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RCT3 Mac App Store Update

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I'm not totally sure where to put this thread, but it is VERY important for current RCT3 users (Mac)!


The Mac App Store version of RCT3 just updated yesterday, and I was very excited that the game was receiving some attention. Boy am I wrong.


This update deletes all custom scenery/rides/objects! Every CO, CFR, CTR, and CS you put in this game is deleted with this update. I am thoroughly disappointed, since I had several great parks with tons of custom content that will now crash the game when trying to be loaded due to lost files.


It happened to me, and I know there are tons of RCT3 users out there, so I felt it was necessary to warn you that if you do not want all of your custom content deleted, DO NOT update the game!

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This has been happening with every update. The reason why this happens is that most Mac apps are self-contained - when you "update" the app, you're basically deleting the the old version completely and then installing the new version in its place. Custom content is installed within the application's package (I believe) so it goes away when the old app is deleted.


Always make backups of your custom content so you can quickly replace them after an update.

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