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  1. 2007: Firehawk (PKI) Griffon (BGE) Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer (Moviepark Germany) Meteor (Little A-merick-a) Son of Beast (PKI) according to rcdb I have to count this one 2005: Italian Job Stunt track (PKI) When I made this list, I noticed that I didn't do any new home park / dutch coasters (formule X, Troy & Vliegende Hollander) this year... Well, I probably hit them next year in the TPR Europe Trip!
  2. Elissa, I know there are some (dutch) touringcar operators that got dubbledeck busses (upto 85 persons) with an lugage trailer. Can that be an option for the Europe trip?
  3. Shawn, I just had to see your photo TR again. I loved the way you completed the TR, especially the video it end up with. Good job man! Erik Penders
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