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  1. I've always been a big Danielle fan. I liked her from Big Brother 3, and I love her this season too. I'm also a Marcellas fan, but this season he isn't too interesting.


    Otherwise, I'm not really sure who I'd like to win. Probably Boogie, because he is the most interesting. I guess.

  2. I just flew out to Virginia for a week. I SWEAR I put my Digital Camera in my luggage, but I can no longer find it. I remember saying to myself "I should pack my camera so I can take pics at home."


    I'm not gonna say someone stole it until I get back to Florida and look around my apartment. But I think I may have had it stolen. Ugh.

  3. Here are some recent photos of my adventures on the College Program. I've extended my program until January 3, 2007! So if you are coming to Orlando or WDW, lemme know! If I'm working, I'll let ya know where and who I'm friends with!


    One of my Best Friends, Goofy, in the Jammin Jungle Parade (DAK)!


    Banner Carrier in Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade (MGM) and my friend Jose!

  4. Yesterday, they started Cast Preview for the PotC at Disney World. I was walking off set to my break room where someone told me to go ride it.


    They hadn't started the previews when we got in line, but it was quite short and it just began.


    I thought the re-vamp was awesome. The Jack Sparrows look almost lifelike.


    I give it a big thumbs up!

  5. I ate at Mythos in March, I'd say. I was not impressed. I got a Chicken Wrap of some sort. It was okay, but not that great. I was going to get the Balsamic Chicken, but it wasn't on the menu.


    I remember them having the Dessert Shots there, I thought they were pay a small fee for a sample, and choose to get the bigger version, guess not.


    PianoJohn, I've had the Chicken Nachos at Ale House (off of 535) and they were no good. Alot of people live by them, but I thought they were crap.

  6. I need to pick up a case for my DS Lite. I've been keeping it in the "bag" that it came in the box and its been getting scratched in my work bag. I'm quite sad that its already scratched, but as long as it still works.


    I need to pick up screen protectors but I'm not sure what ones to get. I heard mixed reviews on different kinds.

  7. I had to trade my Mario Kart DS back in because it kept freezing. It was used and they didn't have any new or used copies, so I picked up Big Brain Academy.


    I enjoy the game alot. Its fun and I don't even realize I'm getting more intelligent. Haha. I would've gotten Brain Age, but they were sold out. They were also sold out of Final Fantasy IV which was another one of my choices. I still got store credit left for it!


    I highly suggest the DS. I'll pick up New SMB soon as well as Final Fantasy.

  8. I hadn't really been interested in getting a DS until I got a job here at Disney. My job has shifts where I can be sitting around, hours at a time, waiting for an assignment. So, I figured a DS would be perfect.


    Then, I heard about the Lite, so I decided to hold out until it was released. I picked mine up on the 11th and I absolutely love it. It looks sleek and is so light. I got Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, and Mario vs Donkey Kong.


    I can't wait to pick up even more games for it! Its excellent!

  9. I also was at SeaWorld on Friday and saw the last showing of "Believe." I, too, was unimpressed. I like the fact that they tried to add a story to the show, but at the same time, it took the attention away from the stars, the whales.


    We had to hear the main story, plus mini-stories from the different trainers how they followed their dreams and BELIEVED in them. I only saw one big screen and it definitely didn't move. There were two big black things and I was curious what they were for. I figured they were hiding stuff.


    I'd prefer the old show to this one.

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