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  1. Oh I am well aware of their goal to imitate Universal and their own park in FL when they created that area for DCA. The backlot never worked as an attraction space. It wasn't even a good or interesting version of a "backlot" at inception. And Superstar Limo was so crazy bad, they were shamed into plopping a façade over it for Monsters Inc, which has nothing to do with a "backlot" theme. I would actually have liked to see the backlot theme result in an E ticket (heck even a "C" flat ride is better than Stage 12). Over the 10 +years, we have watched them improve the entire park, create an entire new land, and do nothing worthwhile for the "backlot". So for someone new to the park, it looks completely unfinished compared to all other sections of the park, even allowing for the theme. Right now, we have two empty performance stages, the leftover shell of Mad T Party, Muppets is closed, Stage 12 = worthless, Stage 17 closed pretty much all the time. That is why I consider the area still unfinished after all this time.

  2. Watching the news this weekend, and they were covering Halloween Time for the resort. The spoke person mentions TOT as a reason to celebrate Halloween time at the resort. And the ride is featured locally in the tv campaign. That of course, will be gone. DCA almost zero Halloween décor set up as we went through on the 1st.


    And, when waiting for AP days, heard a woman tell her daughter that the Hollywood Pictures backlot must not be finished, because so much of it is closed and looks 1/2 built. I really wanted to tell her it hasn't been finished in about a decade. Just highlights the fact they are spending money redecorating the one attraction on that side of the park that was complete, while ignoring the many other obvious areas.

  3. I have to get up there to activate my gold pass prior to Oct. 30. Is it crazy crowded on the weekends during FF? Haven't been to it for a bit.


    From what I've heard it's crazy crowded on Saturdays, especially the last couple of Saturdays in October. Your better off going on a Sunday, as Friday nights will be really busy too. Last year I went on the the last Sunday (and night) of Fright Fest which was actually November 1st, and it was not too crowded at all, and I had a great time.


    Thanks! I will get up there one of these FF Sundays.

  4. The one thing I found really odd about the additions for 2017 was the duplicating of the names. For example, I think Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, actually fits none of the rides it is attached too. Just very, very odd. It is like they saw that her character in the movie was well received, so they need to get that name into the park, no matter if it made sense in relation to the attraction or not.


    Generally, I think most of the additions are good choices for their respective parks. However, with the Disk'o, I think they should always opt for the "coaster" version when it comes time to clone it into the other parks. There are many attractions in that Zamperla catalogue that would be nice to see in the parks.


    Looking forward to them putting in more water coasters chain wide. All of their water parks can benefit from that design.


    With the cloning of the attraction types, I hope they look at working with a partner on the flying theater style of attractions as well. For the parks where the live entertainment just has never taken off, like SFMM for example, it would be a nice a/c indoor attraction for them that operates year round.


    And lastly, I do appreciate their continued affiliation with warner brothers. Maybe tap into other film franchises for their attractions, like Mad Max: Fury Road? Great name for a coaster imo.

  5. Another bizarre move for the resort. After they announced the ending of the fireworks and PTN on Sept 5th, I am sure they got many, many complaints from the guests. I suppose the electrical parade is an attempt, at the expense of WDW, to correct that error. Cancelling PTN during the holiday season altogether was yet another bad decision. Good that it is going to make an appearance on select nights. I imagine it would be frustrating for guests booking those expensive hotel rooms for their vacation plans.

  6. The conga line does happen at HHN. I am pretty sure barring a technical issue, that FJ will be open for HHN. I am curious to see how it effects the lines for the mazes this year. Speaking of which, can't say I am interested in Purge - again, as a theme for a scare zone. Mostly because I find the movies scare free. However, with Walking Dead, Krampus, Texas, Freddy Vs. Jason, Michael Myers, and Exorcist, it is an incredible line-up.

  7. One of the issues I think people are having with this makeover is that there are several areas at DCA that could use an overhaul. The resort is crowded, and doing a makeover on one of the more heavily themed rides in the park does nothing to increase capacity. It would be really nice for example for a physical expansion of TSMM (like in Florida), a new flat for the Maliboomer grave site, an attraction for the Muppets theater beyond just dull trailers, expanding Bugs Land, something to be done with the stages of the "back lot" (Jammin' - the new show = bad). Visually, both the Fun Wheel and Screamin' have terrible (by Disney standards) standby lines.


    Another issue that was never resolved was that the hotel should have been placed at the end of a Hollywood street. On one side is Hyperion, and then you have the side of the Animation building which is incredibly plain. The BV street style should have wrapped around the side leading to the hotel. Now with TOT changing to a sci-fi theme, and the only sci-fi theme in the entire park, it will be even more out of place than it was before. That is very disappointing considering the amazing work done with Carsland and Buena Vista street.


    While I don't think it is a sign of the dark days of DCA's past returning, I can certainly see why this move by Disney is causing concern.

  8. I would like to see them do a Justice League "land." The dark ride as the anchor attraction with two additional rides in the area. With Riddler nearby as the big coaster of the land. A giant Frisbee would be good fit locally. If they are going to do a spinning flat ride, would rather seem them invest in a spinning coaster instead. Even smaller footprint coasters like a disko from Zamperla. Although I do think that coaster #21, when that day comes, should be large scale.


    Glad to see them continue working on improving HH too. They really need to get a water coaster and Flowrider into HH soon. Hard to believe that Raging Waters is the first local waterpark to get the water coaster design over SFMM and Knott's.

  9. That is some good news on the expansion of the park. Very glad to see them continue to evolve the theme park and soundstages for the area. Interesting that they would relocate the studio tour. It actually make sense, as there is not much to see on it until you get to onto the proper back lot. I hope they do go for some more interesting attractions going forward. Imo, the only misfire of the new wave of attractions has been Fast and Furious. No doubt why the Walking Dead is clearly labeled "a walk through", very clever use of space there. Would be great to see them with a larger scale indoor roller coaster.

  10. I am looking forward to FP+ so I can make the reservations for the attractions before I show up. I think for the locals it will be very convenient to be able to make not just dining reservations in advance, but rides. I like the ability to schedule my day around the attractions, shows, and dining. Probably will help the park with staffing if they know in advance which attractions have the most FP+ attendees coming in that day. Just have to keep that cell phone charged!


    Anyone see Frozen? Hoping to get the park soon and brave the weekend summer crowds.


    Re: showing up at 1 pm on Friday for a visit. One option to consider is to check out the Aladdin Oasis and inquire about the Paint The Night on the go dining package. I am not sure, but I think that PTN precedes the fireworks (unless I have that reversed), and it would be worth asking if you are kicked out of the reserved area for PTN after the show is over, or if you can stay in the same spot and watch the fireworks.


    But generally, break right into the park and get the FP for Hyperspace, and if line is less than an hour, I would say do the standby after getting a FP so you can do it twice that day.


    One thing that helps a lot is the Disneyland app, from Disney, that has all the park wait times. I have found it quite handy in managing the time in the park efficiently.

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