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  1. The only essential thing they need to keep in that area is basically the toilet. Personally, something like Batman Knight Flight from Warner Brothers Abu Dhabi would be very cool. Throw down a Disk-O coaster and you have a good DC area. Or, if they ever follow through with that Tidal Wave removal rumor, going back long time now, would be an exceptional amount of space for a large scale installation.

  2. Nice to see Zootopia get it's own land, what a great movie. Very glad to see them to get a unique land. Really impressed by some of the design work in that park from the video and pictures I have seen. I could easily see the general layout of Cars Land being the general basis of Zootopia, good call. Generally speaking, would love to see a Slinky Dog Dash appear in the other parks that feature a TSL land.

  3. Well I am glad for X2 and TC being put into refurb. The restraints on X2 were looking very chewed up and kind of gross looking on my FF visit. TC wasn't as bad, but they definitely could use some TLC. Very curious to see if they do any restraint work on the trains or track work on Viper. All 3 stations could use a bit of help in the visual appeal department. Just in general, I think they need to go around to all the coasters and put in shelving for loose articles/drink cups where there is none, like at Crazanity.


    FF next year on a Friday. During the day, I doubt FP would be worth it. There is every possibility that all the coasters might be functioning, so that will divide the crowds up nicely.

  4. I think what they could do for the rapids is to extend the rock work theme surrounding Mystery Lodge, on the backside of the ride to block the view completely of the parking lot. I doubt they are going to increase the foot print of the ride, like by breaking into the parking lots. However a new building for the "q", a new "mountain range" (like the rock work and waterfalls done for the Disney rail road), really could make that area even better. Maybe this decorative and theme work is setting the stage for their 2020 coaster project.

  5. I did the Warner Brother's Horror Made Here event on 10/21. For those that don't know, the WB back lot is very, very close to Universal Studios. This the second year of operation, and it shows a bit. On the positive side, they do small groups of people into the "mazes" at one time. But it can lead to some longer than you would think wait times. The actors were all very good. The set designs for the most part were very good.


    I did see two visual tricks that I have never seen before in a haunt, so I was pretty impressed with that. The event is on the smaller side though, and I would not do it on a Sat or Fri night. There are basically 4 mazes (It, Conjuring, Arkham Asylum, Crystal Lake) , 1 theatrical show in a church (Exorcist), a small theatrical stage, make up demo presentation, and a carnival drop ride.

  6. I went to Scary Farm on Sunday. I would agree that the event does feel a tad off, like it lost a bit of edge. In particular, I think the entertainment is a bit off this year. For example, I thought the Hanging wasn't in particular that funny this time around, although the stunt performers did a pretty amazing job actually. Hacks didn't work for me as replacement for Elvira or Ed Alonzo, the humor didn't quite work the night I saw it


    On the maze side of the night, in my opinion, I think they need to embrace a bit of HHN moving panels / jump scares, strobes. I think the theming is superior to Universal in the mazes because they didn't just leave black hallways as large sections of the maze. But I think Universal's sliding panels, sound effects and strobes provided more effective jump scares.


    The boofet, btw, is completely worth it. The food was better this year than last. And they opened Ghostrider up to Boofet guests at 6pm, and hour before regular park opening.

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