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  1. I love Air Race flats! Especially after seeing the great looking one that was built at Tivoli Gardens!!


    Maybe different colors to match the boardwalk better. But the design and elevated platform are great!!




    Or, if they placed it over where Wind seeker was, they could add seating back to that area under the ride.


    That is the perfect ride for that area. Would love to see that installed.

  2. Attended the park this last Saturday for AP days. I did visit both of the parked trains. We were able to see the Lilly Belle caboose for the first time at the Main Street station. Very nice interior! You can't enter though, but can get a very good view. It is kind of fun to be able to walk around the train at the New Orleans station. If you are an AP, I would recommend going for AP days. They offer free water and popcorn in the Opera House for the presentations, and also on Stage 17 in DCA. It was a nice touch.

  3. The artwork is quite stunning. I can only hope that there is a new diorama after Big Thunder before you reach Toon Town station. The backside of the theater probably isn't too amazing. I did do the ceremonial last ride on the train. Man, some serious dead space between Splash Mountain and Toon Town. With the new route, at least the train passes through something scenic. What would I do without my view of barely moving animal puppets and non-descript brown fencing? This is a huge improvement.

  4. I am kind of hoping that it stays Hyperspace Mt. going forward, and drop in Ghost Galaxy for Halloween time. The ride actually has a story now with a beginning and the end. Much like Ghost Galaxy, the projections and new soundtrack make Space Mt. a much better overall experience. I was there Sat., and it was doing soft open as well. Line was long, no FP at the time we were there. Didn't get to see if Star Tours had added the new location yet. Did see Path of The Jedi, a clip show that ends with the latest Star Wars movie trailer, with some scattered in theater effects. Did not try Galatic Grill, food looked more or less the same, and the new burger on the "dark side" looked too spicy for my tastes. The sign looks great though. Have to go back and look at launch bay and Star Tours next time.


    Really appreciate Paint The Night, and that the soundtrack varies, much unlike Christmas Fantasy parade. Kind of burn out on the music by the time the Christmas parade is over. Sat in front of Small World as Paint The Night rolled by, which made for a pretty amazing view. Took in DCA's Winter Dreams, which ran at 9 pm. I actually prefer it over the normal WOC, much like I only enjoy Small World and Jungle/Jingle Cruise during the holidays.

  5. I appreciated Knott's for attempting to bring a ride like Iron Reef into the park. However, not a huge fan it personally. I wish it borrowed a bit from Toy Story Midway Mania, and did more movement, like maybe a full 360 spin between screens? 3D was a tad off, and there are some non-working guns. Generally I think it is good Knott's is developing more experiences beyond just the rides.


    Very happy they are doing a full remodel of the restaurant. It has needed this for a long, long time.

  6. This year I was dissapointed with the event. I attended on the 2nd night opening weekend. Used the early entry, which works ok. Although we apparently diid not show up early enough, still waited 1. 3 hours to entrr the Walking Dead, an apt metaphor. Having seen the previous versions of this maze, very little to recommend about this one. Yes it is long, but sparsely decorated with not enough actors to fill the space. One section was just simply a long dark hallway with nothing in it.


    Entered Transformed. Ride ops at entrance did not bother to tell anyone it was broken down. That is horrible customer service. So we reach the loading platform, wait about 15 to get on, not bad, but it breaks down mid ride. They have a code word the give you to come back and use gate A.


    Halloween I enjoyed, a few good scenes. This is the end, a failure. Knotts has been doing 3d mazes forever now. Universal can't figure it out.


    The only good surprise was Crimson Peak the maze, at least it was visually interesting. Avp is still bland, which is too bad, because the costumes are amazing.


    The Purge is far and away the cheapest theme I can think of for the Terror Tram. And to add another layer of bad operations, they shut off fast and the furious! Our dissapointing garbage tram drove right by the entrance. And of course, they cheap out by closing Shrek, and shutting down the despicable me funland.


    This was my last year attending, just too many bad ops and bad customer service.

  7. I actually just renewed mine on Sunday. Sure, the $50 increase wasn't great, but it is just $4 a month extra. I don't mind paying the AP pass price, I only average around 8 visits a year and it is still a savings for me personally.


    A couple of trip observations. I rode the Mark Twain one last time before ROA changes, Tom Sawyer's Island etc. I for one will like seeing the ROA & the island change to make way for actual attractions that are entertaining. If the back side of Star Wars that faces the ROA looks as good Carsland's mountains do, it will be a huge improvement with the shorter route for the boats, train, and canoes. On the island, that back section is pretty barren with little to do except walk around. No great loss in seeing the unused and rarely visited portion of the island shrunk down. Should be interesting to watch it develop.

  8. My experience at universal hhn last year was a disaster. They did indeed phone it in. The operations were terrible. None of the posted line wait times were accurate, off by as much as an hour or more. With the exception of American werewolf, the mazes were heavily recycled. AVP was a huge dissapointment, as far as the set design goes. Not using the parks venues, such as the waterworld stage, for an event is poor planning. Even if it was just for a musical act, that would at least be something for the crowds. Their integration of gate a into the regular line was really poorly done. I can only hope they manage to run Fast and Furious part of the tram, in addition to terror tram just for crowd control.


    Knotts at least uses almost every corner of the park. And how is it that knotts can do two night time shows and universal can do zero? Universal, at least this year has a dance show, but that is pretty creatively bankrupt. I would rather seee Beetlejuice brought back.

  9. Love the area map, gives a great perspective.


    While I agree that Iron Man would make sense in the Star Tours Spot, in order to keep all the Star Wars stuff together, I would imagine that the Iron Man HK attraction is more than likely to be an anchor attraction for the rumored future Marvel Land at DCA.


    I also like that Star Wars land is not being placed into Tomorrowland, it really needs the space afforded by going beyond the berm. Still hoping that some of the ideas of adding another attraction to Tomorrowland are still in the cards, like the Jet Pack flat ride.

  10. Thanks for all the info. The Toy Story Land is quite surprising. Glad to see the Slinky coaster being a pretty large installation for the family coaster. Would not be surprised if another flat ride is added later on. Of course, the mind boggles on how the Star Wars land will be designed to fit into the area, and what tech they will use to execute the two rides. DHS has Star Tours in a good location to fit into the new land. Only can hope that construction moves a tad quicker because it is so exciting to see large scale investment into the US parks.

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