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  1. At the park this past Sunday, it appears work on the old wave pool is happening very carefully. The concrete along the drain of the zero entry was torn open to create a trough. Temporary 2x4 railings are affixed around the mechanical room, and there is orange spray paint along walls at a single elevation. The new wave pool is crowded on just moderate days, so hopefully the old one is just getting a re-model.
  2. As a homosexual, your cultural references in this TR me LOL Nice work!
  3. The facade of Mr. Freeze was, and still is, one of my favorites. It was one of the most creative SF designs, imo. It just needs some rehab! Kirk
  4. ^Thanks! Doing that much processing is still new to me, so I'm having fun experimenting. I'm typically much more conservative, but thought the colors and moods fit the feel of the area. Now get back to counting duckies! Kirk
  5. Part 2 Provocative I'm happy the old trains are staying! It will be lit nicely soon. Just wishing it could be restored to working condition.
  6. How about some off-season excitement? I visited Coney Island on September 3, 2011, and here are the photos! (Part 2 to follow) Enjoy Kirk The 'wonder' from 1920 Disk-O Stilt walker Kae Burke Stilt walker Kae Burke New entrance
  7. Gosh I miss Astroworld. It had its bad years (as did many SF parks at that time), but it was definitely on a huge upswing as it closed. All the new paint, cleaned up property, and modest investments really started to make an impact. Well, the rodeo has more parking now —Kirk "emotional now" Fitzgerald
  8. When I was in China a year ago, at an outdoor mall in Ningbo, there were THREE Disney stores. Kid's Disney, Disney Sport, and an Adult Disney. The adult store even had lingerie with Mickey on it. Mickey was an icon there, most everyone knew who he was. I don't think getting the Chinese to care about the characters will be a big hurdle for Disney. They've learned a lot since HKDL, but I think there are other bigger cultural issues that will present challenges. --Kirk
  9. I'm also on OSX, and this video is very loud. Hmmmm... I don't ever remember this happening before. Since it's only on Mac's, I'd assume it's something with QT decoding the MPG? Just out of curiosity, has anyone on a Windows machine used Quicktime to play the video back, or has everyone been using Windows Media Player? I've never heard of this before. --Kirk "I'm perplexed :? " Fitzgerald
  10. Here is the list through the 2003 set. I'll add the 2004 DVD's when I apply myself and order them. *Coaster Season 2001 * 1. Intro - Fat Lip - Sum 41 2. KBF - Come on - Smashmouth 3. SFMM - Dirty Pop - N*Sync 4. Stark Raven Mad - Girl at the Rock Show - Blink 182 5. SFKK - I wanna be Bad - Willa Ford 6. SFWOA - Around the World - ATC 7. Cedar Point - Witch Doctor - DDR 8. Indania Beach - Knock on Wood - Mighty Mighty Bosstones 9. SFGA - Right Now - SR-71 10. Discovery Cove - Time of your life - Green Day 11. IOA - In my Pocket - Mandy Moore 12. BGF - Beer - Reel Big Fish 13.
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