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  1. Pleasant Surprise: Volcano at Kings Dominion. Still one of my favorite experiences because of the launches. Love the sudden burst of speed around the bottom of the volcano. Then the additional launch up through the top of the volcano is one of the best experiences I have ever felt. Overall it was a very smooth ride and one that I have enjoyed many times over the years. Rockin Roller Coaster at Disney Studios. Totally love it. Another great launch coaster. The total experience is second to none. The speed throughout is amazing. Also one of the coolest loading stations in the industry. Unpleasant Surprise: Vortex at Carowinds. It might be one of the most uncomfortable rides I have ever been on. I always leave that ride sore all over. I guess I'm just not into the entire stand-up thing. Even though Carowinds is my home park I don't think I have been on Vortex in years. Refuse to ever feel that way again.
  2. This will be a huge year for Cedar Fair and Carowinds. The new coaster project is on everyone's radar for 2015 rides. We have a chance to shine in the industry and I'm so proud that Carowinds is my home park.
  3. As discussed on the Carowinds discussion page....Growing up in SOCAL I can tell you Knott's doesn't have room for expansion of a Giga coaster unless they have purchased additional land. I also agree with the posts that say a Giga will ruin the charm of the Ghost Town feel. However, why not show Ghostrider the RMC treatment? That would be a great change for them and bring in a completely new experience for the enthusiasts.
  4. I would love to see any type of launched coaster. A launched Giga would be the ultimate.
  5. $50 million is the number per all outlets in Charlotte. Big news!
  6. Spent July 4th at the park. It rained starting late in the day. Crowds were very low. Hit all the coasters. Thunderhead was my favorite. Was an amazing experience. My son loved Mystery Mine. Bought the awesome Cinnamon Bread. Wow! Also saw a great show American Drive In. Heading back today. Have QBots because it should be crowded today. Looking forward to more rides, shows, and great food.
  7. Thinking about going to Dollywood on Friday, July 5th with my 18 year old son. Already have tickets. Should we invest on Q2Q system for the day? I believe so. Also, what type of plan for rides and shows would you follow if you have never been there?
  8. Been on the one at Carowinds. Complete waste of money for an attraction. No return value or thrills. I agree with others that it would have been a better call as a drop tower.
  9. Is it me or does anyone else think that DA will be included in the admission price for Carowinds? I don't see anywhere in the press releases that this will be an upcharge attraction. Carowinds is a strong season pass park and that would make sense. Thoughts?
  10. My vote has to go to Hurler at my home park Carowinds. It never fails that some Advil is needed after the ride. Also the seats are made for a size 2 person. Most uncomfortable ride as well!
  11. Tickets purchased for East Coast Bash at BGW for my son and I. Looking forward to our first TPR event. See you all soon!
  12. Heard today that BG has announced Mach Tower will be down indefinitely. What will happen with the scheduled ERT on Mach? What will it be replaced with. Thanks.
  13. What will be the hours for the event at BGW? Making final plans before signing up? Would you need a hotel for both Saturday and Sunday nights because of the hours if driving up?
  14. Thinking about driving up from Charlotte with my 17 year old son for the Busch Gardens day. We have never been to the park. What ticketing options do you recommend? Do we need a QQ? What are the benefits of the optional tour? Does tour let you ride anything with no lines? Looking for a little direction before we place the order? Thanks!
  15. This is what I said originally too. I'm not even sure why the park bothers to open until 4pm. --Robb I went to the park yesterday with my son. Drove down from Charlotte. The park was empty during the day when we visited. Facts are this....not enough rides, and WAY too expensive. We were done in about 2 hours. The Ice Show was pretty strong and entertaining. BTW...went to Family Kingdom the night before and the place was packed. Pay $22.00 with a $3.00 coupon. Had a great evening on all the rides. Want Freestyle to survive. However, I don't know how when it cost $40 and less than 10 rides for teens and adults! Good luck.
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