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  1. For 2008 season Mirabilandia is working on Reset. It's an interactive dark ride by Mack. The theme is the Manhattan underground in 2117 year. The ride will open on June 28, but in the meantime you can watch some interesting video: Mirabilandia: video of Reset's inside scenery Mirabilandia: video of Reset's artworks Mirabilandia: Reset, what a wonderful scenography!
  2. Since today is possible to visit virtual park created on Zepark. My park is "sys76 park". And yours?
  3. The first day you create only the attractions and manage their info (price, adrenaline, publicity etc.). This means your park is open. You don't see visitors in the park, every day you'll see how many visitors come to your park, their satisfation etc. You can see all info in the stats page. Remember to buy food and suovernirs for your shops and fast food!
  4. I use Babelfish too! This is a short translation of the registering form: Pseudo = nick Pass = Password Code = I don't know. I skypped it Garcon = Male Fille = Female
  5. Hello! Some days ago I discovered this funny web site. It's a web game that allows you to create and manage your virtual theme park. You don't have to install or download any software. Just register (for free) and start managing your virtual park. It remembers me the old Theme Park game. Unfortunately the web site is only in French language but I'm playing without know a world of French language If you want to try, click here
  6. Hello to everybody, I think you are interested in watching an exclusive video about the first working model of Zamperla Motocoaster. This is not the promotional video by Zamperla, but the one realized last 4th May 2006 during the Motocoaster Testing Day Parksmania organized at Zamperla Company. This video has been realized in this occasion with the presence of the staff members of parksmania.it, so I was one of the lucky people who got the opportunity to ride this great coaster. Motocoaster is the most important attraction that the Antonio Zamperla spa Company proposes on its own catalogue at IAAPA Attraction 2006 in Atlanta. Watch the video Have fun!
  7. Some days ago Mirabilandia opened Ghostville, its news dark ride. Theme is very good and there are some special effects. The hourly capacity is 1000pph. As announced by Giancarlo Casoli in the interview with Parksmania.it , during the 2008 Mirabilandia could present an other new dark ride, bigger than Ghostville. A video and a short transcript of the interview are available here
  8. You can find a video on the Moser official website: http://www.moserrides.com/toprides.htm#energy
  9. Right, they are two different rides. Mirabilandia decided to install a new kind of ride but doesn't change the name. So the new ride name is "katapult" as announced some months ago, but the type of ride has been changed.
  10. Yesterday Mirabilandia installed Katapult but.... it itsn't the Schwarzkopf ride but the Moser one. More info on Parksmania
  11. Parksmania Club Friends wish you a merry Xmas with this short video recorded last Saturday during the Winter Meeting in Gardaland.
  12. Surfing on the web I've just found this tribute web site to Astroworld: http://www.sixflagshouston.com/
  13. I spent lot of time in Houston since 1996 to 2001 but I've never been to Astroworld because my friends don't like theme parks! I decided to visit Astroworld in my next trip but.... I can't come to Houston before Astroworld close! If you are interested, I found this article on Houston Chronicle website: http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/front/3351145
  14. Sorry.... I forgot a couple of parks.. USA: Adventuredrome (Las Vegas) Brazos Bend State park (Texas)
  15. USA: Universal Studios Hollywood Disneyland Los Angeles Imax Galverston (Houston -Texas) Nasa Space Center (Houston - Texas) GERMANY: Europa Park FRANCE: Disneyland Paris Disney Studios Paris IRELAND: The American Ulster Folks park SWITZERLAND: Mystery Park Swiss Miniature ITALY: Movie Studios Park (Caneva World Resort) Gardaland Mirabilandia Aquafan Oltremare ( and Imax) Fiabilandia Jungle raider Park Civenna Jungle raider Park Margno Italia in Miniatura Minitalia Fantasyworld Safari Park Pombia Parco della Preistoria Le Cornelle Parco di Pinocchio
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