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Terra Mitica

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I saw some videos of this place thanks to a link on one of the other boards, and this place looks pretty neat. I don't know how good the rides are, but it certainly all looks very well themed.


Has anyone on this forum actually been to this place, in between visits to Warner Park Madrid and Port Aventura? Is it as nice as it looks on the videos?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Terra Mitica is a fantastic looking park with some very average rides. Dont expect much from Magnus Colossus as its very rough and slow with no airtime. Tizona is.... well, its an SLC... They have an Intamin drop tower. They are always awesome! They also have one of those large Mondial Frisbee rides. I dont know how good it is as it was built after I was there. They also have several water rides which are pretty good.


In my opinion its not worth going for the rides alone, but the theming and atmosphere is so amazing and makes the park worth visiting.

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I was there last summer and i have mixed feeling about the park!This park is all about theming.

It has 2 ok water rides a log flume and big drop one with large boats, they are very well themed but quite tame.


They have a Men in black style ride which is ok but again all about themeing.


The frisbee in my opinion is the best ride there it's absolutely amazing.


Thw wooden rollercoaster is good but short.I generaly don't like wooden caosters but as it makes up a third of this parks coasters you get to appriciate it.


Another coaster is an inverted coaster and is just another clone and hurts like hell!!Very intense on the head bangin, however you get an amazing felling during the first inversion if sitting up the front.


The other coaster is a kiddie powered one but gets good speed and if rode during the night gives a great view of Benidorm and the coast as it is on the edge of a cliff!


The drop tower is brilliant and also gives great views and again great with the theming.


There is also other attractions that you have to pay for, my advice is skip the show and pay the extra €5 for the pryamid of Terror.it's well worth it you will wet your pants much much better than the mummy returns in Hollywood.


When we were there there was no queue's and we did to laps of the park in 2 hours.I love parks and reriding rides but i found my self get very fed up with this park very quiclky, my advice would be to buy the eveing ticket for 5 hours for €13.Best €13 you will ever spend.

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Magnus Colossus have an incredible air-time on its main drop.


The Men in Black type ride is called Laberinto del Minotauro (Minotaur's Labyrinth). Sally Corp. made animatronics and Beybe themed the ride. To me is the best ride of the park.

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I cant remember getting any airtime at all on the first drop on Magnus Colossus and I rode it the backseat. Take a look at this picture. The drop to the right is the second half of the double-down. It doesnt excactly scream 'airtime'...




Its such a shame because its a fantastic location for a coaster and it really looks good but its so lame. Stengel and RCCA shouldnt be allowed to work together on wooden coasters....

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ive just returned from terra mitica.I will post a mini-trip report sometime next week,hopefully with a couple of photos.Ill just say that i enjoyed this park very much.It wasnt as good as parque warner or portaventura,but it was very well themed,a good selection of water rides,two amazing flat rides,the woodie-ill talk about that l8r,as i will the SLC.

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very good themed park, but the attractions.........argggg!i live 40minutes from terra mitica and i love theme parks & rollercoaster but my first time in this park was two weeks ago!!the reason it was bacause it hasnt thrill attractions,only 3 but not too much intensive,but one friend give me free tickets and then we decided to go (excuse my english) maybe the reason that i dont like too much the rides is bacause i was in Los Angeles last november and i visited Six Flags Magic Mountain.........IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!! I DONT KNOW HOW MANY ROLLERCOASTERS THERE WAS IN THIS PARK!!! WAS FANTASTIC!!!!

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