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  1. What I'm wonder is how a place like Denny's can give-a-way free grand slam breakfasts every year but KFC can't give away chicken? Poor planning?


    However Denny's does not advertise it with Oprah to the best of my knowledge. What's funny is about a week or two ago they had a coupon in the paper for a free "piece" of grilled chicken. I wonder why you can get a free meal from Oprah and only a free piece from the paper. Is Oprah paying for part of this?

  2. Great photos!


    Quick question - does Dolly post a schedule of when she plans to be at the park or does she just "show up"? I'd love to see her in person when I go...


    Yes and no. Yes you usually find out when she is going to be there but you will never really find out where she will be when she is there.


    She will be in the Dolly Parade on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge as mentioned above at 6 p.m. on Friday May 8.


    Then Dolly will then be at the park May 9th. On May 9th they have only announced one appearance yet and it is the premiere of Sha-Kon-O-Hey! at 7 p.m. Tickets and information are available on the Friends of the Smokies site here.


    http://www.dollymania.net has announced that she will then again be at the park June 12 for the opening of KidsFest.


    So Dolly is actually at the park several times a year each year. If you visit http://www.dollymania.net under upcoming appearances you can find out in advance, then most of the time Dollywood's website usually announces them about 5-7 days in advance.

  3. Nice trip report. I can not wait to get back down to Dollywood. I will be going Thanksgiving weekend. I will be getting there early and hitting the Polar Express first due to expected long lines for that attraction.


    And a note to anyone who doesn't know the Polar Express 4-D Experience:

    attraction opens 30 minutes prior to Park opening times; queue line may close before the end of the day if the wait time extends beyond the Park’s closing time.
  4. [two cents]I have never tried to upload anything to YouTube and there for have not read their copyright but using someone else's music without permission I beleive in some way could be copyright infringement, so that could be their reasoning behind it. However it is odd that they would do this because I'm pretty sure that means about 90% or more of the videos uploaded should be removed due to someone using a song without permission from the artist/label.[/two cents]

  5. What does today's market jump mean for Adventure Mountain? If all goes well over the next few months, will they pick the project back up? After de-announcing it, the suspense may have been spoiled some, but it would still be better than waiting another year for it. Then again, they've made counter plans, and I'm sure it would be difficult to spin around again. It would be good to see them continue to grow though.


    I don't beleive it is even an option to pick the project back up in a month or so because in that time you loose some of your greatest time for construction. Right now the weather is still cooperative for any construction and if you pick back up in one month that pushes the opening back by one month which would really be pointless because new attractions (at least at Dollywood) try to draw people all year long (unless they include water or whatever) and you loose one month of a possible increase of attendance because of that project. Just a thought.


    In general I think the decision made by Dollywood/Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation was a very fiscally responsible one and I applaud them for making the tough decision in the interest of the park!

  6. ^What is the reason behind that?


    As far as Adventure Mountain is concerned you can read in the first paragraph at: http://www.dollywoodadventuremountain.com


    Reasoning behind doing something like this is basically new attractions cost a lot of money and with the economy like it is new attractions are not guranteed to bring in larger crowds. Spending all this money would then in turn be almost useless because there would be very little to no gain from it. This will provide Herschend to focus more on infrustructure and keeping all host. As stated three post above Silver Dollar City has many 'citizens' who have been there more than 20 years the same with Dollywood 'host'. I my opinoin this is a VERY wise decision on the part of Herschend and each individual park! I don't know if other plans where included at Silver Dollar City for next year or not but I do know that Dollywood WILL STILL be adding the shows Imagine for Festival Of Nations, Sha-Kon-O-Hey which will be the parks most elabrote stage production in it's history and the park will also be adding to it's KidsFest lineup. As far as the Dollywood properity goes they will still be having there biggest year of entertainment lineups ever. So it is mostly just major attractions.

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