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  1. Well i called the park yesterday and asked about kingda Ka and wow did i get an annoyed voice speakng back at me. i dont think i was the only one that called... but the guy was nice enough to tell me in a kinda written out message that kingda ka will not be open for august positively, and they would be lucky to have it open by september. so postpone those trips, and hopefully this isn't going to take to long...
  2. heart attacks for normal people, complete bliss for coaster fanatics... that really says something.
  3. I think the asians know how to do it! My vote is on roller coaster! I mean who would have even thought of that name! its soooo original!
  4. I have the best name ever... ROLLER COASTER Its amazing!!! Behold its almightyness!!! I wonder if you would be able to make an influence on the rides name y suggesting it to the park...
  5. Heck yeah! Isn't that what we all live for! Screw the coaster lets have a heated discussion. Wow that sounds intense! totally agreed! Now im just wondering when one of us crazy fanboys is going to find a crazy way to get a copy of the layout before the announcement. Its only a matter of time .
  6. I thought that i knew what this coaster was going to be like but not anymore! All i know is this is going to be a rollercoaster... Thats it!I just hope this is gonna be as good as it is sounding!
  7. If thats the final speed for the turnaround this ride might actually be really awesome! It was in and out in less than 7 seconds! DANG!!!To bad i couldnt ride it cause im stuck in the usa for a year or so.. i guess i just have to settle for the SECOND fastest one. Darn it all.
  8. Hey has anyone considered that this might end up being a launched coaster? Becasue knowing kings dominions past, they have really liked their launched coasters. They have Volcano, Flight of Fear, Italian Job, and they had Hypersonic. Plus the cable lift and hydraulic launch tracks look the same, so there is a possibility of it being a launched giga! Just a suggestion i was thinking about.
  9. Heres what i hope 399 foot first hill 399 first drop Track length- 7500 ft Airtime - EXTREME!!!! Heres what is more likely 350 first hill 340 first drop Track Length- 6850 ft Airtime- Very good Now we wait and see!!! August here i come!!!
  10. you know something is wrong when the news makes a report about a smoke ring ufo. Well it would be cool if it was space themed, but you have to think what kind of story will it have or if it will just be "Space" themeing. This is gonna be awesomtasticularmendous!!! Its so cool i had to make a new word! But those do seem like fairly big footers! Is that going to be where the entrance/exit to the station is going to be?
  11. I was wondering were all my puppies went!!! Darn you demon ride!!!! This new giga will be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeee improvent!!! It will make Kd my newhome!!! They wil never be able to kick me out!!!! muahahahahahahaha!!! uh oh lookslike the demon ride rubbed off on me!!!
  12. I can definently see this being a good chance for Kings dominion to reel in more people. I remember going there this spring and constantly feeling like they were missing something. I think if they were smart, they would build this in the area near where hypersonic used to be . And they could stretch out the track down near the highway so when you are passing by, you get to see the giant bohemoth looming above. That surely will attract much more spontanious visitors! But i can't wait for this ride to go up! Its just what Kings Dominion needs! Then they will get some true "Ride Warriors"! Now we wait for the ride, and all of the simulator layout impressions of what the ride will be like. I carn't wait!!!
  13. DUDE IM A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD. i'M NOT GOING TO WATCH MIDJET PORN!!! Anyways, why post replies that say how bad my idea is. all that does is put someone down and it's mean. if your going to post somthing post something that isnot mean. I'm probably going to leave this site because everything i have posted everyone has hated and has been mean. you guys need to start being nicer to everyones ideas and not say mean tings about them to make them mad. so, so long.
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