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  1. I think they need to remove everything from Johnny Rockets down through Xcel. That whole boardwalk area just doesn't work. When compared to the other areas of the park, just collapses visually. I would carry the theme started by the Reef, and carry it forward. Throw the bumper cars in the trash, and replace it with a modern flat ride that connects to Reef's theme, which is well executed. Redo the pizza court thing at the base of the theater, at least make it more of the art deco style. It is pretty junky looking now. And the arcade is extremely dated, time to toss it. Be a nice space for a VR showcase area.


    I think the Dive Machine coaster would work well for Knott's, as it could carry the ocean theme started by Reef. Surfside Gliders and Scrambler don't have to remain in that location. Currently nothing by in Windseeker's grave. I could see a large coaster taking up all the real estate between Boomerang, Riptide (RIP), Scrambler, and Gliders.

  2. Pretty impressive work there! Thanks!


    Pirates really is incredibly impressive! I hope Avatar: The Boat really does borrow heavily from this application of the tech. And the non-boat Star Wars land does as well. It does look like the ride system is less on the thrill aspect of things, not a lot of movement with the boats. More of a look at the scenes in pure awe. Amazing stuff for the all ages crowd.


    I think I like the rapids area the best, partial to the adventure lands in the stateside parks . But wow at what they did here. Just stunning. The castle area itself is brilliant in execution. The Alice In Wonderland "maze" is a little odd. That is one massive statue of the Queen! I do wonder what is going on with the area near Tron on the ground. Is that meant to be flooded with water someday? Kind of looks like a drainage area or something currently from some of the photos.

  3. Would love to see the Tron coaster take over the a modified Peoplemover route at DL. The clean simple lines of it are quite striking there in the video. The theme would work quite well with the rest of T. Land.


    Pirates does look like the next evolution of the dark ride experience. Hope to see those style of effects used well in Pandora at AK, and in the Star Wars Lands in a few years.

  4. If you had posted this last summer I would have said GhostRider. As it is now I'd say Xcelerator. Needs a few inverions like Storm Runner or iSpeed.




    While we're at it, I would love to see YOLO extended to. Maybe an Immelmann into a pop of air and a helix into the break run? Idk but something more than a top hat into a break run would suffice


    I agree 100%. Yolo is a fun ride, but would be very nice to not fly into the brakes once cresting the loop. And of the SFMM subject, Apocalypse could use the RMC makeover. I think we hit every bolt on the track last time we were on a few weeks ago.

  5. Most looking forward to seeing how the Beauty and The Beast dark ride is executed. Hope that it eventually comes to DL/WDW. I am not a huge fan of Mater's ride, but it sure does seem popular among the planners for the Disney parks. I think generally it is an odd fit thematically for Big Hero Six. The exterior concept art for their Soarin' is stunning. Kind of bummed to not learn more about the Frozen port as of yet.


    And it is amazing to see how much money some of these plans cost! No idea it was that much. Some great info.

  6. I hope that common sense prevails here. Sure, they can lose the license, alter the signage and the pre-show, and still have it be the more or less the same attraction. I would much rather see GOTG with a proper attraction unto itself, and not just expressed through paint and décor. The park could definitely use more attractions over the next decade, not altering the theme of a building and calling it "new".

  7. Anyone go to the Food and Wine event at DCA? I attended last Sunday. For the first time back in 5 years, I am glad they did it, and can only hope it improves going forward. The pricing on some items were way off for the portion sizes, while others were spot on. Pretty light on the retail side of the festival. Quality of the materials used for the Disney merch is extremely low end, the official food and wine dish towel felt like it was made out of burlap sack as an example. Skipped the celebrity kitchen, felt they vastly overcharged for those events. Although Guy Fieri sold out, so guess he has a lot of fans. Can actually have a great meal for 1/3 the price at Carthay.

  8. Truly spectacular footage! Pretty impressed by the scale of the rapids ride. I love the fact they thought about seating (or is tiered standing?) for the castle show. Certainly would like that for World of Color. Interesting that the 2d wave of attractions are already being planned for the next 4-5 years. One thing that strikes me as an odd choice for the park is the inclusion of Star Wars Launch bay. Is this an testing phase to see if the park guest wants a full on Star Wars Land like in the states? If so, would it even be part of SDL or would it be the anchor for the rumored second park as part of the resort? Would SWL be built in the Hong Kong park as well, or will they try to keep both parks a bit more separate in the attractions?

  9. True, the ops side will be interesting part of this equation. Headsets have to be cleaned after all after every ride. Bit of a learning curve for guests to put on headset. The age restriction will also be in play, so you know there will be some who will try to get around that as well. Will be great test of the hardware reliability withstanding the stress of being on a coaster.


    Great that they are being ambitious with bringing a new experience to the chain.

  10. For a visitor to Disneyland, I would also recommend the following.


    As noted above, get there early. The lines start at the garage, just to pay for parking. If, while in garage, there is line for escalator, take the stairs.Then, there is line for waiting for tram. Or, optionally, walk it to front gate, takes about 15 minutes or so. Then there is security, which can mean 2 lines. One for bag inspection, then line for the metal detectors. If you have to buy your ticket for the day, line for purchasing, which can move slow. Then finally, line for entrance into park. So, it does pay off to start the process an hour before park opening.


    One handy thing to have is the Disneyland App, which shows the wait times on attractions. And on the FP, it lists the time when you can pick up another Fast Pass. On a busy day, pretty important to maximize those FP.


    For example, once in Disneyland, head to Hyperspace MT., get the fast pass. And if the standby line is 30-40 min or less, I would also jump in line. At least you can do it twice. The line grows to 75-110 standby quickly. Everyone loves it. Odds are, after finishing the first ride on Space MT., you might be able to pick up a FP for another ride, say, Star Tours (whose FP machines are next to Buzz Lightyear entrance). Star Wars Launch Bay is a waste of time, as is Path of The Jedi - which is a collection of clips and trailer for The Force Awakens, so I would only see those if your are killing time while waiting for FP return time while in the area.


    My typical pattern is to then check their App for wait times for the surrounding attractions, Matterhorn and Nemo. But also to check the times for the other side of the park, say Splash Mt., Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Indy, and Big Thunder. With Matterhorn not being on the FP system, typically we head towards Splash Mt., pick up an FP for Indy or Big Thunder, then hit Splash Mt., then work backwards. One thing about Splash, it does get you you wet, sometimes quite a bit. Depending on weather for the day, could be good thing or go very bad. I always at least bring a ziplock bag to keep phone and wallet dry at the very least.

  11. I watched the special, just for the theme park info. Very little new info, they showed the concept art that has been floating around for a bit. They did show what looked like a concept rendering for a SW boat ride, as rumored before. The Mil. Falcone attraction really does sound like Mission Space. Maybe Space crossed with TSMM, where you keep score?


    The only real new thing to me was the confirmation of an "upscale" dining experience. So a price point like Carthay or Blue Bayou I would assume.


    No target opening year announced.

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