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  1. Holtskee - Many, many thanks. I still have a few things from Goldrush Junction, but these were new. I have a vinyl record called "Memories Of Goldrush Junction" that has the music played in the background and saloon.
  2. Althought I know most will not agree, but... Drachen Fire - My first coaster specifically because it LOOKED so amazing.
  3. A few of those pics are from FrontierLand. That was an annual pilgrimage for our family. Also the only place that I became sick on a ride...12 times on the Tilt-A-Whirl will do it. I believe that when it closed, Ghost Town took the rides. They did have this thing where you stood in a cage and rocked back and forth until you went over the top. It was huge to me back then and I have never seen one since. Unfortunately, I have no pics to add, but I do have some of the park on 8MM film. Talk about retro... Alan PS - Sunsphere is green and gold now and just takes up a lot of space
  4. Here you go (hope this works)... Download GravityMax Alan
  5. Sorry, file size is 12.8 MB and it is .mpg...will only compress to 11.8 MB. Hotmail won't take it. If anyone can host or tell me where to, I'd be happy to do it. Alan
  6. I have the POV of Gravity Max sitting right here on my hard drive. I have no way to post it, but I will send it to anyone that wants it. Alan
  7. Faves: -Arrow Lifts - that is still what I think when I think roller coaster -Thunderhead's station fly-by -All the sounds in CHAOS -"Weak back or not, I'm gonna jump" and "Looks like you've been kissin' that mule (later steam) train" - Blazin' Fury, Dollywood -(most missed) OUTER LIMITS: Flight Of Fear - Video is cheesy BUT all the lights go out...laser shoots out of spaceship and you hear..."We control the horizontal, we control the vertical..." - Made my hair stand on end everytime. Not so much: -Shuttle loop brakes in the station while the train is running the course (Viper@SFOG) -"It's a world of laughter, a world of tears..." - shoot me now
  8. I was up on July 4th and had the same experience. I was telling everyone SOB is now smoother than Beast...til the accident. STEEL: Ninja @ SFOG - amazing that it can look so good and be such crap. (I prayed for Drachen Fire to take its place.) Alan
  9. For those of you that take the annual Dollywood future attractions survey, word has it that is why the "snow themed" attraction/area keeps showing up. They apparently want to go up and over the mountain back there to connect the two valleys. They seem to believe the snow area would be an easy transition. (Ski Lift over the mountain.) I don't particularly like it myself. On an OLD masterplan, they had wanted to extend Craftsman’s Valley up to the train turnaround...making the train have two stations. The Tornado is in the way now. My hope is that Thunderhead Gap (and surroundings) extends to the turnaround, making the train connect both ends of the park. (Don't scream at me, but...) Lose the Blazing Fury and tunnel through the mountain to connect up to the Gap. I believe that MM is being installed as a BF replacement. (Like Daredevil Falls to Flooded Mine…same concept - bigger thrill). Only time will tell... Alan
  10. OK...the picture you posted is of the Inventor's Mansion. It was built when SDC took over Goldrush Junction. The Tunnel was used to connect the former GJ to the new Craftsman's Valley to form SDC. After Dollywood came in, Rivertown Junction became the new entrance complete with a new path connecting the two sides. The Mansion was converted to "Dolly Parton: Rags to Riches". The smaller tunnels that are boarded (including those converted into shops) connect back under the Mansion like a maze. They eventually come out at the ramp up to the Mansion behind the waterfall. You can still see the openings behind the waterfall for the paths back there. My sister and I used to chase each other around forever back there and thought it was cooler than any of the rides. BTW, the Inventor's Mansion was a "crooked house" type attraction. The Flooded Mine was - as already stated - where Daredevil Falls is now. The first turn out of the station is still the same as the entrance to the mine. Makes me miss it every time. "You sweat a little water, you sweat a little blood and you might get out if the mine don't flood!" Alan
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