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  1. I have updated it, the link is the same, just go here, http://www.brandonscoasters.com/contest1.htm

    It now has supports, but I left out the wooden wall. I looked at the two there and you could build the exact same thing and more, just might add a second. This is another trick for park builders make sure all the objects you pick are flexible and save room for as much as you can.

  2. I still kept some easy stuff in there. But if you really want a competition with the top of the line scenery. To be able to make whatever you can think of, then it really covers it. That's why I put that scenery in there, I use that type of scenery in a majority of my buildings. It's easy to work with once you get the hang of it, and you can take my word, that there are a lot of scenery in there to make parks much better then I ever created. I'm pretty confident that every one should be able to create something. Also all other RCT2 competitions like this at other RCT2 sites mainly use those tabs, that was another reason I went with what I did.


    I truly put a lot of thought with what scenery was in there. I was not even thinking of what I could make, to tell the truth I don't have any plans yet, with what I'm going to start making. I will have some though by April first I promise.


    Also could my partner please PM so we can exchange emails. To decide who will start first as we will have to exchange the park between each other, and obviously can't both be working on the park at the same time.

  3. Yes please do everyone that wants to participate I would HIGHLY suggest getting 8-cars or at least son of beast trainer.


    I decide that I think to be fair everyone should start with a blank map, since some people were commenting about me making the parks and people having a unfair advantage.


    But I have also decide I may start a topic soon with sand boxes for people to play custom scenarios made by me, with scenery, custom rides, etc. Only if people really would like to use them though, or if any one would like me to do this.

  4. Well I do agree that could work. I assure you though that I'm just making a standard map with the standard regulations. I might just add simple mountains and stuff. The reason why I'm doing this is so the game is not rigged and it has a equal amount of scenery. So far it has a wide variety for everyone to use. I plan on making two to three for people to choose one, the first one just a plain blank map. Second a river and few hills, and lastly a beach type of one. All with the same scenery and rides. I maxed out the scenarios as much as I could with a large variety of scenery. I just need to insert a support blocker then it should be ready object wise.


    I really do not care who I am paired with. I just want to compete. You do have a point since he is in charge of the contest. But I really do not have a say in what goes.


    I will try to have all three done in the next day or two. I will NOT be putting any buildings, or special scenery in any of them so one does not have an advantage over another. I will only insert trees, and maybe fences. That is the most that will be put in along with paths. One of them will remain blank. So this should give every one some flexibility.

  5. I'll take you on my team... Also did you see my post about the scenarios. Would you like me to make official scenarios for the contest? With object data and stuff so people wont have a upper hand with objects. Trust me If I make it I will supply a good amount of objects. Just post here if you want, also if you really want to pm me, and I can give you my email.


    I'm also in the chat.

  6. I'm sure I could whip one together. I will only put custom scenery and only in game rides so we don't have to insert missing dats. Hey if your fine with it sure you can be on my team, as long as you consider it fair. I have to ask do you just want a pretty basic landscape of 150X150 with hills some trees etc.?


    EDIT: Also a lake, river or something. I can make a beach or whatever you want. Or I could if I have the time make two or three with the same scenery and size just different layouts to start with. So people have a couple of options. Just a few thoughts.

  7. Thanks man.


    The park does not want me to release to many updates before the first year of operation. Yes the first year of operation is coming and will be available for download.


    The park has given me pictures that they do want me to show.

    Here's the update of teasers of what's to come in future updates.


    As another teaser here's the current park map.



  8. As fun as it sounds, I'm sure this contest would last very long. You moved to this one fairly quick after hosting a previous contest for master roller coaster maker.

    He said we could, also you have to leave that up to him to decide if we can be partners. I'm fine with anyone.


    Also you should set up a scenario so no one has a scenery advantage or can we? If we do I suggest I make it up with the scenery. It's hard to say you can't use custom scenery becuase I don't know what is custom or not in my game.

  9. I'm in, but could someone partner with me. I'm fine with any one. Also can you help you partner. Or maybe even teach him a few tricks. But I do understand your rule, hey maybe some people will learn how to make parks a lot better. Also I was kind of honored you put my name up there.


    Sounds interesting and don't think I've seen a competition like this exactly the same.



  10. Thats fine, I would suggest not using scenery at all becuase as I was building all of my coasters I thought wow I would win even if I showed scenery even if it wouldn't count. It's still going to affect the votes even if you allow scenery in the screens. I would just say save the file and rebuild it with out scenery.


    How many submissions can you have? I have one that I'm pretty confident with but I would like to know if I should step it up or post several.

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