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    There's the teaser logo.


    This is an all new adventure of it's own, brought to you bye Brandon.


    Here's the land bought for the new project, construction and buildings are already going up. The park isn't releasing any pictures or information beside the name and logo.


    They have an official web page here, URL Removed by me! Do not go to Brandon's Coasters, it has a virus.


    Here's the picture of the land designated for the new park.



    As you can see construction has started.


    So are you ready for the "Biggest Adventure" ever?



  2. Wow, I really enjoyed reading that accident article. I love these past article and ride information stuff.


    I'm thinking about going through my families thousands of photos, from Six Flags Great America, Santa's Village, Silver Dollar City, ETC. I've seen photos from the 1940's my family has enjoyed amusement parks for years. To bad they didn't organize them, so I would have to through "ALL" the photos. Might be kind of cool to see what I could find, to bad most of the really good pictures are most likely in Illinois with most of my family.



  3. Conestoga was a GREAT ride. Lots of air time and very smooth! I'm actually sorry they got rid of it, but according to what I heard, the pin in the rotating mechanism became too hard to maintain. (the manufacturer updated the maintainance manual)


    As for the colors of the ride, it's not that color because of Hershey High! Trust me, if they were going to make it any school colors, they'd make it brown and gold!! GO SPARTANS!!!!


    I bet you just killed some school spirit.

  4. BRTeller I have a question for you. Since you seem to be the only person getting construction photo's of Fahrenheit, when will your next trip be? I really appreciate you taking the time to show everyone how the ride is coming along!


    I plan on getting back to Hershey maybe two or three weeks. I'm glad you like the pictures .


    Also I noticed someone said that why do I go to Hershey for an appointment. I have diabetes like I stated before and I go up there becuase Hershey has very good doctors, and are also famous for that and not just the park.


    Packers - Yes I am taking them up by that college or what ever it is. Not all of them though I do go into the parking lot and take pictures there to. If you read my captions, I touched it!



  5. Best one was a Cedar Point employee, working the dragster. Since it was broken like usual I was talking to one of the employees about how tall dragster was, and I said theres a roller coaster before this opened that was taller then millennium. It's name is Steel Dragon 2000, he told me that it fell over! So there isn't a coaster in existence any more.


    Yes I do realize that it was SBNO and I stated that to him.

  6. I was up at Hershey today for a doctors appointment and got pictures of Fahrenheit, and it's vertical construction. They were working very hard today and the ride seems to be coming along nicely. To see all of my pictures Click Here.


    Alright Here they are:

    As you can see construction trucks are bring supports to the site, they kept bringing them and bringing them.


    Intamin track goodness at its best!


    One of the trucks as it drives to drop off those big, blue beams, can't think of a better caption.


    You know you like it!


    All of the vertical construction so far, on Hershey's defense they are hard at work on this ride. So it could be finished very quickly, so there all you non believers!


    Not the best looking picture but is a close up on the supports. Wonder if it's going to get any bigger because in person it isn't that high.


    Look at all those supports, and track.


    LOOK AT THEM!!!!


    The supports from a ground view.


    Now for some up close and personal shots, I got to touch the track, surprisingly it was not hot at all. It was freezing since it was like 30 degrees out! 97 degrees my a$$!


    See close and personal, and look at that Intamin!


    There's a whole lot of it so I took a whole lot of pictures!


    Look now there facing the other way.


    Now look there all confused facing upside down and right side up. Wow these captions suck!


    That's better, but look at the creeps behind them, thinking there cool or something facing upside down.


    I'm going to stop with the extremely bad captions and just say, Intamin Track! YaY Me!


    I love this picture because this was right before I touched it.




    La De Da, there's me standing and taking a picture of me with thee awesome Intamin Track.



    Hope you all enjoyed the pictures,


  7. Nice video as usual Robb. I do know of a place in the US with a ride like that, except it's not do it yourself and I found it quite scary. It was maybe 3 years ago and I went on a school field trip and they had a swing ride of death, and the boat slide of death.


    The swing ride was just a rock climbing harness attached to rope as it hurls you in circles.


    Now for the real thing this ghetto boat slide, guarantee it is just as scary as that ride or more, much larger in size. You start at the top on a steep slope and you have to sit without falling down the track. It's about 40-50 feet tall at least and was rigged up to a tractor motor to pull you up. It would first drop you then you would slide and fly of the track, no not into a pool, into a "RIVER" no lie. I was like if this cable some how snapped, down the Potomac I go, at least thats the river I thought it was.


    But it didn't stop there, it pulled you back up that insane drop and, dropped you again. Seriously one of the best experiences of my life.


    This crazy camp / party / family fun center area was located in Maryland and is still operating as far as I know they have a few open days, but besides that I think you have to reserve to go.


    If anyone else knows what I'm talking about speak up.


    I'm going to search around for it since you sparked my memory. I will add it to the post if I find a link or pictures, to bad I didn't get any.


    Just remember to never say it couldn't happen in the U.S. everything I have seen some one say about something, I have normally seen something that is in the U.S. close to it. But not self operated yet, can't say I have seen that before.



  8. Wow it seems that Hershey is really adding a lot this year, and last year for that matter. I'm glad my home park is getting better.


    From what I understand I will be up February 2nd for pictures, thats when I was told my doctors appointment was. Maybe it might be vertical.




    Edit: The official date that I will be there is February 7th, I hoped to go sooner but hey its not to far away from the other day posted.

