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  1. I agree with you, I prefer BGW to BGT, but be fair, the last time i was there, Gwazi was not a dump. And as far as the atmosphere goes, its florida, generally its hotter there. Also, the park is themed to Africa, its hot there too which is also the reason why the landscaping there is different from BGT. Im not saying you have like it, but i am saying thats the environment they were looking to create, and they did.
  2. IMO, SLC's can provide a decent ride for a park on a budget, but when a ride is cloned so much it becomes dull, not to mention the ride experience is a bit steryll compared to the B:TR clones. They are also not as smooth. All these reasons make SLC's much less desirable to ride IMO, but i'm a person who generally doesnt complain about rough rides....I love desperado.
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