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  1. Hurry up! I'm tired of waiting. Just messing with you, lol. I know school is more important then RCT no matter how much I don't like admitting it. Also people, my vote is not going to do with anything you did with scenery, like the rules say. If it was a contest with scenery that would be different. Also I don't think you can vote for yourself, and if you can, still don't. It's pointless if everyone votes for them selves. I will vote for some one else. If you have a bunch of scenery with a station theres a huge chance thats enough not to get my vote. But owell thats just my opinion. So if you built a bunch of buildings your design better be awesome for me to vote for it.

  2. It's 11:25 at my house, and I have some bad news. The park is being dropped, year 2 download will be posted soon! I'm sorry but I have some more important projects that I am currently doing and i just don't have the time for this park anymore. Don't worry I may start a new one later on.







































    April Fools!


    The park is fine, and I still have all intentions on finishing it. Ohh "The Fury" isn't going anywhere!



  3. It's year two, and its opening day. But some very bad news has occured, NO MORE "The Fury" . That was one of the best rides in the park. I don't know, the park is also saying in the next years the doors may be closing, the future of the park is not looking good.


    So what will become to this new park, where billions were put in to.


    Here's some pictures of what might be one of the final years of Adventure Park, Year 2.






    Now a picture of the torn out, The Fury.


    You can see outlines of where buildings used to be.



    Now out of the parks story line, the reason I may be dropping this park is to work on some bigger and better things, and contests. Year 1 will always be up for download, I will also put year 2, if I do decide to drop the park.



  4. Here's the great thing about RCT2, it loads all custom scenery for you! When you open the game, just one thing they're may be a few custom rides you have to add to the folder, but I have a read me on were to locate this file in the zip. But you have to tell me the first few letters of the missing dat, you will see a red box when you try and load the game. They're might be a couple of them. But I will insert them in the zip as needed.

  5. Thanks, both of you. Also I must say thanks for you two following this thread since I started.


    Year two is right around the corner. The official attraction being added for year two is just a intamin drop tower, name "The Ruins". It's sponsored by the upcoming movie. As for the Mad House Hotel, Plummet, Chaotic, those are all for an upcoming year. Those are a huge expansion to the park and may take a couple years. The main part of the park till then will be getting expansions, updates, and more.


    Now Rumor time, the park may being sold to a huge company, Six Flags, Busch, Universal, Cedar Fair. No information what the park may be sold to. Or possibly may partner with another company. This is just a family owned park, and the owners are rumored to be having trouble maintaining it.


    Heres the picture for the new ride.


    The newly renovated area and ride.


    Another update will be soon, for year two!



  6. I trust new carnival rides, way more the amusement park ones. People don't seem to understand why they are more safe, at least most of them.


    If you are smart and know its a big name show, then the rides are all going to be much safer then any amusement park. Those rides are put up and taken down, state inspected each week. In the United States at least. Which is way more then any amusement park. They are re greased, and cannot be ran in less if everything is perfect. No broken seats or anything. If a amusement park has a broken seat, they but orange tape on it, till it is fixed.


    Now if you go to a carnival ride company, and are to lazy to look them up before you go to a traveling carnival, then you don't know what your doing. If there's no information on it, then you really should not go to that show operator. I know a lot of people, threw family, that own big shows. I go and show owners my models, etc. I'm friends with people that have been doing this for more then 30 years. So I know if its a respected name, you have nothing to worry about.


    Carnival / Fair rides are much better anyways, then almost any amusement park ride, as they are better kept, and they are more greased. I just wished some people didn't just assume these things.


    Carnival rides have much better standards then amusement rides, becuase of this level of fear towards them. You can't go into a amusement park, at least most of them. To ride a Zipper, Spin Out, Freak Out (Freak Out, is much better then a normal Claw, or whatever you want to call it). So let your selfs miss out, becuase flats at Amusement parks, suck. I witnessed my self, a little girl at SFA fly out of the seat on the octopus. Ride operators didn't even notice it, checked restraints, didn't check height, and didn't notice she had her legs crossed. It took screaming people for them to notice! So you can think what you want.


    I'm glad everyone is ok, and it is a shame, becuase then it lets more people think these things. But maybe if I let a few people understand what I'm saying I feel better.


    -Brandon (Ranting) Teller


    PS - Most Amusement park rides do not inspect everything each day, they normally look at a couple things, at most and test it. At most parks at least.

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