  9. I have experimented with custom rides before but this is probably the most exciting one.



    Here's another update, I have started putting the new cars on the arm and here are some starter images. My goal is to have it finished with in a week. Hope everyone enjoys the update, once I finish this project shortly after I will start on my new project. Which is new dive machine floorless cars. Hope you all enjoy.




  10. Thanks guys, I plan on getting more pictures soon.


    Also the letters are still on the kissing tower, I was surprised when I saw them to.


    EDIT: And yes I do find it Ironic that I have to go to Hershey for Diabetes! HaHa, just saw that post and had to edit it in. Also since I do know there are some veterans here with diabetes, I have type 1 for anyone that knows what that means.

  11. This is based off of the real ride rainbow but the new version with the new seats, which is a real ride and I have ridden it.


    This is actually the prototype and I still am going to make a version with riders, and edit some of the animation still since it is a little choppy but I fixed the major choppy screens already.


    Ill post information on here of the status of this ride. Hope you all enjoy!


    I am releasing the ride because I got a lot of it done, this is without the riders. It is a full animated ride and one of my 2 main projects at this time involving objdata. If your wondering all of it is replaced with the new cars.


    I encourage feedback and support for this ride.

    http://www.brandonscoasters.com/rct2ridebrterbw.htm Download Page



    Edit: Here's another picture




    I was messing around with the car that will hold people and I got a starter image done. I'm still tweaking the imaging and I'm not going to replace and start changing the cars till I finish the tweaking the original.


    I will be releasing both versions like I stated in my first post with and with out people and possible one with scattered people.



    So what do ya think,


  12. ^ Awesome pictures, thanks a lot! These are the first pictures I have seen of the track. I hope they have most of the footings complete so they can start on the vertical construction.


    Thanks, also I do plan on getting more. I would have had them sooner but there was nothing to take pictures of.


    I also hope that they have the footers to becuase I want to see track and supports up in the next few weeks. When I do I will be sure to take more photos and post them here.


    I added another photo above.



  13. Well I was up at Hershey today becuase I decided to go to this boring farm show with funny looking animals. While I was there I got pictures of Fahrenheits track in the parking lot since I wanted to go to Chocolate World for maybe 30 minutes.


    Well heres some pictures hope you enjoy them.






    Since I live pretty close I'll try to get more pictures and I'm at Hershey at least once a month due to my Diabetes, no not for chocolate, for the doctors if you didn't know they have some of the best doctors in Pennsylvania.


    I think I took some more just haven't had the time to upload them yet.


    If you're wondering there might be some additional information at times at this link, I will try to post here as much as I can here though. http://www.brandonscoasters.com/rcdbhersheyfahrenheit1.htm



  14. ^Or, maybe because Cedar Point is usually considered the "cutting edge" of the amusement industry. How many rides at CP at one time or another held world records or are world firsts? Several.


    Even if its just a relocated kids area, CP wants to keep it secretive because many other parks look to what CP is adding as "the next great thing." Granted, not many enthusiasts think that way about the Point (unless you're a fanboy). But face it, the industry looks at CP as a role model.

    Good point and very true, I do forget that they are looked up to the most out of any park, even if some agree this shouldn't happen. I still get very aggravated none the less becuase they start pointless threads and rumors. But hey its also a marketing strategy I guess.


    Just look at this thread.

  15. ^I'd be willing to bet someone got fired over that, haha.


    Seriously, this expansion has really become the worst-kept secret in the industry this offseason. Cedar Fair announced their '08 capital expenditures in like...November? The press release for that specifically said that a new 7-ride kiddie area would be replacing Peanuts Playground, and the name "Planet Snoopy" has been thrown around for at least a month.


    I don't get why they're holding off so long on announcing it, the only other attraction they've waited this long to announce was TTD...and this isn't anywhere close to the significance of that addition.


    Because Cedar Point is unpredictable and likes to keep secrets for some reason. Thats it. I swear they would keep a secret on a freaking dippin dots stand.

  16. Getting stuck on Two Face: The Flip Side at SFA a couple of years ago I decided to ride TFTFS and I have ridden this tons of times in the past.


    Well anyway the train went up and did everything normal then when it came back down through the station after the whole ride. The train kept going and then the brakes locked the train up into the loop. I was up in that stupid half loop for 45 minutes before they got us down! As many know that ride always gets stuck and I know first hand.


    Also later in the day I got stuck on the jokers brakes for 20 minutes.


    SFA is an awful park with awful employees, I've got stuck on so many rides there but that is the worst experience I've had.

  17. I think its great that there's a new park coming with such an awesome coaster. But I'm still a skeptic, why is this the only site that "I have seen to have info". Why wouldn't rcdb have any information still about this. Im not going to call BS but I still think that it is pretty real I am just wondering if there are pictures of any construction on this. Or more info on this park.


  18. Deffinately SFMM! Its been known as the Xtreme Park & has the most kick a$$ coasters & been known as the top park in the chain. Coming in next would be SFOG then SFGA. I'll count SFOT in the list too - seems to have a great selection as well. You can't get any better than these parks! Oh I'll count SFSL too oh & SFGA.

    It's not all about the coasters! If you had to wait 4 hours for each coaster would you consider it real good or would you post a topic about how bad that park is. Its also about theming, Staff, and other rides (not just coasters).


    Im just pointing this out, and reminding the people that forget this.

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