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  1. Thanks everyone, the park liked the name Timber Terror the most.


    Now here's an unbelievable update!


    Brandon's Coasters has been a great help towards the success of Adventure Park so Adventure Corp. thought that they would return the favor. They are offering a preview here.


    You will have to register to the forums but it's easy and everyone can do it. It should take two minutes at most.


    This is a way of showing some people what the park is doing and getting suggestions of the park from a first person view and not just from screen shots. So download the park and give us some suggestions and experience the park in the first stages.


    Adventure Park and Brandon's Coasters thanks you for your help towards making this a great park. Also another thing is suggestions for adding more scenery to the saved game, I can add it with my Dat Importer. Any objects or tabs and rides.


    The official web page for all the pictures can be seen here.


    As always with any of my parks please tell me if there are any missing objects since sometimes they all don't load. I will insert them into the zip if they don't.


    Remember this is "NOT" the final release.


    Thank you,


  2. Well you don't have to wait anymore.


    Here's Another Update:

    The park is undergoing construction to it's new areas. It is going to be great from the looks of it but the park has a long way to go.


    The park has also released information about a new coaster. It's a Wooden Coaster that hugs the ground most of the ride and flies through trees and is a extreme experience. The park is asking the public "You Guys" to name the coaster. Just post your name suggestions.


    Land texture tiles, bushes, and trees have been added to the wooded areas. Also in the new unnamed area there's a new restaurant. The park asks for you to keep in mind a lot more in the areas will be added and they want a public opinion on the park, and what should be done.


    Here's The Pictures:

    Along with Old America there's a small area next to it being built and this is one of the recently constructed restaurants in it.

    One of the two current areas under heavy construction. Old America.

    Another view of timber falls.

    The station and entrance are under construction for the new coaster.

    Some of it's layout.

    More of the layout as it passes by Timber Falls.


    So what do you guys think of the update?



  3. Here's another update.


    A new section is being built along with a new coaster and log flume. Also buildings of course. The new area is called Old America and the new coasters name is Old Faithful. Also off by itself rumored to have it's own section is Timber Falls which is the new log flume. These are just the beginning of the new area/'s and a lot more is planned.


    Here are some construction pictures:

    "Old Faithful" flying up the half loop spike.

    Another view of the one spike.

    The train flying up the other spike.

    The teaser and first screen for Timber Falls.


    I would love to hear what everyone thinks,



  4. Here's the latest update from adventure park. Construction is going on and lots of buildings have been completed as you will see with the latest batch of construction pictures.


    The park says that there will be a new area sprouting up and the current area will be finishing up. The park is asking the public what they want the new area to be like. So suggestions will be appreciated.


    Heres the pictures from "The Fury".

    The second half of the ride.

    Finished Buildings and theming.

    The and the village it roars through.

    Testing and most of the finished construction.

    As you can see pretty much all the buildings are finished and "The Fury" is going to be great.


    Hope you enjoyed the update,



  5. Here's todays update.


    A lot of construction is taking place. No new announcements but some pictures of the parks progress. More color plants, and lots more buildings are sprouting up as the park. Well forms into a park.


    Here are some pictures of whats been going on.


    Most of the layout and construction of buildings for "The Fury".

    As you can see plenty of more buildings are going up and in the corner you can see construction of more.

    A pretty good overview of the progress so far.

    More color has been added like requested here and around the park.


    Hope you enjoyed the update.



  6. Adventure Park has released information about there first coaster and some of the landscape and buildings.


    To start things of they have started construction tons of buildings and adding theming.


    The new coaster is a B&M floorless coaster that will soar in and out of buildings. It's name is "The Fury". Its themed to be the fury that is roaring through an ancient city.


    That seems to be all the information the park has released so far.


    Here's the pictures,

    The only picture of the area being constructed.

    As you can see some of the buildings, and some of the theming for "The Fury".


    Hope you enjoyed the parks update.



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