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Podcast: "Welcome to Night Vale"

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Over the past few days I have discovered a podcast series called "Welcome to Night Vale". It's a fictional radio station that gives the news in the small, strange town of Night Vale, which is somewhat like Area 51.


I was wondering if anyone else here has listened to it or has heard of it.


[i'm not sure if there is a better thread to post this in, but I did a search and found no previous mention of it]

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I tried an episode, but couldn't get into it. It felt very amateurish, like it was made by people who spent their childhood listening to Garrison Keillor's tales from Lake Wobegone and writing x-files fan fiction. I'm sure the makers mean well, but if you want to do an homage to a genre you love you might as well go totally original with the supernatural and alien elements rather than creating another Area 51.


I have yet to find a Horror podcast that is excellent across the board every episode.


Hands down my favorite scripted podcast is the Thrilling Adventure Hour. It is an often hilarious homage to the old radio serials from the 1930s to the 1950s. They somehow managed to find the right mix of old and new references and parody several popular genres from that old radio era. Most of their episodes are stand alone stories, but they do have one true serial in the mix that might be confusing to newcomers if they listened to it first, Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars (a mix of lone ranger and flash gordon)


I suggest checking out an episode of Beyond Belief first which is a parody of the old Thin Man mystery films with a supernatural bent.

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