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  1. I would skip Knott's this time around. With Haunt constuction going on, you never know what will be closed. They currently have the log ride closed, and no one knows when that will re-open. Plus, the traffic from downtown LA to Knotts is terrible.


    Don't let SFMM prior rep get in the way of going to the park. I've been going for 9 years since I moved here and not had a single problem with another guest. September is not as busy as the summer, so the odds are very good that the lines will be considerably less. If you can manage to hit it on one of their open weekdays (before Sept. 9th), even better. And since it sounds like you like B&M's, no better place with Tatsu (unique layout for flyers), Scream, Batman, and Riddler. Add in X, which is unique to the states, and our working Deja Vu, it's the best you can do for a coaster park here in so cal.


    There is no mass transit to SFMM. So leave downtown LA early as possible. It's better to get to Valencia way before the park opens and have breakfast somewhere, than to attempt to fight rush hour traffic. One thing to know about SFMM is that parking is 15.


    Universal is actually a good option considering your location. I would 100% take the subway from downtown to Universal. It beats fighting traffic and paying for parking. The day pass is 3 bucks, and if you complete Universal, they have the great Citywalk. If you complete Citywalk, the subway pass can take you directly to Hollywood/Highland, for the walk of fame, El Capitan theater.

  2. Here are my tips.


    1.) Early as possible to DL, if you don't have a pass or a special offer you have to redeem at gate , I would print out tickets at home - cuts down on the line. (true of Universal too, print tickets @ home)


    2.) Head to Nemo first thing, if the line is going to take a few minutes, pick up fastpasses to Space MT either before getting in line for Nemo or having another member in the party do it while in line for Nemo.


    3.) Finish T-land, head toward Jones, back to Haunted Mansion, then Splash. Pirates' line does move quicker than any of those three. I would prioritize the major attractions in each land first, and then revisit the lands latter on another lap to pick off the 2nd tier attractions.


    In general, never turn down an opportunity for a fastpass on the way to another attraction or for rerides later in the day. People tend to get very territorial over fireworks viewing spots, so keep that in mind. If you have the time/money, I would park hop DL & DCA.




    I would actually skip the upper lot completely upon park opening and head down to Jurrasic Park and Mummy (slowest moving line when busy). Universal is also better on a weekday when production is happening on the backlot tram tour, far moreso than the weekend. Skip food in park for food on the Citywalk, like Bubba Gump. If your'e at the park early, then will try to sell you on valet parking, it's not worth it.


    Have a good time.

  3. I was there two weeks ago on a Teusday night. Arrived at 7 and finished the park by 9:30. Needless to say, small lines on pretty much everything except Tatsu and X. The off season or off days in the summer are the times to go, I don't think I would attempt SFMM on a summer Sat or Sun. Sure, there are little things here and there upkeep wise that you see, but all in all the park is improving compared to what it used to be.

  4. Greenlight construction projects....


    1.) Journey To The Center of the Earth - DL

    2.) Vekoma Booster Bike - DL/Peoplemover - Tron theme?

    3.) Wall E 4D movie - replace HISTA

    4.) Longer, themed "q" for Nemo

    5.) Replace Innovations with "Mission Space" from Epcot.

    6.) Flats to fill in dead spaces in park

    7.) The Railroad has new dark ride like sections - flood/spinning tunnel, space encounter, etc. - essentially their "backlot" tour.




    1.) Everest for Timon Parking Lot, backdrop for...

    2.) Carland, which is next to...

    3.) Mack Water coaster, cuts in and out of Everest, extended dark ride sequence - their "pirates" - twin tracked - all ages course (no big coaster section) and thrill level - coaster section/big drop splashdown.

    4.) Little Mermaids Castle - wipes out part of lagoon, seating for water/light show/parade, similar in look to TDS version - Rocking Tug, Ursual Spinner /Zamperla Polyp - Jumping Jellyfish rides inside/outside - closer in fit to Crush's Coaster (Mullohand M. rethemed).

    5.) Mickey's Philharmagic for Golden Dreams Theater or replaces Muppet Show.

  5. Hi all,


    First time poster here, so thought I make it about one of my favorite. places.


    I have heard a rumor that across from SFMM one of the new businesses going in is an AMC theater. Can anyone confirm if that is indeed true? I haven't been up there in a few months. I had heard that years ago when Time Warner ran the place, they looked into creating a Citywalk style shopping center, but the deal fell through. Now with the possible AMC landing there, it looks like the first step is being taken. I hope that SFMM does play nice with their new neighbors - can only help the park in the long run.


    Now if only they could land one of those Marriott Nickelodeon hotels as a neighbor.

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