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  1. I've just got back from a holiday so the first I knew of this was seeing a thread about it on the Loudoun Castle Vaults Forum. Such a tragic accident - something which sadly seems to have been occurring far too many times recently in the Amusement Park industry, but even more hard-hitting when it's so close to home. I'm sure all of our thoughts are with his family, friends and work colleagues at this very sad time.
  2. Well TBH, most of us saw it happening months ago, at the time it was announced. Nearly all of the rides have now been sold and some are already operating at other parks.
  3. They mention the mouse (or "cat") but what about the duck!? Surely that's Donald Duck?
  4. Well, the testing video is here. (WMV file, 5.82mb) Apparently the ride is now operating, although the theming is still under construction.
  5. Yeah, it's apparently the tallest Double-Shot ride in Europe. I think there are Double-Shots the same size in North America though. New photos of testing and of the theming construction in the gallery now - starting here: Loudoun Castle Vaults Video to follow.
  6. That's true! They are both Schwarzkopf Silverarrows! They're even the same colour! Most noticable difference is the new Twist and Shout train (before 2007, the train was the same as Scorpion). Good TR Hobbes! Shame about the xenophobia though.
  7. Cool TR! Looks like a nice place, always thought I might visit some time, being the only park in Scotland I haven't been to. Everyone seems to say how clean and tidy it is though! Good stuff! Have to pick you up on something though, there is only one Pinfariland - M&Ds.
  8. Shame this has happened, after they were supposed to be re-locating it to Cornwall. More so that they had it pulled down despite the fact that Save Dreamland were going to remove it for free!!
  9. The tower itself (the steel bit) is 130ft. They have built it on a large concrete base and are going to be adding that decor to the top - boosting it up to 140ft. Space Shot was a custom built S&S Doubleshot - the standard height for that model is 80ft.
  10. Looks like you enjoyed it too, going by the photos! Anyway, the second section was lifted into place yesterday so the complete tower structure is now standing! Link Three new pics in the Construction Gallery, starting here.
  11. Different owners. From about 1999 - 2002, the park was owned by Raymond Codona. He retired in 2002 and Loudoun was bought by Henk Bembom, who had to build the park up from scratch. The park has seem huge improvement since he took over and now has a pretty bright future! I love the theming on this new ride - something Codona would never have even considered. That was a drop tower though, where as this is a shot and drop.
  12. So for those who don't already know, Loudoun Castle purchased the "Space Shot" ride from defunct Southport last year. The new ride is called Barnstormer and will have an open-top barn structure around the base of the ride (hence "Barnstormer") It is sited in the Dougal McDougal's Farm area of the park, at the end of the path, opposite "Pony Trek" and will provide a focal point for the area for visitors walking along the path from Pirate Cove. Well, the first section of the tower is up, with the second part temporarily chained to it! Click here for full size Loads of con
  13. Hopefully this new ride and the closure of Southport will help get visitor numbers up and Camelot back on an even keel. If it's successful, they have more chance of staying open. Would be sad to see another park close in the UK. I've never been but I always thought it looked quite cool.
  14. Camelot is still threatened with closure. As far as I know, visitor numbers have been massively reduced over the last few years and there are plans to build houses on the site.
  15. Some really cool entrances here! How about Loudoun Castle? The entrance booths themselves not that impressive, but this is what you see through the trees there:
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