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  1. I'm glad Dollywood's Splash Country won the award, the park has really grown to be a very nice place in the last 9 seasons.


    Seems as if Dollywood is doing well at IAAPA this year. HFEC has already won 3 awards in the first two days at IAAPA this year 2 of which for the Dollywood Company (and the results have not been released yet from tonight's Big E Entertainment awards yet either), so possibly more awards to come.

  2. If you've already bought your one day ticket yes you can just upgrade for $25 to a regular Season Pass. If you've not bought your one day ticket yet just go ahead and get the Season Pass to begin with (you will pay the same prices either way).


    I would suggest one person in your party (the one who will be buying the stuff) get a Gold Season Pass so you get free parking, and 20% off food and merchandise.

  3. I love Smoky Mountain Christmas. It's my favorite time to visit Dollywood. Every year were there in July and see them stapling Christmas lights on the buildings, I become ready for the festival.



    Hopefully I will get there early enough to check out The Polar Express.

    Speaking of this for those who are going if you don't already know Polar Express will again open 30 minutes prior to posted park operating times. Along with the other usual places that open 30 minutes before.



    I can't wait to see Carol of the Trees this year. They have changed out all of the lights to LED to make it brighter. I'm thinking the tree is now going to have 60,000 lights on it.

  4. Adventure Mountain updates:

    The park has added information to the courses and Camp Teachittoomee portions of the Adventure Mountain site.


    Some park updates:

    2010 pre-season prices have lowered. You can now upgrade your Smoky Mountain Christmas one day ticket for $25, which is $9 cheaper than the upgrade was to 2009 passes this summer.


    If you visit Dollywood during Christmas stop by SkyZip to register for the 25th Anniversary Sweepstakes valued at $4000. The prize pack includes:

    You can enter to win Dollywood's 25th Anniversary Adventure SkyZip Sweeptakes, an exclusive prize pack valued at $4,000! One lucky winner will receive 25 SkyZip tours, 25 Dollywood admission tickets, 25 Dollywood meals for your group, and 25 Kodak souvenir photos to commemorate your experience. This exciting prize pack celebrates Dollywood's 25th anniversary season in 2010. Enter to win now through Jan. 2, 2010, at the SkyZip location in Wilderness Pass. Winner will be announced Jan. 25, 2010.
  5. Now that you've got all the coasters done, next time start with SkyZip. It is a blast! A few lucky people even get to zip on "Cougar Plunge" while Tennessee Tornado is at the top of the loop. I got to and when I turned myself towards that direction I saw Tornado do the entire loop and a Mystery Mine car on the trestle drop in the distance. Great experience!


    Just for a little bit of an odd fact I will add this: If you look at the map in your photograph of SkyZip between the Cougar Plunge and Bald Eagle Swoop lines what you walk between the two actually follows the Dollywood property line on that side of the park.

  6. It can never hurt to give season passes a try. I think $99.95 is a bit steep however I can see why they are setting it that high to try and get people to purchase 4 or more for the reduced rate of $49.95 so they can sell a larger quantity.



    When you click on the purchase link (https://webhost.corecashless.com/indianabeach/ticketsales/?p=is12t4ym) they offer "Cool cash" as well. This is a beneficial perk that I would like to see more parks do. Below is the table they show for "Cool Cash" amounts:


    $25 Cool Cash gets $27.50 in Value $25.00 / each


    $50 Cool Cash gets $57.50 in Value $50.00 / each


    $100 Cool Cash gets $120 in Value $100.00 / each

  7. The 19 pieces, scattered throughout common areas of the Dream, will react to individual passengers’ Key to the World cards. A piece of Enchanted Art might perform one way for a child but another way — or maybe not at all — for a parent, Dauberger said.


    The water coaster if a very cool idea. I think the portraits mentioned in the quote though will really be the kind of innovation that sets Disney apart from others. I would probably end up watching the portraits for twenty or thirty minutes just to see what all they do in reactions to people.

  8. More photos! I forgot to include that I absolutely couldn't find Slidewinder. I looked all over, couldn't find signs, and just gave up


    The Mountain Slidewinder was closed, as is the entire Dreamland Forest area that it is in. Both Dreamland Forest/Slidewinder and River Battle closed back in September because you get so wet on/in these attractions.


    Great pictures! That cinnamon bread has me excited about getting to go in about a month.

  9. A couple months ago Dollywood announced that Adventure Mountain will open in 2010 after being pushed back a year due to a substantial increase in construction cost. 2010 will also mark Dollywood's 25th Anniversary which should be a very big celebration. Back in 2005 for the parks 20th Anniversary they gave out 20 year platinum passes for both parks with the same discounts as the super gold passes. So one could imagine that their 25th will be even better.


    Adventure Mountain website: http://www.dollywood.com/land/advmtn/default.html


    The Following pictures are from my last visit on October 10, 2009.


    25th Anniversary advertisement from the 2009 National Gospel & Harvest Celebration brochure.


    Adventure Mountain advertisement from the 2009 National Gospel & Harvest Celebration brochure.



    Adventure Mountain construction October 10, 2009.








  10. Here are my two questions about this:


    1. Why is Disney making this so public? If I were them I wouldn't announce "Hey we aren't watching you anymore" to everyone because then that just makes people more likely to do it.


    2. What is Disney's procedure if someone does flash the camera's? I know some parks throw the individual out, does Disney?

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