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  1. I suppose I'll post my history of working in parks...


    Jan-Aug 2005: Living Seas and Soarin' at Epcot [College Program]

    Halloween 2005: Jack Is Back Show at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    2006-Current: Walt Disney World Entertainment


    I'm now a seasonal cast member at Disney as of this month, now that I've found a new job elsewhere. So, I can pick up shifts whenever I please rather than being a slave to the Mouse. I'm primarily a Stilt Walker at Animal Kingdom [Jammin' Jungle Parade and Festival of the Lion King] and Magic Kingdom [Move It Shake It Celebrate It Street Party].

  2. I had the chance to ride Manta about a week ago and I was quite impressed. I've ridden a few flying coasters, 2 Vekoma and 2 other B&Ms. I'd rate it my second favorite B&M flyer of the three, Tatsu being the best.


    I was quite surprised by how long it was. I didn't take much time to really look at the layout of the ride, but just boarded. It was a pleasant surprise by the many elements and fly-bys on the water and waterfalls.


    The queue was absolutely beautiful. I was thrilled by the idea of the Ray tank. There were so many in there, and all so small.


    I think it is a perfect addition to SeaWorld Orlando and I hope it helps with park attendance.

  3. I'm currently reading "Dewey" which is a story about a cat from Spencer, Iowa. The cat was found in the town's library return drop box. The cat was stuffed into the slot at night during one of the most cold nights ever that year. The library took the cat in and towards it's stardom.


    The book highlights major parts of the librarian's life with the cat and how special Dewey was to not just her, but the entire town of Spencer. Its a feel good book so far. I haven't finished it yet, but will very soon. Its an easy read.


    Oh, and its a real story, not fiction. If you like cats, I highly suggest it.

  4. Hello Theme Park Review!


    Okay, I know its been awhile since I've been really active, but I do stop by to read some posts! Anywho, some friends and I are headed out to California for vacation May 1st-5th. We can't decide on what day we should visit Disneyland and which to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain.


    We REALLY want to be able to ride everything at Six Flags, so we thought maybe Saturday would be better, since the park would be open 9am-10pm. But, a Saturday may be entirely too busy to really enjoy everything the park has to offer. So, we thought Monday might potientally be better, even though it is only open 9am-6pm. Given that it is a weekday and school should still be in session, it may prove to be less crowded.


    We aren't entirely worried about Disneyland, for we really want to see some of the parades and shows and think that either day will be just fine, seeing that it is Disney.


    So, any advice is greatly appreciate. It is our first trip out there, so we want to have it be the best it can be! So, what park should we visit May 2nd (Saturday) and May 4th (Monday)?!


    Thank you to everybody!

  5. I've read all four books and I have to say I absolutely LOVE them. Now, I will admit they aren't the best written and the dialogue can be poor at times, but they pull me into a trance to continue reading, I just can't stop.


    As for the movie, I wasn't too impressed, but I guess one goes in with expectations once they've read the books. I rather not express them here, since I don't want to impose my impressions on others and give them any preconceived notions before going in. Just try to go in with no expectations, and you'll enjoy it. I will say enjoyable but not excellent.


    Just read the books and LOVE them. Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans, OH MY!

  6. Ha, looks like you had a nice vacation. I was actually working at the Magic Kingdom that Thursday. I was Disney Dreams Come True Parade and Spectromagic.


    Funny thing is, I totally saw you during Hoedown in Frontierland. I was doing some Parade Control for the show between the parades and saw you walk by and thought "He looks too familiar, I'm thinking TPR." Sure enough, I was correct. I would've walked over to say something, but I had to stay directing guests around the show.


    Small world

  7. I work in the Entertainment department here at Disney World. I'm a Stilt Walker and a Puppeteer as well. You might just see me along the parade route one day if you come and watch it. I'm typically at Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade doing Stilts.

  8. Hairspray (10/10)


    I ABSOLUTELY loved it. It wasn't as good as Dreamgirls, but I was smiling throughout the entire film. I just enjoyed every minute of the movie and didn't want it to end. I was so sad when it did. I've been listening to the music everyday since.


    LOVE IT!

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