadn't played it until that moment. I'll admit that before playing it, I was quite skeptical by the gameplay idea but I hadn't heard but good things about it since its release, so I was eager to give it a try.


    I thought it was pretty much amazing. I started off by trying WiiSports, and I thought it was brilliant. I enjoyed bowling the most, but that is because bowling is one of my favorite sports ever as it is. Boxing was fun and quite a workout.


    I also gave Zelda a try as well. I'm not a huge Zelda fan but it was quite fun being able to slice and such. It was kinda difficult as well but my friend had finished the game so I was thrust into the middle of the game.


    Lastly, I tried Rampage and I didn't understand the controls what so ever, neither did my friend who owned the game. I didn't really enjoy it as well. It seems as if the implimentation of the Wiimote wasn't too successful but then again, we didn't really understand the controls.


    Overall, if I had $250 to spend, I'd definitely consider picking one up. For now though, I'll just enjoy my DS. I'll look into buying one once the price goes down in a few years maybe. Ha.

  8. I'm offended. Ugh. Well, not really.


    I think the Disney characters is what makes Disney, Disney. Okay, not completely but its something unique. Everyone knows all the famous Disney characters. I may go to Six Flags and not know any of the characters. I can probably guess they are just waving and taking photographs. They probably aren't animating themselves to interact with the guests more than just a photo.


    I love meeting characters, I think its fun. I know they enjoy it when you come up to them and actually talk with them, whether its about their show/movie or about life. I know they hate the same stupid question "Is it hot in there?" Their response would probably be "Is it hot out there. If the answer is yes, then you're probably safe to assume its even hotter here." Duh, people.


    Then again, Disney characters are real.

  9. I really enjoyed your Photo TR! I really need to take a cruise, whether its on the Royal or Disney. I just want to go somewhere new! They look like way too much fun. I might have to starve myself for a week before hand so I can really enjoy all the feasting that happens.


    You mentioned Strawberry Soup. If it is anything like the one these serve at 1900 Park Faire at the Grand Floridian (served at the Character Breakfast and Dinner) then I know its amazing! Its one of the only reasons I eat at the restaurant. Well, and the fun of the characters. I LOVE STRAWBERRY SOUP. It never lasts long enough on my table to get a picture either. Haha.


    Great TR!

  10. I saw 300 about a week ago and I absolutely loved it. In the beginning, I was confused by the plot as were my friends, but the pieces all fell in line and turned out to be a brilliant film.


    If you don't mind the animated gore and in for a good story, then I highly suggest it! 9/10

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