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  1. ^First of all I have not been to the Valdosta area so I don't know what is there. When asked for special prices or coupons I looked at there website. Plus I don't know who the person is so I really don't know if they may be on there way to visit someone and just passing through (hince will be back through again on return visit home) or what. So I just was trying to help. Plus by listing the phobia ticket deal with Coca-Cola it draws attention to the fact you should ALWAYS check the park site weeks before so you can get special online deals.

  2. You could always just buy a 2009 season pass for $69 so you could go the rest of this year and next year!?!


    And if you looked ahead of time I would have bought the $29 Phobia and Bottomless Coca-Cola wristband that you can ONLY get ONLINE if I were you: http://wildadventurespasses.tix.com/Event.asp?Event=161989


    Also by looking online it looks as if by getting the $45 day ticket you get the second day FREE, so really that is not a bad deal at all! : http://wildadventurespasses.tix.com/Event.asp?Event=160714

  3. What screamscape.com says about the future resort hotel:


    2010/2011 - Resort Hotel - In Development - (4/23/08) We’ve got another update about that Dollywood resort hotel survey. It seems they are asking questions about three different resort concepts called Chasing Rainbows, International and Southern Style. Unfortunately you need a valid e-mail address to take the actual survey having the link will get you no-where.

    (4/22/08) While I don’t have a link, a reader tell us that Dollywood was taking another guest survey not long ago asking opinions about various lodging features and what people look for in choosing a hotel in the Pigeon Forge area. Sounds like they’re doing some research for that official Dollywood Resort project Dolly mentioned was in development.

    (4/14/08) During the opening of River Battle, Dolly mentioned to the local news that she wants an on-site resort hotel to be added in the next two or three years. She said that they are working on it now, but not ready to announce anything yet.


    While I have not seen the survey I beleive either Chasing Rainbows or the Southern Style will be one of the themes. Although I think Dollywood could make a really nice International style like nothing in the Smokies I don't see it ranking as high on the survey.


    Maybe the first resort will go over big and we will end up with three different hotels using all of the themes...........Of course that announcement may be saved for the 50 year plan

  4. I remember when I was 10 walking all the way to the top of Mountain Scream at Dollywood's Splash Country and walking all the way back down once I reached the starting area. Now I have concurred the fear of Mountain Scream. Most recent I remember is back in 2006 I said 'no' to Fire Tower Falls at Splash Country and Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach...just not a fan of heights unless I'm strapped into a coaster seat, then it's the higher the better!

  5. Ok just a few thoughts over the last pages of comments:


    Holes on the sides of the hills and 'eco friendly' ways: Now I have not seen these holes but you should know that all Herschend properties are required to plant two trees for every one they cut down. Plus during construction building around them can be more difficult than plowing them down and replanting since they have a landscapers on hand everyday. So my guess is these could be for new trues of the transfer of trees. Dollywood also tries during construction to make it to where runoff water during and after rains can be reused and not go down the drain. They do this by using plants that can stand flood conditions, trees on sides of the hills so there roots will keep the dirt from being washed aways, etc. So my guess for the holes is trees to keep the mountain there because they don't want it to wash away during construction or during possible future use.


    Future of the park: As most have said Dollywood can not be called a small park in 2007 it attracted over 2.5 million guests, Dollywood's Splash Country saw a 19.6% increase in attendance last year with almost a half a million visitors making it the 11th most visited water park in America and the 17th most visited in the World. As someone stated the Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited national park with 10 million plus visitors annually, so the attendance is there for a resort. Dolly did state back in 2005 that there twenty year plan included investing another $160 million with such things as a resort hotel, a heavily themed restaurant, she also said that she wanted to have a kid based t.v. show produced there and she said they projected 5 million as there annual attendance in twenty years (I see that happening for sure). Well just three short years later at this years grand opening weekend she was quoted by the Knoxville News Sentinel as saying:

    In an interview with the News Sentinel Friday, Parton said she wants a resort hotel to be added in the next two to three years. Other goals for the next 10 years include adding a state-of-the-art theater for television production.


    Parton wants to create a children's TV program and have the series shot at Dollywood.


    "One of the main things I'd love to see ... is a great resort (hotel)," she said. "We are working on it now. We don't have an announcements to make at this time ... (but) it's closer now than it has ever been."


    That is just a little food for thought


    edit* Speaking of food, Dolly how long till the new highly themed restaurant?

  6. ^That's what I thought to when i saw the construction picture of it on Screamscape but when I got there it didn't look nearly as cartoonish as what the pictures do. Even the few pictures I took of it make it look more cartonish probably because a picture just focuses on one particular thing and when your there what surrounds you is different.


    Also another thing I thought was cool with the area was the speakers right around River Battle announce when it closes also. The music stops and a chipmunk sounding voice comes on and really has a whole story element to the closing of it. Found this out when it closed about 6:45 Saturday more than likely due to the fact that NO ONE was on the ride all of the rafts were completely empty and the area only had a few people walking either to Mystery Mine or Tennessee Tornado so really no need to keep it open then.

  7. Thanks for the photos!


    I went Saturday and the park was not crowded at all. Mystery Mine was down at 10:30 and what was funny was "Buzz the buzzard" said "You wanna know the real mystery behind the Mystery Mine" and of course the crowd replied "yah!" Buzz's response "The mystery is when it's going to open" and laughed. I thought it was funny. The next time I saw the ride around 6 it was opened and at 10:30 they were saying it would be opening in thirty minutes so... I heard on park the train will be down for a couple weeks possibly. Also Blazing Fury was running Saturday afternoon as I passed it. Thunder Road was also running Saturday (which was the first time for guest to ride it since 2001 since it did not operate sneak preview days or Friday.)


    As for concerns people have mentioned about shade. The trees that are up there don't have leaves now so that alone will provide more shade than what you see in pictures as for flowers and such they are just small right now. The retaining wall that you see directly across from River Battle has flowers of some sort almost in every hole. So give it time...know of course it won't be the most shaded part of the park this summer by no means since it is the first year for it but they have transplanted several larger trees from other places so it won't be completely in the sun plus between Ranger Supplies and Tennessee Tornado will be getting the shade canopies like they have in parts of Timber Towers que line.

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