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(NL) Knott's Ghostrider

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You had the basics but a few things were missing or incorrect.


-There's a rather lengthy straight section before the lift where the transfer track is.

-There's a short straight section right before the drop after the turn over the station, I believe.

-Your helix was missing the little dip in the middle.

-The second drop doesn't go down that far.


Other than that, mostly there were just shaping problems and jerks throught the track. But overall it wasn't a bad recreation and had the general layout there.

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^I definitely agree.


Recreations are really hard, Expecially in NL, and this was a pretty good attempt!

Aside from that I noticed...

1. The station drop goes straight a little bit before it bottoms out. That might put enough room to put in the brake run before the lift as BiCoastal Kid stated.

2. ^And I think it is supposed to be a MCBR after the turnaround over the station and lift.

3. I am going to stress the shaping problems in this one because the hills looked like they were lethal -G's. (I didn't use the sim. I used the editor to watch it, but I could guess that it would be painful.)


Great recreation and I look forward to seeing Twister!

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No, Ghosty is just poorly maintained. I remember riding it the summer after it opened and it was AMAZING> the air was string, but in no way painful. It was just so much fun.


The last time I rode it was 2 or three years ago, and it really has taken a turn for the worse. From what I hear, it's gotten even worse so if that was your first ride then it may have been painful, but honestly, I always loved getting slammed into my restraint on that drop.


R.I.P. Good ghostrider.

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