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  1. I don't think Michigans Adventure will be able to go on much longer after this is made...I mean a mix of Disney/Universal working together against a small themepark? I think we have a winner...
  2. I live in Traverse City, so for something like this to happen 1 hour away is pretty amazing. Here is the link from the local news site...its looking HUGE/AWESOME! http://www.9and10news.com/category/story/?id=117305
  3. When I went in October Halloweekends the lines were very low key, so whomever stated they never were needs to check their facts. EDIT: You apologized, never mind. Sorry mate.
  4. Name- Cam Seeley Age-13 Eye Color- Green Hair Color- Sandy Blonde Height- 5'8.5 Weight- 125 lbs Shoe size- 12.5 Favorite Movie- Not another Teen Movie/Saw 1 Favorite TV show- Lost Favorite Color- Blue Favorite Sport- Soccer/Football Favorite Sports Team- Pistons/Red Wings Favorite food- Steak Favorite soda- Coca Cola Favorite emoticon- Coolest thing you've ever seen- Not sure Favorite animal- Liger [why not]
  5. I found Halloweekends extremely enjoyable, especially the crazy butcher pigs on the bridge. Good times.
  6. Wait, so I know I may be dull, but so is Maverick opening this/next weekend then?!
  7. I really enjoyed viewing your pictures, especially the comparison of Gemini and Top Thrill...its almost scary how good technology has become. Pretty soon there will be rides to and from Uranus . [i just had to say that...]
  8. I'm a big coaster fan but some coaster parts/things coasters do I really don't know what in God's name they are! So could someone post pictures of coaster parts/corkscrews/inversions/S bends and label them so I can get a better idea when I am reading something. Thanks tons everyone.
  9. Wow. What are the odds? I was browsing a fan-forum for Wicked the Musical, when I happened to stumble upon this thread. Perhaps this is a sign...a omen.
  10. Haha. Well basicaly, the other times I went I just rode them randomly. My brother said its more fun if you ride them in certain orders like "smallest to largest" or "largest to smallest" and things like that. I was pretty much just asking for all of your opinions. [i'm loving this sites smileys]
  11. Yeah we have the extra hour to whomever asked, we got a room at hotel breakers. Not to stray from the many idea, but any thoughts at the hotel? The last 6 times I went to Cedar, I stayed at the other two hotels. Never this one.
  12. I'm going to Cedar Point May 31st- June 3rd and I was wondering what order would it be best to ride the rides. I'm pretty sure I will have time to ride all of them but I'm bamboozled on what order in which I should ride them. As in, which would be the most pleasurable. Any thoughts on the matter?
  13. Thanks, its not really a big deal. Though the ride looks very fun, I will still be pleased with my Millenium Force and Top Thrill Dragster.
  14. How early June do you think it will be open? I will be there May 31st- June 3rd and are hoping it will be open by then. If its not, then so be it, but it looks pretty intense.
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